Increase Search Engine Rankings of Your Twitter Profile

 In the world of social media Twitter is rising rapidly. It is becoming vital for your social media marketing strategy. There are certain limitations when it comes to Twitter usage but it is not stopping people from using it for their marketing. In early days of Twitter launch, it wasn’t thought of a platform suitable for advertising. As time is going by the effectiveness of Twitter has been proven. With millions of users and the options of retweeting and using hashtag, Twitter is becoming the captain of advertising on social media. In order to use Twitter to your maximum benefit you have to optimize your profile on search engines like Google.

Getting a higher Google ranking is undoubtedly a great thing. It has numerous benefits. The main reason why a high Google ranking is important because it shows the other users that your profile is worthy than other available ones. I wish I can get the highest Google ranking on all my social profiles but I guess I have to work more. Having a higher Google rank profile can result as profitable for you. Whenever any user search Google to find a particular page they mostly prefer those websites or profile pages which are on top. I usually do that too. Well it is not that hard to get a good Google ranking. It can be done by applying some simple ways.

I have compiled some of the ways in which you can increase the search ranking of your social media profile page. Among them the most important one which I am going to discuss about is your Twitter profile.

Undoubtedly Twitter is one of a great way by which you can boost your online image.

Tweet and Retweet Frequently

To increase the search engine ranking of your Twitter profile the very first and important step that you need to do is to become active and committed to tweeting. Only then you can make some ground and show your presence to your audiences. Now the reason why I am saying this is because when you will be committed to tweeting and your audiences will see regular tweets from your end. Only then they will be able to feel your presence. And once you become successful in making your presence then no one can stop you from getting the highest ranks in the search engine.

It is totally up to you how you show your presence and make your place among your audiences. Otherwise Google will not even bother to give you any rank in the search engine.

Link to Other Profiles

If you have more than one profile then it is good to create a link between them.  It will be very useful if you want all your existing applications to play nicely. Let’s say for example, if you have a Facebook profile. Then try to link it with your other profiles like a twitter profile or a YouTube page. Similarly if you have a profile on Google Plus then you can link it to your Instagram account too. This thing goes with all of those social media profiles too which you use randomly.

I insist you to link all your social media profiles as you can so that you can enjoy all the benefits. Never ignore this important aspect otherwise it is more likely that you will miss out a lot of potential audiences or followers.

Profiles and More

If you have a good profile page then congratulations you have overcome an important hurdle. A good profile page holds great importance on the social media. You profile is undoubtedly your first impression. And I know that you do not want to lose it in any case. Here when I talk about the search engine then a good profile will greatly help you out to get a high rank among others. Well at the time of indexing the profile pages of different users. Google management also looks over this aspect too. So you need to enter all the basic information of your business while creating you profile page. Like your contact numbers, your official address, and your website address and so on. Moreover, if you have entered some keywords and have written a concise biography information of your business in your profile page. Then this will also help you in increasing your profile page rank.

Let’s use an example

Let’s take an example over here to understand my point more clearly. If you are running a restaurant and you name it New York Kitchen. You will surely want your business name to be on your company`s website as well as your social media pages. So that people can easily know that it is you. You will need to enter your contact information and numbers so that people who see your website or your profile page are able to contact you. In addition to this you will also want a brief biography of your restaurant experience that you want others to know what it actually feels like. So after entering all the relevant information you will have some keywords like London Kitchen, London, or BritianKitchen etc.

Now after you have entered all the information just try to make sure that your social media profile like Twitter has some equivalence with the biography which you have entered in your website. This is very important.

Another important thing which you need to make sure is that you use the relevant profile picture. It needs to contain the primary keywords while you create the file. All these things are really important to do. Otherwise people will not be able to search for the right available page.

Hashtagging Effectively

No one can deny the importance of Hashtags when it comes to using Twitter. It gives a great impression when you enter some unique and interesting hash tags in your Tweets. I recommend you to use the hash tags while tweeting on a regular basis. This can greatly help the audiences to search for the relevant one. Moreover unique and relevant hash tags also increases the image as well as ranking of your Twitter profile.