Why Does Instagram Have a High Social Engagement?

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Social media is all about sharing and caring; a network where businesses have to take care of their customers and share things that interest them. Without followers and clients, you cannot survive especially when you are working online. Engagement of the followers is the most crucial goal of any online marketer while working on social media. Many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and not to forget; Instagram allow internet marketers to build their fan base and trust in the hearts of their fans. These fans can be converted into your potential customers if you treat them right and use proper tactics to fulfill their expectations.

Without an active engagement of your Instagram followers, your brand will not get the recognition as these are the people who will recommend you to their friends and online circles and bring more organic traffic to your channel. If your posts are liked and shared by thousands of followers and people comment on them, you can say that they recognize you in real terms. This active participation of your members determines your brand success. It is not a bed of roses to make your members active, and it will not happen overnight. It is a result of continuous efforts and strategies on your side.

Many social media websites like Facebook, where the algorithms segment the organic traffic from other ways of online traffic, an active engagement of your Facebook fans hard to get. However, if you are using Instagram, you can be sure that every possible way of online traffic that you get on you channel is yours, and you can get benefits from that.

So if you are confused that how Instagram has highest social engagement as compared to other social media websites like Facebook, have a look at the below-described reasons.

Different methods to showcase your content

When you are using Facebook for building your brand, you are not allowed to use all of the online traffic that is being diverted to your fan page as Facebook’s algorithms determine the type of traffic for your page. It will segregate the relevant traffic from the irrelevant traffic and eventually the online traffic that you get is considerably lower. The complex system of algorithms used by Facebook is helpful in the ways when you want to target specific traffic, but it is not helpful when your goal is to get more and more traffic. Sometimes you just need to spread your message worldwide and not to just a fraction of relevant fans.

While using Instagram for your social media networking, you will notice that you can see posts from all of your followers and your followers will be watching you too. Facebook and Instagram are entirely different in showcasing the content posted by channel owners. On Instagram, all posts are visible to every Instagram user in a chronological order which makes it possible for you as well as others to actively engage with each other.

Difference between followers of Instagram and Facebook

Well, no doubt Facebook has over a billion users that are mostly active, and they participate in Facebook fan pages and promotions to a higher level. The Instagram is a smaller community as compared to the Facebook with followers around 200 million. There is no comparison when it comes to the number of members, but that is not the important part. The important is that can you engage all of your followers on Facebook like you do on your Instagram channel? Well, unfortunately this is not possible, so these 200 million Instagram users are more influential than billion users of Facebook.

Another thing that must be considered is that the average age of Facebook followers is 40 years whereas the users of Instagram are relatively younger, and the age limit that is most common here is 20 years to 30 years. So you can expect better participation from those young people as compared to people who are above 40 years. Well, that is right that now mommies and daddies are using Facebook, and their kids are on Instagram!

Type of content shared

Instagram is a photo sharing website where everyone is a photographer and has a camera. Nowadays having a good camera is not difficult as the advent of smartphones has changed the trends. You can see the craze of photo sharing on Instagram and Pinterest where people are running in a race of posting most high quality and great visual content. It is no doubt an age of visual marketing because in the case of Facebook, the content that is shared is of every type. You can share text posts, images, videos and links via your Facebook fan page with your followers. So it’s about posting same content in different methods to your audience.

Difference between age of Instagram and Facebook

Not to mention, this is a universal human psyche that they like changes. When there was no Instagram, people were crazy for Facebook but now when they have Instagram and other new social media websites like Vine, they tend to change their focus by using these new channels. Now Vine has more youngsters that Instagram and similarly Instagram has more active users than Facebook has! It is all about a cycle that will continue to run through new and new channels, and options will hit the market.

According to the research of the Forrester

Many researches have shown the differences between fan activeness of a lot of online social media platforms. Recently, the research film named as Forrester determined the participation of users on Facebook and Instagram. The brand that was taken for a trial was red bull; that is no doubt among the most popular online brands. They posted a similar video to Facebook and Instagram at the same time and guess what? The Instagram likes were more than Facebook likes. So this proved that Instagram has more active users because Facebook does not have!

So, you must be using Instagram right now if you have not started using it for your online business marketing. It is a best place to market your products and services online. You can post content, use HashTags, post videos and images that are relevant to your business and products. The chances are that your followers will engage with your activities more as compared to your Facebook followers.