How to Increase Views on YouTube Videos


You Tube’s mechanism is just like any search engine for example Bing or Google. This mechanism involves finding new content and videos, the indexing of videos it has just found. It also involves ranking of the videos and displaying in the search results.


Using Metadata


Now you must be wondering what is metadata, let me briefly explain, it is the information about your video it’s title, description and tags. This system informs YouTube about the content of a video. If you choose efficient keywords for metadata you will be able to increase the possibility of your video being found in a user’s search result page and viewed.

The first step to get more views on your YouTube video is by making an appealing title. Title is mainly the reason people watch videos, title is also the major reason people fall prey to clickbait.

You should always use an easy title in the words that people commonly use to search a video, for example ‘DIY fancy flowers’ ‘easy steps to cure pimples’ ‘recipe for cheese omelet’ etc. don’t use the titles that will trick your users into clicking your videos.

Now the next step is to write a proper description of the video. You have to make as detailed ad possible. Never forget your keywords related to your videos. You can also include link to your YouTube channel and link where your viewers can subscribe to your channel. The next and most important step is to choose the right keywords to your video. Tags have a huge responsibility to tell YouTube’s algorithm whether your video is related to a certain search request. By using appropriate tags your video tends to be displayed on any search engine. You have entered the keywords that you have added in the title and description also in the tag section. You can also add quotes and phrases to make your video more associated with subject you really are interested in. for example you have put up a video for a good recipe and tag it with ‘Vegan cooking’ ‘healthy cooking ‘avocado cooking’ and then you can tag the cook that references in your video, event or news.After adding all your tags, you have to organize them in terms of importance. Use generic tags in the beginning and then specific tags in the last.


Make Attractive Thumbnails


Have you ever noticed the little image that shows up before you click a video? I know I have, they are the major should I click or not click. They are called thumbnails. Just like titles you should select attractive thumbnails to represent your video. Just always keep in mind that you are in competition against hundreds of thousands of videos.

Your thumbnail should be a precise representation of your video. It should be or high resolution, if you upload a low quality thumbnail, nobody will click it.


Annotations; Make them work for you!


Before going into details I will briefly explain what are annotations actually, they are text overlays that you can place in your video.

They are text bubbles that pop up and ask you to ‘subscribe to your channel’ or ‘Thumbs Up’. So how can a bunch of text in a bubble help you in increasing your views? The answer lies in using them effectively to promote your channel. You can use it as a subscribe button, it will make subscribing to your channel easier.

You can also use it to boost your other videos. You can use it as navigation tool by putting a link to your new video. You can steer traffic towards your most recent video.


Increase Subscribers
By interacting with your subscribers you can increase your video views. YouTube comes under the category of Social Media Network. This is very helpful for rookie uploaders. See it’s very easy, if you have just 4-5 videos what you have to do is make sure there are users who will click on your video and stay on your channel to watch more.

You can keep them on your channel by asking them to post comments, suggestions and by asking them to subscribe. Keep your mobile device handy after uploading a video if you can’t access a desktop to respond to their comments. You can turn your channel into a group rather than just a channel for videos.


Boost your Video


This one is pretty clear. You should never limit yourself to the people who have subscribed to your channel, you have to look for other avenues to promote your channel. Like making a video response, there is a video response option to every video on YouTube. Using this option, you can post your video to other relevant videos. To do it you have to first search for videos related to your channel’s genre. By this you can find other viewers to take a look at your videos as well. Select the video and post your video response by heading to comment box and clicking the link ‘Create a video response’. You will be shown a list of your own videos and select a relevant video and voila!

It takes a bit to time to implement, although it is a great way of meeting people interested in the same niche as you.

You can share your videos to other websites, like Facebook or Instagram. You can use these platforms by sharing your videos and tag your friends who might appreciate your work. Always avoid spamming. You should share videos in moderation otherwise your friends and followers will not take those videos seriously. Also if you have your own website or blog you can embed the link to your video, only if it’s relevant to your content.

You can also ask various other bloggers of your field to feature your video. You can submit it to other bookmarking sites like Reddit. In the end post it on every platform where you think it might help promoting your video as long as it is relevant to the content already on the site.