Instagram: Get More Likes By Being Rantic

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Instagram is a social media website that allows its users to share images and high-quality photos. It is a photo sharing site where photo lovers from all around the globe share their photos. Using Instagram is no less than a craze. People have been using it for personal as well as for business purposes for years! Now many online businesses have an online presence on Instagram in the form of profiles and photos that represents the brand products and services. Instagram has become an important and biggest platform for communicating with the customers and online users.

If your brand is related to selling a product, then consider using Instagram for your advertising. Using high-quality images and quality posts, you can win the hearts of your audience. Instagram allows its users to communicate using HashTags, which can be used on Facebook and your other social media profiles. This way, you can spread your message to more people who are not using Instagram, but using other channels like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram also offers its users to share videos to advertise the products in better ways. Video marketing is an emerging aspect of internet marketing, and it is becoming popular day by day. Now people prefer watching videos instead of reading posts and messages so you can connect to your customers using these videos.

Well, the main type of content that is shared on Instagram is in the form of images. If you own any restaurant, you can post photos of your restaurant meals and your kitchen so that you can showcase your products and the way you handle them. People like to follow the brands that represent being humane. This means sharing of images that are not related to marketing and selling, but the images that represent the team building, social responsibility, entertainment and encouragement. Well, if you want your Instagram followers to like your images with more zeal and zest, you need to invest in few strategies and small tactics. These tactics can help you in getting more likes for your Instagram images.

If you are any Instagram brand owner and you say that you do not care about the number of likes on your photos, you are not on the right track. The number of likes for any photo shared via Instagram or any other social media represents the level of success of that image. More likes mean more popularity and fewer likes mean less popularity. Same is the case with videos as more views and shares represent the popularity level. So if you want to make sure that your images are popular, and you want to make them go viral, you need to get more likes for your shared Instagram photos. Here are some of these ways that can help you in this matter.

Encourage followers to like your images

Although it might sound little bit odd, you can ask your followers to like the images if they liked the idea. This way you can ask them for better engagement, and they will like to do as you say. Being a brand owner on Instagram, you can enjoy many benefits from your followers. You can tell them that if they like your images, you will also like theirs. Another important thing that you must not forget is to show gratitude. If you are just asking your followers to do this and do that and you are not saying thank you in real words, you are not going to get their support in a long run.

You can ask questions using your images and start discussions. This can be an effective way to invite your followers to an active discussion attracts everyone. If you want to showcase any of your products, post the image and ask your followers to give their opinions. They will like your image as well as share their opinions. You can increase the likes on your image in this simple way. A better interaction with your Instagram community is very important for increasing the likes for your every photo uploaded to Instagram.

Get help of your related brands

There is a new trend that is rising day by day, and that is to collaborate with your so called rivals to improve your online fan base. Well, this is a new thing, and many people are against this that how will it work! To understand that in better meanings, you must consider having a shop with a lot of similar shops around. If you will try to degrade other sellers and their products and abuse them, you will not get any benefits as there is no loyal customer in this current era. People turn to brands that offer them best products and best rates. So if you collaborate with your fellow business owners to promote you and in return, you will support them, this can become a great strategy that will work for both of you.

You can recommend your followers to like the images of your fellow brand owners on Instagram and in return, your fellow brand owner will recommend you. That is a fact that nothing can force internet users to buy or spend money on things that they don’t want and nothing can stop them from buying things which they want! So you cannot get more likes by forcing them but by showing that you hold respect for fellow brands, you can get more likes. You can get more likes from the followers of your fellow brands as they will get likes of your followers for themselves.

Post images on right times

If you are posting a high quality and user engaging image on your Instagram profile but the time of posting is 3 am in the morning, don’t expect people to wake up and like your photos!

Posting at right times is sometimes more important that the content that you are going to post. You must analyze the most active timing of your audience and post according to that time. For example, if your profile is related to college teens, you can expect them to be active after college hours or during night. They will not use Instagram when their exams are going on and will use it more when there are vacations. So, depending on the type of your Instagram audience, you should post images if you want to get maximum likes.

Make right use of HashTags

If you are using Instagram and you are not using HashTags effectively, you are missing out on something very crucial. There is no need of using Instagram if you don’t know how to utilize the power of HashTags. These HashTags can make your Instagram images popular by coming in the searches as people will open the relevant results for whatever they are searching as if your image is worth liking, they will like it and share it. Use HashTags which are trending and popular but don’t forget to add you brand name and your personal HashTags which will represent your online brand anywhere on internet.

You can be more creative for getting more likes on your Instagram photos by running contests, linking your Instagram posts to other networks and encourage your customers and followers to like them. It just depends on your preferences and the type of online business that you run. Just don’t overdo anything and keep a good balance and you will notice how your likes will increase!