Increase Your YouTube Channel Rank in these Easy Steps


If you are using the YouTube for the purpose of search ranking, then you should know that there is no such specific search ranking for it as compared to the other available options of search ranking. I have compiled some of the basic ways which you can find helpful in order to increase your YouTube channel rank.

What are the Factors that effect Ranking?

YouTube is basically owned by Google, but in working both networks are totally different from each other. The Google is one of the unique search engines which include different features. You can run many different types of algorithms as well as making an allowance of different factors.

What are On-YouTube factors?


Keywords play an important part. Just similar to the web pages YouTube also uses different keywords to search for various items. These keywords are useful in order to recognize the actual query for which a particular video is related to. You are required to optimize your text while using it because generally it is not able to analyze the available video contents. Your text may include the title of the video that you have created, the descriptions which you have entered, different types of tags and transcripts.


There are various types of tags which you can use on the YouTube channel. Making use of the Meta keywords tags is one good option which you can use on the YouTube channel. On the other hand using it on the Google will not give you some good results.

Thumbnail. The Thumbnails which you use in your videos have to be compelling. All those videos which include some distinctive thumbnails are considered as good ones. Whereas, the videos which contain the automatic thumbnails are ranked a bit lower. You should always try to avoid using the thumbnails which are misleading ones for the customers.


Using some unique and transcripts and some good contents are one major factor by which you can increase the ranking of your YouTube account. You can upload some great pieces of transcripts in order to lower the general related blunders while auto captioning the whole system.

On the YouTube you are not able to search for some of the specific channels which are available. Many different channels just show up for reservations or follow-ups which are specifically related to them. I recommend that you should try out to search for some music albums. From the list of top searches select the top three results. Now here you can see their official VEVO channel that is available. You can also find see official non-VEVO channel if the official one is not available. You may not find out different channels that are mostly not related to the official brand presence.

Increase Rank

All these above factors are really important if you are planning to increase your YouTube channel rank. The ups and downs that you see in your channel rank can also relate to the ranking of your videos. It is just a simple procedure that videos with best contents and interesting facts tend to be liked more by the audiences. Just try to maintain the quality of the videos that you create. And you will see a constant increase in the responses of your audiences which can greatly help in increasing your YouTube channel rank in no time.

What are the Factors effecting YouTube Search Ranking?

The YouTube Channel authority is generally considered as a ranking aspect for the videos that you have created or uploaded on it. You will surely see an increased in the channel rank if you are able to attract the audiences. Some of the major aspects that are closely related to give a boost to your YouTube channel rank include having more and more video views as well as the subscribers. Secondly if you are capable of attracting more and more audiences then you will surely have an increased rate of engagement of your audiences.

This is a great sign for you. Believe me, these are simple but are important aspects which play an important part in increasing the ranking and giving it an instant boost to your You Tube channel. Here you should also know that the Channel authority is basically based on the aspect of performance of your videos as a whole. For getting a better performance, I suggest that you can also try linking your YouTube account with your existing website, or you can also customize the homepage of your channel.

1.All Text Optimization is a must!

Try optimizing all the text that you are using in your videos. Just make it brief, convincing, and full of relevant and authentic keywords which are in simple English. Following is a checklist which you can find useful to do so.


Name of Your Channel

One of the most important aspects is giving a suitable but a catchy name to your channel. Try using a short but descriptive one.


Title of your Video

Now these are also important. You must try using some short and sweet titles that also include the keywords. This will make them sound attractive. If you do not want to use the keywords then try not to do so. It is all up to you. Rather you can use some influential titles instead of the keywords. You can make use of the keywords in some other places.


Description of Your Video

I suggest that the descriptions which you are using in your posts should be around 100-250 words ideally. Do not go for more. Be focus and to the point while writing the first 50-100 initial words. These play a very important role because using some unique and attractive initial description can make the user to go for more. When the users will find that interesting they will surely expand the initial description in order to read more of it. Here you can also include a particular lit of different links for your users to visit them. This can further make them to get engaged more with your brand.

Tags on Your Videos

In your videos you can also include different tags. These should be up to 50 combined characters. Just try to make sure that you avoid using the spammy or any of those tags which are irrelevant.

Your transcript. Transcripts relate to the content of your video. These are different from the text optimization.

