How Instagram is Changing Business



As it is evident for everyone to see, Instagram has accumulated fairly high amount of engagement and the number of users has been steadily ascending as years pass by. In fact, as the number of Instagram users increases so as the number of people who engage and interact with each other.

Evidently, Instagram has rocked many online users with its much needed corporate inversions. Because of this, what is currently trending is that many users of Social networks prefer it to other forms of media. Some may say that Instagram is taking advantage of other veteran social media platforms to bring something absolutely different. Most of social media platforms have turned to what they are supposed to be by being more of a commercial platform. This has driven their popularity to somewhere below the expectations of most users who possibly wanted to use them for nothing but social interactions

Truth be told, the popularity of Instagram is rising steadily, especially for business purposes. Predictably, this social media is going to register a massive rise in number of business users next year, especially to those who have realized its potential and decide to depend on it. In fact, Instagram has started to expand the paid advertisements for business people and this is predicted to rise next year.

Currently, the greatest challenge that Instagram faces is to brand through the use of mobile requirements. The fact that bit lacks API and other automated tools for handling passwords is the greatest barriers to this noble innovation to be more convenient.


Affectivity of using instagram video for a business

Instagram is a new marketing platform that has joined up with short videos, making it yet another integral channel for marketing businesses. In the past, Instagram was a popular photo uploading site, but now, there is instagram video where videos can be shared on social networks. Instagram photos were mostly known with their filters, which instantly changed the appearance of photographs. For instance, instagram filter can be used to give a photo a Polaroid-like look, a vantage look or change a color image into sepia toned image.  On the other hand, instagram video, which lasts for just 15 seconds, is can easily be manipulated using instagram`s video tools. These tools enable user to quickly transform video clips into certain mini works of cinematic arts. This means that all sorts of videos, even seemingly boring one, can be enhanced to attain the quality of a cinematic video.


Creativity brought by the usage of instagram videos       

Business owners have adopted the use of Instagram videos in certain creative ways. Some people post videos for office building signs, others post business signs while others create 15 second and elaborate animation. In some instances, these videos can be those that have been turned from static photo into short clip with movements. For instance, a business website will have a photo of business sign and just beside an Instagram video of office building signs. Artists, designers and photographers have also found Instagram video as a mini portfolio for short tutorials. These videos are used for customer testimonials, product videos, company tours and promotional offers.

Why marketing on Instagram has grown so fast

Instagram has grown as a steady social network since its launch on android last year. It has been an easy way for fans to engage with celebrities, brands, friends and even their own followers. For any business person including instagram to your social networking is a must. Some even have to buy instagram likes to get rolling in the social network.  This roughly relates to paying people to like the photos on instagram. This surely has proven to work for their business. Likes are what makes instagram interesting and fun. For businesses to run online the social network a strong fan base of followers must be achieved. a

Instagram – Bonding brand and fans

By posting photos of products and getting people to like and appreciate them, your business will tend to attract new clients and customers.  For instance if you are a jewellery designer you can hold a photo contest on instagram and buy instagram likes for the photos you post. After getting the fame that comes with a high number of likes and followers, ask your fans to pose in their favorite accessories as you offer one of your designs as the prize. This will not only get you more customers but also increase your fan base. The use of instagram is therefore tipped to continue bonding fans and necessary online brands together, and for long.


Instagram – The platform for new online products

As you get more comfortable with the social network you can also use it as a platform to introduce new products as you promote your existing products to your targeted audience. When sign up with instagram and add comments, photos and Instagram videos, you will increase the attention attached to them. This has proven to be very efficient on catching the attention of potential customers when launching a new product.  Instagram, being all about photos, gives you a chance to offer an inside look of the products to your followers.  This can elevating for any business, and that means – a great boost in profit.


Broader network offered through using Instagram

Every business person knows that a broader network means more business and that directly means more profits. As business people, making use of rapid growing Instagram social medial is a bold step in broadening business network on the internet. By having more instagram likes, you will definitely be aiming of achieving a broader network and attract more people on the social network. Apart from the Instagram likes they have also embraced hash tags that have also proven to be quite attractive for many users. Instagram has made it possible for online shopping to be much easier and accessible.  The broader network is helpful for any business.



Easy way of personalizing your brands with Instagram

Instagram offers businesses an easy way to personalize their brands. Apart from just posting the products photos the business person can use the platform as a way to give followers an inside look on how you make your products. You can even include photos of your office and anything you like. Instagram is a new marketing platform that has joined up with short videos, making it yet another integral channel for marketing businesses. It is a great idea to use Instagram and use it to promote your product and services.  Instagram likes are newcomer to a business online marketing. However, it has great potential of making a difference if it is put on good use. This is because Instagram is fast, fun and a beautiful way of sharing products and services with everyone from clients to family and friends.