Instagram’s Success Story

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Instagram; a social media website with more than 300 million followers is one of the best platforms for networking. More than four years have passed since its birth, and it has grown into an excellent website that is not top priority for online corporates and organizations to carry out their businesses and to deal with their online customers. The idea of creating this website came from two friends who started this website just for fun and now, it is a global community that allows sharing of more than 70 million posts worldwide on a daily basis. It is no doubt a social media giant and undervaluing its importance for online marketing would be the biggest mistake any businessman could make ever!

Instagram is among  social media websites that have a visible preference in eyes of online users. Many brands started their journey here, and now they are among top followed brands on the internet. When you are on Instagram, you could notice the welcoming nature of this website as it is so user-friendly and easy to operate that anyone can take advantage without any hurdle. Brands use it for dealing with their online followers, and corporates use this website for customer support set up. Many photographers work on Instagram and earn their living out of this website. Hence, anyone can use this wonderful social media platform for his means and purposes as it serves for all!

Recently Instagram launched a campaign to remove all fake accounts from its database and, as a result, millions of accounts were deleted. This step was praised by a lot of online user communities and social media websites as the trend of buying fake followers has increased and crowded the market. Well, many famous celebrities lost an enormous number of followers as a result of this Instagram purge, but overall, everyone gave a positive opinion regarding this step of Instagram.

Around two years ago, Beyoncé used Instagram to launch her new surprise album, and the sales broke the record as more than 617,000 copies were sold online. She is among the top popular celebs on Instagram, and she knows how to target her followers. Well, that is about her success story on Instagram and like her; many other celebs use this powerful medium to share photos and content with their fans online. That is a proof that Instagram is not just about photo sharing as it is among the strongest and most influential social media channels that are influencing online trends right now. It does not matter if you are not famous like Beyoncé or Justin Bieber as you could bring your brand to a next level using features of Instagram.

Instagram has followed the market trends in the beginning and now, it is among the trendsetters. If you ask for the secrets of success of Instagram, its founders will tell you nothing more than just this; that they had a passion for achieving something like this, and they did! But don’t worry, here are few secrets which are actually working behind this tremendous success of Instagram and which are responsible for making this website one of the top social media channels in a small time period of just four years.

Effective use of mobile and top technology

Instagram has used the latest technology to make sure the users get the best experience and features of this website. They have top class programmers and updating their mobile features was always their priority. That is the reason they are living in hearts of their followers. People can open Instagram easily using their phones and share photos in seconds. It is no doubt the fastest social media website available to internet users nowadays.

They know how to engage their followers

From updating their apps to offering new features, Instagram has always surprised its users by applying tricks that work! Their followers are highly active on Instagram accounts as photo sharing is so easy, and the updates are simple to install that people feel relaxed while using this social media channel. Instagram contests are encouraging, and people share photos with each other in seconds. Well, all in all, Instagram is no doubt a clever website that knows how to allure people to use it for networking with other people.

Always be in the news

Instagram knows the tactics always to remain in the news worldwide. From earning awards to offering new updates to happy followers, Instagram is always ahead of other social media websites. It has won awards like best mobile app and relevant awards many times. Youngsters love to advertize their photos and activities using this award winning website as awards bring a feeling of credibility and Instagram makes best use of this quality.

Images and many images!

Nobody can undervalue the importance of sharing high-quality images on social media websites in this current age. When it comes to Instagram, this website is entirely about sharing HD images with other followers using this website as well as on other social media channels. A picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram believes this phrase from its heart. If you have an online business, and you are not sharing relevant images on your Instagram account, you are not making best use of this web site. So images are a secret of success of Instagram as latest trends include videos and images for marketing as well as for commercial purposes.

Recently, Facebook bought Instagram for one billion! Everyone was shocked after this news came up at the headlines. Well, there are a lot of reasons behindhand this decision of Facebook owners. The most important of these could be image sharing feature of Instagram as now Facebook users focus on photo sharing more than content sharing. So that could be a reason that Facebook got this colorful site under its feathers. Now Facebook users can use Instagram with their Facebook accounts. They can edit their photos, share on both websites and add popular tags too. Facebook has basically targeted the mobile users worldwide as maximum users of Instagram use mobile to access this photo sharing website. Well, anything could be the reason of all this but one thing is for sure, Instagram has acquired a place in hearts of people and it would be there even in future. The trend of selfies, photo sharing and editing is increasing, and this would boost use of Instagram in coming years as many internet experts are sure that it could be at the top followed websites soon.