Your Instagram Should Have these 7 traits to Make Your Profile Profitable



By Nazia Khan-Ahmed


Everybody wants to improve their Instagram’s profitability. I know you would too. Also everyone would want to boost the level of engagement on their posts and profile. I will state the 7 traits that you have to have in order to make your profile more active and profitable. These are the strategies implemented by most successful Instagram celebrities and they are not too hard to implement too.


  1. Attract your target market

Instagram has users from every walk to life and it is not too hard to find your target audience on this humongous social media platform. You just need to focus instead doing mundane things all the time. The marketing techniques need to be updated by the passage of time if one is not working the other might. So keep on trying and see what works for you.

It doesn’t matter if you have created excellent content, if it doesn’t reach your target audience it is of no use. You need to attract people who are more interested in buying from you rather than just viewing the products,

A contest is also a good way to attract people on social media. You have to come up with a giveaway which is most appealing to your audience for example if your audience is 18-35-year-old males you can give away cool gadgets and trips. You can post funny and up-to-date memes to attract them. You can post interesting updates about scholarships offered by different universities.

You can post things students and people who are just starting a career can relate to. People who hate Monday must love your posts. Suffering from Monday blues might become easier for them if they see a whimsical post about a polar bear dragging himself to work. People who are of this age are usually born in late 80’s or 90’s and you can post stuff they used to play with or used to own.

It is going to create the familiar vibe and they will visit your page over and over again for updates. I would love to see the toys I used to play with or the fun things I used to eat when I was young. Well, on a lighter note you can share pictures of girls in bikinis this will get the attention of a huge number of audience.


  1. Post Updates about the Manufacturing Process

Instagram is about building special and close relationship with your audience. Before the release of her products Kylie Jenner posts a few interesting updates of her products being designed by her or being manufactured in the factory. This gives the audience a sneak peak of what to look for and gives an insight of the whole process.

If you are running a clothing brand you can post pictures of your newest creation on the mannequin or a model. You can post some pictures of your equipment like favorite pair of scissors. You can post pictures of your newly renovated office or the newest addition to your staff. You can post birthday celebrations of a coworker. It will show the audience that you have built a relationship with your coworkers and now ready to extent this pleasant relationship with them as well. It gives the human touch to your brand and will make people more interested in your posts as well.


3. Feature Content Submitted by Users

When you run out of things to post you can post the images submitted by users. You can start a contest if you run a photography page. Start a contest of ‘Who wore it better’ if you run a clothing page. You can feature an amateur photographer every week and post his/her pictures once or twice a day. It will also get you their followers as well. It is an excellent way of boosting engagement. Post them under on hashtag and if you get more than 2000 pictures under a hashtag you are practically a celebrity.


  1. Facilitate the Buyers.

If you have posted a bunch of products on your page and not putting the option to buy it from there, it is of no use. Most famous brands do this while posting their images. They enable the users to buy the product directly from Instagram. It not only increases the engagement but also increases the sales as well.


  1. Social Promotions

Instagram is the hub for social promotions. It is not at the moment but it can become very easily. This is the fastest growing platform to make advertisements and promote your business.


  1. Stay in Touch with Current Affairs

posting about current affairs is a very well-known technique to steer traffic your way. you will be their resource if they need to get any type of information regarding your niche. You can post news about your industry and the new developments. It will give an idea to your audience that you stay updated about your work as well as other news.

You can post greeting on holidays, Mother’s day, Father’s Day, weather reports, Super bowl or any political event. But try not to seem biased when it comes to sports and politics you don’t want to lose half of your followers.

If you are a movie enthusiast, you can post updates about the upcoming movies and video games. It will give your audience something to look forward to whenever you make an update. It will start a heated debate as well. So the more engagement you get this way the merrier.


  1. Usage of Videos

There is no doubt that videos are coming more popular especially funny vines. They get a lot of likes, shares and comments. Posting a 30 second video about behind the scenes of your fashion show will get you all the engagement you require to promote your event. The same goes for your video game. If you post a 30 second video of your new video game, it will get you a lot of sales.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.