Increase Your Total Reach and Post Reach by using these 10 Methods

Reach is one of a fascinating metric for all Facebook users. Reach basically comprises of the total number of unique Facebook users. These are the audiences who visit your page and view almost all the posts which you make using your Facebook account. A reach is made whenever a new user visits your Facebook page and sees your posts. It is not counted again and again when the same user visits your Facebook page again for the second or third time and so forth. Now this is something which you must remember. You need to attract more and more new users so that they view your Facebook page and your posts too. Only this will help you out in increasing the total number reach of your Facebook page.

In addition to this another thing that you should know is that if any individual user views your Facebook page and the posts on it then in this case the individual view is called an impression. Similarly, when the same individual views your Facebook page and your posts again and again for six times or more then it will be calculated as six “Impressions” and not six reach. There is a difference between both these terms. As the number of views increases the number of impressions also increases accordingly.  This further generates only one Reach.

Generally Reach can be divided into three different categories. I have mentioned those three categories as follows:

  1. Organic Reach

  2. Paid reach

  3. Total Reach

I have mentioned some of the major techniques which you can use in order to increase the number of reach of your Facebook account. This is related to both things that is your individual posts as well as your overall Facebook page.

  1. How to Optimize Your Content for Sharing?

You need to optimize your content that you want to share. This is the first and the most important suggestion that I am giving you.

Facebook Share Button

You really need to make you contents and information as interesting as possible which you want to post on your Facebook business page. It is very important. Mostly the users get attracted to unique, informative and interesting contents. If you are posting such type of contents only then the people will get attracted to your posts. As a result of this they will also share your posts with others too. For making your posts more attractive you can include some quality and colorful images,   informational and entertaining videos, and short, easily-digestible contents.

2.How to Invest Money on Advertising

The Buzzfeed got famous among the users in past half a dozen years. This feature was basically formed around Facebook click bait. As a result they get a great benefit from Facebook due to the excessive amount of traffic.

And do you know the reason behind this success?

They do it all by spending millions of dollars on Facebook ads.

Facebook Ad Budget Screen

I know that Facebook ads are costly but these play a vital role. You need to set some reasonable amount of money for advertisements too. There is no need to spend millions of dollars on ads when you can manage those in lower cost. If you are running a large business or if you can afford to spend a higher amount on ads then you can do so. Otherwise if you are at an initial stage of running your business or running it on a lower scale where you have some direct dealings. Then I would rather suggest that you to only run a few ads if you need to otherwise do not spend too much on just advertising on Facebook.

On the other hand, if you are planning to increase your reach then you do not require spending a large amount of money to improve it. For this particular purpose you can set your own goal.

In order to achieve that goal you can run different ads that have a maximum number of views of your audiences. Believe me they will not be so costly. Apart from this there is another option by which you can increase your reach. You can also run different ads on your Facebook page having set up a goal of getting a maximum number of website views or conversions. In this way you will surely get a higher reach count. And the best part is that this will cost you nothing at all. You will get the reach for free.

Now you might be thinking that how is this possible?

The main reason behind this fact is that Facebook will only charge you for successful purpose. So due to this fact the total number of reach you get while trying to achieve those objectives is without any cost.

  1. How to Select the Right Topics

Always select the right topic. If you are planning to create a post then I suggest that you must select a good and unique topic. Choosing the right topic is very important. It is because whenever you create any post and share it on your Facebook page it is not considered as just a post. This means that you are basically giving a whole perspective to all your audiences who view your post. If you are selecting a good and unique topic which you think will benefit your readers then undoubtedly you are on the right track. Whereas on the other hand if you are selecting a topic that is meaningless. Then it will not have some good results. Probably many people will read you post or they may enjoy it for some time but it might not last for long.

Nowadays people have become more aware and they want some new and informative stuff all the time. Many people prefer reading good posts on their Facebook news feed. And when they like a particular post they share it with other people too.

So, a good and informative post has far more possible shares than any meaningless or useless post will have. No one likes to see the useless posts again and again. I have seen many people who delete these kinds of posts or scroll down their Facebook feed by completely ignoring these kinds of posts. As a result these types of posts often get deleted rather than being shared with others. So it is important that you should select a good topic and try to create a valuable post.

