Increase Your Worth by Getting Verified Instagram Badge



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed

A social media verification is something special which cannot easily be achieved by Your available personal account. Whether it is on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channel you will have to work hard in order to get the official verification of your account.

A small badge of verification can take you up to a higher level or recognition among the other accounts if you are a marketer, a celebrity, running a business or selling a brand. In every case you will have a unique place and will be recognized officially among the users.

Let’s See What Instagram Has to Say about this!


What a Verified Profile is Worth?

Instagram has provided its users with specific guidelines on how to use their Instagram accounts effectively. It is a simple help page from which you will be able to get the answers to many of your questions Following is an overview of those basis guidelines which you can follow

Getting a verification badge next to your name on the Instagram is a great achievement for you if you are a regular Instagram user. The verification badge is just a simple blue checkmark that you can get next to your user name in the search option or on your profile when you get verified. Now here you may have a question that what type of accounts get verified if you are using the Instagram? There is a simple answer to it.

On the Instagram only those accounts get verified which fully represent the any of the famous personalities, celebrities, public figures and most of all the brands which are globally recognized.

Most probably the Instagram does not promote any of the accounts that are not related to any of the famous personalities, businesses or brands or any account which people do not like the most. Any Individual account that is newly created or do not have a flow of a large number of followers is mostly ignored by the Instagram management in order to provide the verification to it. So, you can be aware of the fact that Instagram has their own set of procedures to provide the required verification to different accounts.

What actually is the purpose of getting the verification badge on the Instagram? This is a general question that may arise in your mind. One of the major benefit which you can get by achieving the verification badge is that you get a unique identity of yours. This unique identity can be seen by a specific checkmark. Through this mark many different users can easily identify you that your account is verified. From this unique mark you can get away from all those fake users who use your name to get famous. On the other hand, the verification badge is just a mark.

you cannot use it for any other purpose. You must also keep in mind that from this particular icon, you are not able to access anything or any account nor it can be used for any kind of security of your Instagram accounts. Similarly, you cannot stop the hackers from hacking your account with the help of these verification badges. Like the other available social media channels this particular mark is not usable to access any of the tools or features available nowadays.

Instagram verification is not that easy to get as you might think. Most people ask this question. So the straight answer to this question is “NO”. In recent times, the Instagram has provided their badges of verification to only some of the famous personalities like different celebrities, public figures, musicians, some well-known businesses and brands who have their accounts on the Instagram. Nowadays, you can simply not request the Instagram to get a badge of verification.

Currently you may see that the Instagram management will recommend you to give the proof of your identity. This may include your social proofs, your personal information or your connection to the other available social media accounts like the Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others.


The Issues Instagram’s Verification Process is Facing

A while ago in the month of February, you may have heard the news that says that the matter of accounts verification has brought the Instagram to a lot of trouble. This also included the some very serious legal issues that stirred while they were doing their verification of different accounts. Due to this fact, the Instagram authority thought to stop their process of accounts verification for a while so that they could overcome the issues they are facing due to this particular reason. So, as a result of this, the Instagram authority no longer did their verification for some time.

Here you might think that what was included in the verification process of the Instagram which lead them to create such major social and legal issues. There is no specific answer to this question because no one is quite sure about this. If you ask my point of view, I would say that there might be a reason that many famous personalities like the celebrities as well as most of reputed businesses did not wanted to give their personal information or any kind of documentations including the legal ones to the authority that is running the Instagram.

There might also be a security reason behind all this that these famous personalities avoided giving their information to any of the social media particularly the Instagram. Who knows, this is in my point of view. Maybe many of you might deny this fact also.

Apart from all this, there are many ways by which you can easily improve your chances of getting verified on the Instagram. Some of those aspects are discussed below which can help you to get recognized easily among the Instagram management.


Gathering loads of Followers Will Go a Long Way!


Want to get verified easily, follow the simple step of increasing the number of followers on your Instagram account. This is a simple but major aspect by which you can easily get recognized on the Instagram. Getting a large number of audiences and followers can take you to a higher level. You must work hard to make your Instagram account get recognized among different users.

