Increase Your YouTube Channel Ranking in these Easy 15 Steps


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Nowadays you can find a number of search rankings that are available. Among them one of the famous and most used search ranking is that of the You Tube. You can search a large amount of videos that are available on this channel.

The keywords based search that is available on YouTube is customized. All the videos that you have watched before would be highlighted on the channel. YouTube give special privilege to all the videos including the channels that you have subscribed or any other video that you have viewed previously from the official source. On the other hand, when all the mentioned aspects are not available then in this case you should prefer opting for the optimization.


Factors affecting Ranking on YouTube  

YouTube channel hold a unique place among many other available social media channels. Unlike Google, it is very much different from the other search engine even though it is owned by Google itself. YouTube Search engine is a different machine which contains different algorithms and reflects different features.

Some of the major but unique factors include many different features. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Importance of Keywords

YouTube uses keywords to identify what reservation a video takes place. The contents of the videos cannot be analyzed by YouTube easily unlike the web pages. So it is important for you to optimize your context. This includes the title of your video, its description, the tags and the transcripts.

  • Why Tags are Important

You can choose to include the meta keyword tags on the YouTube. This can give you some good results. On the other hand, if you use the meta keywords on a webpage then the Google will get alert and would check upon your updates.

  • What are Thumbnails

Thumbnails play an important part. A video having the custom thumbnails are considered to perform better rather than the ones with the automatic thumbnails or some misleading thumbnails.

  • Transcript and its role

A video with a good context can be considered as good one. It can give you some great results and would also help in engaging a large number of audience. It can also lead your video to a better overall ranking amongst other available ones.

A channel which has a large number of subscribers or viewers can definitely be ranked as highest. If your video is up to the mark and has some essential qualities that would help in engaging more audience, then you will have no difficulty in getting to a good rank among others. Apart from this there are also a number of factors that affect the ranking of a video. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Retention of a Video

The YouTube ranks its videos high or low according to the total views it gets. The people who watch the full video are counted only because YouTube follows a strict ranking system.

  • Engagement Level

When numerous audience get engaged on the YouTube by viewing the video the ranking gets better. If you are able to get a large number of people attracted, then it will maximize your rank on the YouTube easily.

  •  Number of Share/Links

You are also able to increase your ranking when different people share your videos with other users. This may include their friends or their followers.

  • Number of Thumbs up

A video having more likes can be easily ranked on top. In order to get those likes you must make sure that your video should be exciting and entertaining for your viewers.

Following are the Ten most effective ways that can be used to Increase the YouTube channel ranking.


  1. Optimization of Text

It is necessary that you should optimize your entire context. In order to attract a large number of audiences it is important that the context that you are posting should be convincing, to the point, contains appropriate keywords and finally it should also contain simple and easy language. This are considered as an important aspect that helps in attracting a large number of audience. Apart from this there are numerous ways by which you can optimize your context. Some of them are discussed below.

  1. Name of Your Channel

This holds an important place. The channel name must be short but expressive so that the users get attracted. To set up your channel name you can choose your brand name or it can be a sub-theme name.

  1. The Description of your Channel

Ideally your channel description should contain up to 100-250 words of the optimized text. You can write purposeful description as you want.

  1. The Titles of your Videos

The video titles that you choose must be short and appealing. You can use the keywords if you like. It is up to you that whenever you like you can change the title. This can be easily done by dropping down the keywords and making a selection of convincing video title.

  1. The Description of Your Videos

When you write your video description, you should make sure that they also contain around 100-250 words. It is important that your text of first 50-100 words must be more appealing than the whole text. This is due to the fact that the first 50-100 words are more visible to the user. If the user gets attracted to that particular text, then it is likely that they will also expand the text in order to read the full description that is provided. In addition to this, you can also add up some relevant links for the user. This will keep them engaged with your page and what you are offering.

  1. Tags in Your Videos

If you want to include the tags in your video you can add up many of them. These can be combined up to 500 characters. You must keep in mind that you should not include any unrelated tags in your video. This would lead your video to the spam folder.

  1. The Transcript

The transcript mentioned here relates to the content of the video rather than the specific optimization of the context.