In order to make your posts prominent it is important that you must consider the following aspects.

Valuable. Valuable posts are those types of posts which is useful in bringing out some value to the user. For example the posts like sales, advertisements or posts offering some deals and many other similar posts. Here you need to remember an important thing that to make a valuable post you need to include or offer something that has tangible value. Just like a contest or an editorial etc.

Educational Posts

As the name suggests, Educational posts are those types of posts which are used to teach people or give information regarding any aspect to your audiences. These educational posts vary from topic to topic. This may include posts like educational tutorials, informative contents, some research work and other things. If you are running a business then you can also include some interesting information or facts about your business or brands In addition to this you can also discuss some unique facts about your organization or company. Along with all this it is better that you post those types of educational contents which your audiences want to see or all those things in which they are interested.

Entertaining. The entertaining posts are those type of posts by which the users get some entertainment or they can enjoy themselves by reading the posts. The entertainment posts are basically meant to make people laugh, cry, sympathize, or have any kind of moderately positive emotion. When people like your posts they naturally fall in harmony with your posts.

In this way there is a greater chance that they will share your posts with other users too.

  1. Post Content that is Evergreen

Try to post some contents that remain evergreen. These types of contents are just opposite of timely content.

The evergreen contents are those types of contents that are more valuable. These types of contents do not vanish with time. These contents are not related to any seasonal topics as well. These contents remain evergreen and liked by the users despite of the fact that when these are shared around.

5.Gain Basic Engagement

Try to get more engaged with your audiences. Make them feel your presence. Believe me this is one of the great ways in which you can increase your reach in a very short time.

  1. Achieve Advanced Engagement

Another useful option is to create more advanced engagements with your audiences. By this you can create special closed Facebook Group. In this way only you and those people whom you invite will be able to see your page. You can create this to be a special community of your staff, your brand ambassadors, and other top-tier followers.

  1. Always Use Organic Targeting

Always try to use the Organic targeting. You need to look out for the audiences whom you want to target the most.  It is very important to reach out for specific target groups. This is a great way in which you can reach out to more specific, highly engaged audiences. As a result of this you can greatly reduce the cost of your ads too. This is a great benefit.

  1. How to Publish More Videos

Posting some unique videos or visual contents can really make a difference. Generally the production of a quality video is costly and a lot of time consuming entity. You might face these aspects too. On the other hand, creating a good video is not that easy as you may think. You really need some good ideas and hard work to make a good video.

Sharing a Facebook Video

You are free to post your created videos on whichever social channel that you like. There are no restrictions on it. You can post your videos on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Vine or any other social channel that you like.

Just remember one thing here. You should avoid posting the YouTube links on Facebook.

It has been observed that from past few years Facebook has been trying to compete with YouTube. And the main completion among both these social networking channels is just because of video hosting. These two sites that are the Facebook and You Tube have become competitors. Both these social channels are famous among the audiences. And moreover both these social channels are working better than the other in different areas.

  1. Precisely Time your Posts

Post your contents by paying attention to proper timings. This is very important. Generally there are mainly two elements of timing that you need to pay attention to.

The first one is the frequency. And the second option is the proper timings of your post.

The Frequency element says suggests that how often all through the day or the week you should post?

Ideally you should post you contents about 1-3 times on a daily basis. This number is suggested ideal for those who are running their business or brand page on Facebook. I am not saying this myself. This is according to a recent brand studies and surveys which was conducted by some experts.

Scheduled Post Tester

The second element suggest at what time of day you should post. This aspect varies from brand to band and from business to business. It all depends on the basic need or requirement that you need to post on your Facebook business page.

  1. Repeat and Adapt

Try to post your contents at specific times. This is really important for you. Try to get engaged with different users for different lengths of time after publication. Also look out for the ways to get proper adjustments of your posted contents. In this way you can have the idea that which of your post has some better results and increased reach and which of your post does not. This is a great way in which you can further improve your techniques with this knowledge.