2. Get Maximum Traffic

YouTube Views

One of the important things that I want to suggest here is that always post those stuff on YouTube or any of your other social channels that attracts the users. People can easily get connected and engaged with your posts if they find them interesting.  Many of the users you will see are mostly closely swamped in different types of videos on the channels which they mostly like. Now if you are running a newly created channel or a particular channel that is not so famous then in this case you will have to work harder. Try posting some great contents that can make people to search for more of your posts. It is not that hard. A little effort can help you in making your place among the users.

3. Make Playlists Related to Your Videos

You can always try something new. I recommend that you create different Playlists on your YouTube channel. These play list should be relevant to what you are posting. This is a great way which you can use in order to make a large number of audiences to watch your contents or videos that you post on your channel. A simple trick here is that you should create some unique kind of videos. You can create them in a series as well. This can be followed by one another. Just try to avoid putting all of your videos that you have created into one single playlist. Try using multiple playlist. It can be beneficial for you. This can also increase the user’s engagement on your YouTube channel.

4.Channel Page Optimization is a must!

Nowadays you can find several different options for optimizing a channel page which you want. If here you see an example of the any existing popular webpage you can see a top banner art on it at first glance. You can then find some multiple links that are mentioned on it which connect to their other social profiles. Next, these also include the introduction of a particular video when they start something new. Then comes the featured channels and the about section. You have the option to fill these up by whatever content that you like.

Here your channel art is comparatively simple you are only required to get it matched with your brand. On this platform you can also include some promotional stuff or advertisements of your brand if you require. If you ask my point of view I will suggest that you must try getting into details. Just make it brief and save your time because most users do not tend to prefer it.

5.Transcripts should Always Be Uploaded

I recommend that you must always try uploading the transcripts in your videos. Just use some brief but interesting ones.

 Video Transcript

A transcript is considered as the context which you include in your videos. These transcripts allow Google to get them indexed. This fact further allows your videos to demonstrate on your YouTube channels which can easily help you out in increasing the search engine visibility on other social channels too.

Using transcripts in your videos is a great thing. These are simple to use. This is because while using the transcripts you do not have to consider the various time codes or formatting issues.  Further, you are only required to have a specific text document that includes transcript that is based word to word.

Now if you do not have the time to write transcripts for your videos then you can always hire an expert transcriptionist to work for you. Nowadays Transcriptionists may charge you a lot but it is better to go for it if you have no other option.

6. Always Cross-Promote to Increase Visibility and Links

Another way which you can use is the Cross-promotion of your posts. This can be done by including some relevant links in your video descriptions or in other ways. Cross-promotion basically means to broadcast your videos which you intend to post on your YouTube channel in a number of different ways. For example, you can post your videos on different available social channels like the Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest etc. In this way you can attract more and more users.

Another way is to ask your audiences to share your videos that you have posted among their friends list and you can also write blog posts related to it. This can make more users to get attracted.

7. Become the Captain of your Industry

I recommend that you try to become one of the leading brand authorities on the social network. For this purpose you can make use the simple but effective trick of branding. Generally you may have seen that many large companies use their brand keywords. This makes it easy for the user to find the relevant stuff.

8.   Attract as Many Viewers as Possible

Make people watch more of your videos that you post. This can greatly increase the user’s engagement. It is generally assumed that whenever the users watch more of your videos the chance of watching more of your videos increases. This also makes them to come back to your channel for watching videos again and again.

You can use the video endcap strategy for this purpose too. I recommend that you should use it because I use it too.  The endcap is basically a clip that is included at the end of a particular video which is up to 10-30 seconds long. In this way you can increase your video hopping.

9.Use Videos to Enhance Text and Images

This is considered like an off-site SEO technique. You can use it to for the content marketing. This works best when people watch your videos and get engaged to them. You can also repurpose the contents of your videos which can be useful in promoting them. Further you can convert your lengthy videos into ebooks.

10. Be Creative and Productive

Try creating more and more videos. This is a great initiative. You can easily manage to get the fame as well as the significance that you want when you post more videos continuously. You can choose different subjects that may be general, scientific, everyday routines or anything. If one video is not successful then the next one can be. Do not lose hope. This can be a great step for you to get a higher user engagement. Just make sure that you are creating and posting some high quality videos that contains interesting contents. Users easily get bored when they get to see some useless stuff. It is just a game of numbers. The more you create the more you will have people engaged. This will result as helpful in boosting up your YouTube channel ranking.


About the Author 

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