This is very easy but will require a lot of effort and commitment from your end. For example, you can attract users by posting some good stuff or attractive images. This is a simple but important way by which you will be able to engage the users. In this way you can easily increase the number of your Instagram followers.

From the time that I have been using the Instagram, I have seen many of the accounts on different social networks which had around a total of just a 100 followers. Whereas, there were some accounts which had over a million of users but remained un verified. This is just a co relation among the user and the audience that how one can attract their audience in an appealing way.


Here you should note that getting more followers is a great step if you want your account to be recognized among different users in every perspective either it be marketing, socially or organically.


If on the other hand, I talk about the marketing point of view, you can see that generally if you have a large number of audiences who are your followers on your social media accounts then this will greatly help you out in many ways. First of all, it will benefit you in getting the top place when the users search for anything. In addition to this, a higher number of audiences is useful for you in order to create your unique place among the users as well as many different social media channels. As a result, no one will be able to take your place or use your name while using any of their social accounts.


Here I tough of giving you some tips which you can use if you want increase the number of your followers.

I recommend that you should first of think of a specific topic or theme that you want to use on your Instagram account. Then it is better that you should stick to it. This also includes the sound effects and most of all your personality that who you actually are. You can try with some other options too while sticking to this particular option.

On the other hand, if you are promoting your business or brand then you will need to try any unique things as you may like. This can include the promotion of your products or services among the users, any unique item that you want to market or any other thing as you may like. Once you see that a particular theme gets a lot of response. Then in this case you can adopt that theme and use it whenever you post on your Instagram account.

Post on a schedule. You must follow a specific schedule whenever you post on your social media accounts specially the Instagram. You can increase your chances to get a maximum number of followers if the audience find your active participation.

Use hashtags properly. Using unique hashtags in a proper way can also help you in attracting the audiences. Don’t use the boring ones otherwise people might drag away.

Engage. Get engaged with your audiences. The social channels are specifically designed to connect the people despite their location. You can like, post, share, comment on anything that you want.

Post good content. You should focus on posting some quality contents on your Instagram account of you want the users to follow you. This can include the attractive images that you can post on your account.

For this purpose, you can even higher a professional photographer and use different kind of software for image editing.


 Be Replicated and Encourage Impersonation

Now here I want to tell the most important aspect if you want to get recognized on the Instagram easily.

If we take a look at the guidelines of the Instagram it says that, “to be a layer of security for people who are impersonated. It is there so users can tell between two accounts with the same name and profile picture, identifying which one is the real one”.

While you struggle to get the verification badge from the Instagram, there are many such available accounts that you will find that impersonate you. This means that if you are one of the famous icon or a celebrity, then there might be a chance that someone creates an Instagram account in your name and then use it being you. This is a major concern and create a lot of issues. In this way there is a chance that the users of those particular accounts take your place and get verified by using your name. As a result of it your name as a celebrity or your business name will surely get affected by the impersonation. In this situation you can report to the Instagram authority and inform them the related issue that you are facing.

At the time when you raise this particular issue it is likely that Instagram authority will take an action against this situation.

Keep Posting

I recommend that you must post actively on your Instagram account. This is a great way to give a boost to your account. The users mostly prefer to get attracted to those accounts which they find active and see a post from them on a regular basis. To be regular, it is important that you should firstly set up a specific schedule that should include the timings of your posts as well as the context which you want your users to see.

Following a specific schedule actively play a vital role which may lead your Instagram account to get verified easily.

Don’t Post in Negative Manner

When you are using your Instagram account, remember not to use any negative actions. Otherwise you will have some negative results. Now here from negative actions I mean that you should try to avoid using the fake accounts. Similarly, you should avoid the use of buying fake followers on your Instagram account.

It has been commonly seen that due to this fat many of the high profile users accounts resulted in getting a long term ban from using the Instagram. In order to get verified, you must attract the authentic followers.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.