Instagram: Click Click

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Instagram is a world of photo sharing and colorful images taken by raw artists and routine photographers. It is not much older but its influences are much bigger and it is among the most popular social media websites now. With a powerful audience of 150 million users worldwide, this photo sharing website is just mind-blowing in its features as compared to other social media channels. Each day, more than 16 billion photos are shared using this channel and 1 billion likes happen daily. It is most engaging photo sharing channels and it is still growing. You can simply upload your pictures and share with others in few seconds.

Instagram should be among your social media marketing strategies as overlooking its importance can be a huge mistake for your online business. When it started initially, Instagram was nothing more than just a simple platform for sharing images but now; it has become one of the biggest platforms to share pictures online and businesses use this social media channel to connect with their customers. It has proved that it is an effective platform for small as well as large business organizations to use it as a part of their social media networking.

You can upload relevant images to your brand and online business to engage your customers and to get quick and fast responses. Targeting your traffic with the help of high quality images was never so easy like it is now! Well if you ask for any magical formula for achieving thousands and millions of fans on Instagram, sorry to say, there is nothing like that. But with your dedication and right strategies, you can make it possible that every click will earn you money. If you haven’t got started on Instagram yet, it’s still not late to begin your quest for more customers and better profits. Whether for your commercial purposes or personal reasons, engaging a massive audience on Instagram is not impossible. Have a look at the following ways that can help you improve your Instagram visibility and increase your trust in your Instagram followers.

  • Use the power of Hash Tags

The Instagram Hash Tags are more powerful than those of Twitter. You can create longer posts than 140 characters and add relevant tags to help your users find you in ocean of Instagram followers. But make sure you don’t stuff your posts with extra and meaningless tags as your audience will not like it and doing anything against the interests of your customers is not wise.

  • Talk using your uploaded images

Instagram makes it possible to communicate with your audience using the visual language. You can instantly upload pictures of your new products and make your customers aware about any new addition to your inventory. There is nothing more powerful than visuals on internet. Especially if you are on social media channels, people don’t have much time to stop over and read lengthy posts. So uploading relevant images to your online business and products, you can save their time. A picture is worth a thousand words! That’s true in case of Instagram.

  • Don’t forget to network socially

No doubt Instagram is enough for making your social media marketing successful, but if you blend the features of this photo sharing website with your other social media channels, the results will be two-fold. You can interlink all of your channels and create call to action button on your multiple social media channels. Networking is the most important part of any social media marketing strategy. If you use Instagram as your main social media network for promoting your business, it must have links for other channels too so that you don’t lose your Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter followers.

  • Never compromise on quality of your posts

If you think uploading pictures in a row with same content and same Hash Tags can engage your audience and make you popular, you are going in wrong directions. Your customers will not like to see your unlimited and meaningless posts when they check their updated on Instagram. There is no sense in sharing the same images again and again. If you don’t have any new idea or content, repurpose your content and images but don’t repeat similar posts. Instagram experts say that posting up to 5 times a day on your Instagram channel is enough to get maximum customer response. Posting more and more will not get you more followers and likes on your uploaded images and posts.

  • Make use of mobile and smartphones

Instagram is very light weight for phones and its very simple to upload pictures using your phone so don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your customers. You can Geotag your images and let others know what you are up to! This is a world of social media marketing where your competitors have mobile ready websites and not using mobile can make you lose customers as well as damage your reputation. Most of the internet users use mobile as a medium to use internet. So if they cannot access you via their phones, you are missing out a huge change to engage your audience.

  • Make your followers happy

Many Instagram brands use different tricks to make their customers happy from one way or another. For example, Starbucks, one of the most popular and most followed brands on Instagram asks its customers to share their photos with a cup of coffee or anything bought from Starbucks. This makes them earn customer loyalty as they actively like and comment on the customers photos on Instagram channel and people buy more and more Starbucks coffee cups just to share photos. They don’t ask people to buy their coffee and shakes; instead they encourage them to upload their pictures including the Starbucks products or locations worldwide. So their strategy works in two ways. You can also make such strategies for communicating with your customers effectively.

  • Run photo contests

If you are using Instagram and you are not interested in photo contests, you don’t deserve to be on Instagram. So engage your customers using contests and award them coupons of your products and cashback on their online purchases. Just be creative and let the magic happen!

You can follow the above given effective ways of interacting with your Instagram audience. Just make sure your strategies and posts represent your business goals and aims. Strive for better results and never lose hope!