Keep Your Facebook Content Strategy Simple

Nobody can deny the importance of social media in this age. Facebook has especially become a must have for all businesses. Customers want to connect with brands on social media, If I like food at some place I go home and check their page out to see what other people have thought about it and drop a review as well.

The value of a webpage is determined by the rate of interaction.

Many business owners put in a lot of time and thought in to deciding what are they going to put on Facebook. Just like every good thing it’s possible to be over-doing it.

I am going to state the indicators that you might be thinking a bit too much of your content. Not only well thought and well put content can pull in customers, doing it in a wrong way can do the opposite.


Your Content is Too Formal

You update your CEO in a different way than your Facebook followers, the trick is not to mix both of them up. Business professionals are supposed to collect data and update their upper management frequently, this is not the case with Facebook followers. Followers are more interested in Sales, discounts and new products not stock options of your company.

You can hire someone to analyze your content before you put it on Facebook, someone who is able to give you honest feedback and can adjust your content according to your demographic.


You Use a Lot of Graphs

Statistical data is not something I’d take a second glance on Facebook, the data should be kept in the board room not on your Facebook page, Yes I am talking about Graphs!

Some pages share their progress or profits in the form of graphs and trust me this is not what your users want to see. You can post several other things like your products, events, someone who’s endorsing your products or using your coffee machine, never share business graphics.


Typos are Not Your Enemy

If you are constantly checking and preening your Facebook content looking for typing mistakes or Typos, then you should think again. You are really wasting your precious time. You should always remember that Facebook posts are not some historic novel you need to have 100% correct. Just state accurate information for example never write 50% off when you really mean is 15%, if you do then there is going to be a problem.


You’re a Comment Monger

Sometimes on your posts you might not get the response you’re looking for. Not always people post thousands of comments on a status update saying

Stay tuned for our new collection this spring’

just because you’re not getting the likes and comments you’re expecting doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and spend hours contemplating and revolutionizing your content.

If you want your users to participate you can post a question or ask about their point of view. It is nothing to be worried about, rephrasing can really do quite a bit.


You Go Crazy Over Facebook Metrics

Clickthrough rates are not that important, these statistics are just there to compare them with other pages in your industry. It is useless to look at those benchmarks when these statistics are not compared to the pages of your industry. It is important to know how many people are responding to your posts but it is not wise to go berserk over it.


Too Much Content is Not Always Good

There is a huge difference between a blog and Facebook page. Long and monotonous paragraphs are something to avoid Always. Long paragraphs really discourage your audience and they won’t even give your post a second glance even if the information is really good. Always remember that people are using mobile devices and the font might be unreadable for most of the people.

Facebook is a place where your users came to see what are you selling and what you have to offer them. It might sound very superficial but it is true. Don’t write posts more than 6 sentences long, summarize what you are trying to say. If you are writing longer means you’re over thinking it.


Trying to Dazzle

How many times I saw posts on Facebook which were either pretentious or swarmed with exclamation marks. Really made me scroll away fast. It’s like showing up in a suit on a beach party. Facebook is really a place where everybody is supposed to be in a relaxed demeanor like a loosened up bow-tie.

Don’t try to think above everyone and post attempted jokes, big difficult annoying words, it will really bring your engagement level down.


Too Frequent Posting

Lastly, sometimes businesses think it’s vital for them to post as much as possible or they will lose the attention of their users.

In their defense they post everything that’s going on in their business, in the reader’s they just click ‘Unfollow’ button without even unliking the page.

The posts become annoying instead of informative very quickly.  You should be posting not more than three times a day, if you are think twice and see whether you’re posting unnecessarily.

The only reason you can post more than three times is when you’re running a page that requires constant update for example  a sports game page or stock opportunities. In that instance your viewers will need your updates.If you’re selling a product or clothes there is only one thing your customers think about is discount, sales and contests.

To sum up, keep your posts plain and relaxed. Don’t use slangs because you want your customers to take your posts seriously. Think of your users as your friends and talk to them in the same way. Like, ‘Hey Guys, check out our new product line’

I never click the posts which include See More, who has time to read three paragraphs about a pair of shoes.

Asking a question or taking a poll about a color scheme you’re going to introduce in your next collection is also a good idea. You can also ask your viewers about the improvements you can make to your page. This is also going to get your precious information regarding improvement of you page.