Who Has The Most Instagram Followers?

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Instagram is a photo sharing social media website that allows its users to upload photos and tag them using popular HashTags. Recently, Instagram started a campaign of wiping the website from fake accounts profiles. This means that before that campaign if you had bought followers for your Instagram channel, those fake accounts were deleted automatically. Right now, Instagram has only real accounts of people who use Instagram regularly. Well, this campaign was beneficial as extra crowd was removed from the Instagram database but not helpful for those Instagram users who used to be famous just for buying followers.

Many top celebrities and Instagram users who used to have millions of followers lost their members as a result of that wipe out of fake accounts. So now, Instagram is free from spam and fraudulent accounts. It has increased the credibility of this social media website in the eyes of internet users, and many other social media sites are considering this too. This campaign was highly supported by social media websites users, and many internet experts have also praised Instagram for this act.

Before this purge campaign, Justin Bieber was most followed celebrity on Instagram with more than 64 million Instagram followers. Even most modern musicians  like Ariana Grande and Akon were behind Bieber. However, now, as fake accounts are deleted, and spam followers are no more to increase the number of members, Bieber lost his followers and came on third most followed Instagram celebrity with 45 million fans. Well, now Kim Kardashian is at the top most followed Instagram users with more than 22,700,000 followers. Beyoncé has also emerged as a top most followed singers on Instagram. Hence, this fake follower’s removal campaign has changed the Instagram statistics, and everything has changed.

If you want to know new Instagram most followed celebs, check out the following list.

  1. Kim Kardashian has an Instagram profile with a name of Kim Kardashian. She has emerged as a top influencer on Instagram with securing more than 22,700,000 active followers. She posts her personal photos, her shoots images, pictures of her son and posts related to her modeling career. Well, with so much controversy around her personality, it is no surprise if she is among the most followed celebs on the internet.
  2. On the second number of this newly updated list, Beyoncé has secured more than 21,770,663 followers on Instagram. She is among the top musicians who are respected for their social figure, excellent voice and flawless dance moves. She knows how to remain in the news whether it is about her new songs or her relationship.
  3. Ariana Grande, a young female singer, has appeared to surprise everyone by coming on top third position with around 20,648,615 followers on Instagram. Whether it is her charming beauty or her sweet voice, she seems to attract more and more Instagram followers now. She is building her career and on a way to a successful career with a boyfriend too! Her username is marina grande and if you want to follow her, be ready to get spammed by her cute posts and images.
  4. Justin Bieber, who recently lost his top most followed position on Instagram, is now on the fourth number. Now he has just 20,460,781 Instagram followers, not to mention; these followers are real as Instagram deleted the fake ones recently. He is a Canadian who came in singing the world when he was a kid and now after so many ups and downs and after a serious relationship with Selena Gomez, he is still becoming more popular. Social media users love him for his songs and appeal.
  5. Just after Bieber, here is Selena Gomez with 18,821, 981 followers on Instagram. She again seems to be patching up with his former love star by following him on this list too. She is famous for her innocent looks, enchanting voice and beautiful personality.
  6. Although Kim Kardashian is on top, Kendall Jenner is not far behind from her with 16,310,998 Instagram followers. She is among the top social media influencers who came and became popular in their teenage. Her secret is in posting selfies and talking about trips and modeling tours. Well, this lady knows how to remain in the news, and she is proving this. Without any big show or career, she is still in the top 10 most followed celebs list.
  7. Taylor Swift is on 7th number of most followed Instagram celebs with 16, 249,041 followers. Well, her successful career should have secured her a higher position in this list but unfortunately she made up to number seven. Well, who cares when her career is going great, and she is one of the top ambassadors for the NYC and featuring in top commercials. This list seems to be of no importance to her.
  8. At number 8, here is Khloe Kardashian, sister of Kim with 15,343,404 Instagram followers. She is no doubt following her sister in dealing with social media and being active on all channels. She is a style icon with many brands in her pocket and endorsements of top companies. She is one of the most followed television stars nowadays.
  9. Kylie Jenner is popular for her modeling moves, and now she is one of the top fiction authors too! She is on number 9 with 14,982,198 followers on Instagram. She is very young; just 17 and with such an immature age, she is giving a tough competition to all of the Instagram celebrities with her young appeal.
  10. Here comes the diamond lady; Rihanna with 13,411,067 followers on Instagram. She is a multi-talented star who deals with fashion, music, acting and designing. She is one of the controversy celebs who are always in the social media news. From breaking up news to topless photos, she is no doubt one of the most followed musicians who have strong hands in their career.
  11. So these were the top ten celebs that made it to the list of top ten most followed stars on Instagram. Many other musicians and stars like Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Kourtney Kardashian, Katy Perry and a lot more are there who are also among the top most followed people on Instagram. However, unfortunately they could not make it to the top ten list. Well, better luck next time to all of those celebs! Year 2014 was a year of changes when much buzzes happened related to social media. Facebook got Instagram, changed its policies, Google+ introduced new features, Vine went viral, and a lot of more updates were there for a year full of ups and downs.


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