Keep getting more Instagram Followers Constantly


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Instagram is a great social media website. You can use it for different purposes. For example, you can use it for connecting with people, you can use it for updating information or you can use it as a marketing tool for your business. You can get benefit out of it in all the ways.

When you plan to use the Instagram for the marketing of your business purpose, you can find it one of a tricky site. It is either be used on the tablets, smartphones or the mobile devices.

It is generally not recommended for the marketing purpose of the businesses. Many marketers find it difficult to use it for marketing purpose but it is not particularly designed for the marketing. In addition to this many Instagram users do not prefer the marketing messages posted on it. They do not like the marketing posts on the Instagram. Many Instagram users just ignore the posts that are related to the marketing of a specific brand.

Although Instagram is considered as a social media channel where many users can get connected with each other. On the other hand, it does not promote the marketing of businesses. Many businesses can get a great benefit from the Instagram due to a large number of engagement rate.

In order to get a large number of followers on your Instagram account you must follow some of the following steps.

Scams are a No No

One of the major threat for the Instagram followers are the scam websites. Nowadays there are many different websites that contain spammy content. Many of them include hundreds of different URLs that are not original and take you to the website that contains spam contents. You must try to be safe and avoid using the fake URLs and the website links. There are a number of available sites that contain spam content. These websites look so original that one cannot differentiate among the original and the fake one. So, it is better that you must avoid these kind of scams.


Target your Profile

You can use different kind of images on the Instagram. You can promote your brand and your business effectively by posting the images on the Instagram. In this way you can give a boost to your business or your brand. In order to promote your brand, you can post different pictures of it. It is because in this way many people will get to know about the product that you are offering. You must choose some attractive images or pictures of your brand or product. In this way people will get attracted easily. Your image should include some bright colors. These images should also have some good combination of colors that relate to your brand. In this way Many people will get attracted by the beautiful images that you have posted on the Instagram. On the other hand, many people do not follow posts that have boring content. Images with dull color combination do not attract many people. They get bored from these particular images very easily. Very often it has also been noticed that users do not consider the images that have dull colors and awkward images. They ignore those images when they appear on their post. In this way it brings out some negative effects in the promotion of a brand. So, it is very important that you should try to choose some unique and attractive blend of colorful images to post on the Instagram.


Use Imagery  

When posting images on the Instagram it is important choose to post some attractive images. These images should be selected in accordance to your brand or product. For example, if your product is of black color then you can use the combination of white or red color with it. In this way you can make your image look more attractive for the viewers.

If we talk about the image style, we can select the example of Oreo. It is considered as a great one for using with the bright, colorful and attractive pictures. These can help to make your image to be interesting, light-hearted or cheerful. This will surely play an important part in getting a large number of audience towards it who like cheerful images. Apart from this, there are some situation in which you cannot use the bright and cheerful images. In this case you can select some other colors style that can go with your product and your mood. For example, if someone has a business that promotes and sells antique items. In this case they would prefer to use some dull classic color combinations. They may prefer to use whites, off whites, browns etc. In this way you can relate the different colors with your brand image or products that you provide. You have the option of selecting the colors according to your brand.


Constant Production

An important aspect of marketing on the social media is consistency. It is important to be consistent if you want to promote your business or brand on the Instagram. The Instagram is similar to Twitter. Here the information can be directly posted so that the users can follow. It is important that you post very frequently on the Instagram. You must make sure to engage the audience by posting on a daily basis. This will help in engaging the audience because they can notice the information that you post on your Instagram.

In order to effectively keep the audience engaged with your Instagram profile, it is recommended that you must post different types of information on a daily basis. You can post any type of content that you want to attract the users. You should prefer to post the information that is related to your business or brand. In this way you will be able to build your brand image in front of the audience. You must keep them updated regarding your business so they keep themselves engaged.

Many large businesses like the “Coke” do not require to post on a daily basis. This is due to the fact that it is a world recognized brand and they do not require to attract the potential customers. They focus more on different marketing ideas rather than their brand building.

The main idea is to be consistent in posting. You must have a particular time to post the information daily. It would not benefit you if you are not consistent in posting. For example, you must not post after two or three days and then skip posting for a week. This will drag away the users.


Use Hashtags

Instagram is just similar to the Twitter. On Instagram you can use different hashtags that are considered an essential part. You can use many hashtags for example, #coke to search for the links of the products. Similarly, you can use the hashtags #cooking to find out different dishes related to it.

On the Instagram, you can respond to your posts with tags in the comments. This will make sure your post shows up in the feeds for those tags, but it also keeps your actual photo description clear of cluttered tags. One of the way that you can try is responding to your posts by using the tags in the comments. This will make your post highlighted in the feeds, it will also keep your actual photo description clear of cluttered tags.


 Comment on Photos Relating to your Industry

When you do marketing on any social media website, it is not considered as a one sided experience. It is important that you should engage yourself with the other people. It is up to you that how you choose to engage with other people or users through your Instagram account. For example, it’s up to you that either you choose to comment on the posted information or you want to search images and then give your feedback.

One of the most used method to connect with your followers or fans is by using the hashtags. You can search for many different related contents by the use of hashtags. For example, Walkers may browse for #walkers and finds out many different links from it. One of a great way to get noticed is by posting a comment on a particular post or image that you like. In this way you can manage to give your reviews to the one who posted it.


Link to other Social Media Platforms

Nowadays, there are a number of Social media website where there are millions of users. You can use these available to find out different followers. You can draw a large number of users from these social media websites which you can attract. You can attract them to follow your post on the Instagram. One way of doing is by posting the attractive images on your account so that the users may get attracted and start to follow your account. You can use the sharing button to make the users on Instagram to share the particular images.

Another way of doing it is by linking your Instagram and post an attractive image in the email newsletter that you can send it out to your followers or customers. There are many social networks that allow you to link your profiles including the Facebook and Twitter to that of your Instagram account. One way of doing it is by making a link in your profile description. Secondly, you can share your Instagram post and tell your followers to click on the provided post so that they can see more of it.

It is up to you that you can share your images on image-focused sites. These include the Reddit or Imgur. You can attract a large number of followers if you include your Instagram account in the image description. You can also take mobile-only social image website into your physical media.


Feature User Submitted Content

Every business has its followers and its fans. There are many people who will respond to your posts. They will post their reviews related to a post. These may include their comments, their feedbacks, their likes. They can also promote it by liking your post. You can reward those followers or fans by featuring their contents on your Instagram page. One of a good example is the GoPro. This brand particularly focuses on the adventures and exploration. These are made up particularly by using the user generated contexts.


Conducting Contests

To effectively promote your Instagram feed, you can choose different concepts to attract the users. One of the way to attract a large number of people is by running a contest on your Instagram. It is up to you to make the rules that are related to the contest. You can include different questions in the contests which the audience have to answer. You can include different types of games in the contest. All the ideas that you choose must be relevant to the brand or to your business. In addition to this, you can also set some reward for the winners of the contest. This reward can be anything. It is highly recommended that you must include the reward that is related to your business or brand. For example, if a shoe company starts a contest for their viewers, they can set a reward of a pair of fancy shoes for the winners of the contest. This is considered as a very effective marketing tool that many businesses can follow to promote themselves. You must keep in mind to use the marketing tactics effectively. Otherwise it can also lead to negative effect.



You can find some of the powerful users on the Instagram that are called influencers. These influencers have got their position due to their popularity. Some of the Instagram might not have their websites but they have got popularity through the Instagram. These influencers have many followers that are up to hundreds and thousands. You can follow those influencers. You can even appeal to them so that you can have an instant access to a large number of followers. There may be many of the followers who will follow you.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.