No, Justin Bieber Did Not Buy Views From Us.

Like if Rantic needs more rumors circulating around the media, some news outlets have reported that Justin Bieber had purchased YouTube views from us. The emails that we receive from curious bloggers and investigative reporters is starting to hit our annoying side. So we thought we clear the air a bit about these rumors.

In 2012, YouTube had removed over 2 billion ‘fake’ YouTube views from major record label channels. Among those affected were Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Lady Gaga and yes… Justin Bieber. This raised suspicion that something strange was going on in the music industry with music managers and label executives.

The Daily Dot did an investigation and found that record labels were cheating the view system. But this wasn’t the case, the real reason for the drop in views was “VEVO Migration”. Basically, famous artists who had a regular YouTube channel, were moved to a VEVO channel for increased ad revenue and promotion. The old channels were then considered ‘dead’ and all views were deleted.

That was it.

There is nothing fishy going on with celebrities and also with Rantic. If something were to have happened, none of our client list would ever be leaked to the press. This is part of our commitment with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. We take our company very seriously.

There is no need for anyone to further investigate this nor email us for details about this rumor. That’s final. End of story.