  1. Getting People to Watch Your Videos

One of the major points that you should remember is to attract a large number of audience. You can take some certain steps in order to drag more and more audience so that they get attracted and start watching your videos on You Tube. Most users only go to the search engines and watch the videos that are present on a particular channel. Once they start watching a video on any particular channel it is more likely that in future they will chose only that particular channel. They will not waste their time in order to search any other channel. In some cases, many users do not know about other available channels. This is also a reason that they prefer to stick to a specific channel to watch the videos and get entertained.

On the other hand, you can convince many users to follow your videos on YouTube. It may be a difficult task but it is not an impossible thing. You can upload your videos on YouTube and then you can take some steps in order to attract the people.  It is important that you engage the viewers to watch your video that you uploaded on YouTube. You can influence different users to watch your video for at least once. You can attract them by strong marketing tactics or by including your links on different websites etc. This would lead them to be attracted and make up their mind to stop and view your video. Once they get engaged in the videos it would further associate them to prefer using YouTube every time they think of watching a video.

In addition to this, it is also important that you engage your audience to subscribe your video and the channel. In this way they will get an update from You Tube every time you post or update anything on the channel. This would lead them to be updated and view all the latest updates made by you.

  1. Creating Playlists Related to your Videos

A major way to attract people in order to make them watch your video is through creating a playlist of your videos. It is important that you create some unique video series. This would easily lead to attract and engage the people more often. It is recommended that you should create a playlist with a lengthy subject. In this way you will be able to cover up a single piece at a particular time. You also have the option to optimize the playlist by giving your videos a specific thumbnail style. In addition to this, you will also need a good attractive logo, a number or you can do it by working in a keyword.

You need to optimize your channel page. Many people consider is an important part. You can find many different options that are available for optimization the channel page. You can optimize it in many ways like linking it to another social profile, giving an introductory video, features channels, providing attractive images etc.

If you have a simple channel art, then you just need to get it matched with your brand. In this way you can market your brand or products so the people can have an idea.

You can also link up your social profile so that the YouTube viewers can get to your other social media profile pages.

  1. Uploading Transcripts

The Transcript is a context that you provide in your video. If you include the transcript in your videos, then it is likely that it will be indexed by Google. In addition to this your video can be easily searched by using different search engines. YouTube has made the use of transcripts easier because now you don’t have to worry regarding the time codes or formatting of transcripts. You can also take help from anyone else to write the transcripts for your videos. This can be a simple way to make your video to get a good ranking.

11. Cross-Promotion for Visibility and Links 

Cross promotion of your videos simply means to broadcast your YouTube videos in multiple ways. Your first step can be posting them on different social media channels. You can post your videos directly on Twitter and Instagram etc. Whereas on Facebook you cannot post your videos directly. This is due to the fact that Facebook has started hosting their own videos and the YouTube video link might be filtered.

You can use many other ways to promote your videos. For example, you can request or encourage different users on your friends list to share your videos with others. You can highlight it in a guest post or you can write informative blogs related to it.

12. Become the Captain of Your Industry 

You should work hard to become a leading brand in the market. It may seem difficult but it is not impossible. You can adopt different ways to do so. For example, the new entrants in the market who are working on SEO have to compete with already leading brands like the Engine Land or Moz. Similarly, all those who want to start up a record label first have to compete with VEVO or YouTube.

You can simply compete with these giants with effective branding.


13. Encouraging Video Hopping

You can use video end caps to keep the audience engaged. Endcap is a clip that is about 10-30 seconds long. This can be added up in the end of any video. In this way you can engage the audience by providing a thank you note or some highlights of another video.

14. Using Videos to Advertise Other Content

You can use your videos to supplement other contents. This is considered as an off-site SEO technique that can be useful in the effective marketing of your content and effectively highlighting the visibility of your channel.

15.Creating More Quality Videos

YouTube usually ranks the channel by its popularity and relevance. You can attract more users by creating more and more videos can be related to different subjects. In this way people will tend to watch more of your videos. You must make sure that your videos are of high quality and are produced on a regular basis. In this way you can update your videos on YouTube which will help in engaging a large number of audience. This would lead to get a good ranking on YouTube.