Kick Start Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

If you want to build a successful ad campaign on Facebook here are some useful suggestions for you to follow.

Set Your Objectives

Objective generally refers to two possible ways. The first one refers to the overall goal which you have which includes your business plan sense. This mainly includes what do you want to do? How many followers you want to get on your Facebook page? How can you attract other users to download your app? Are you willing to sell more products? And so on.

In order to achieve your objective you must focus on building some great ads by which you are able to attract quite a lot of users on your Facebook page. For this purpose you can run a single ad as well as a whole ad campaign which includes running of multiple ads at the same time. Just remember that if you are running an ad campaign then every ad that you create must have a different objective. For example you can create an ad that promotes your products sales, one might be related to your brand building, and one might only focus on promoting different apps as so on.

The second objective refers to the actual Facebook Ad Objective. This is vital because in this way Facebook decides who should actually see your ad. In simple words it means your targeting options. Let’s say for example if you have set it to “page shares” then Facebook will display your ads to all those who have track record of sharing pages.

Consider the ‘Positioning’ of Your Ad

You can position your Facebook ads in five possible ways. You should always try using a different type of ad position then you did before. Most of the times you ads success totally depends on it. I am saying this because each placement can provide different benefits to you. All these options are different from one another. If in any case one of the placement options of your Facebook ad fails. Then you can place your ad by using some other placement option.

I think that it is quite a good idea and you should try to experiment random stuff more often. You can probably find some of these options as more flexible and result oriented as compared to the others. This totally depends on your ad objective that what you want to show your audiences and how you want to show them.
There are a number of ways by which you can make your Facebook ads more effective and get most benefit out of it. I have discussed some of the useful ways of doing it as below

Sidebar ads

Sidebar ads are basically those types of ads which have a low click rate. Although it is a low click ad what that does not have any effect on its visibility. It has quite decent visibility. Moreover the sidebar ads are considered best for building up the brand awareness as well as building up the general awareness among the audience as well.

Sidebar ads on Facebook pages that aren’t the default homepage
These types of ads are quite identical to other sidebar ads in many aspects. Despite of being the same there is only one difference among both of them. That difference is that they get less visibility. The main reason behind this is just because many users do not spend a lot of time on the pages where these ads are displayed. Therefore these ads are less costly as compared to the others and least effective too.

Newsfeed ads on Your Mobile

Mobile newsfeed ads are probably the most famous ads. These are run specifically on mobile phone and various mobile devices. So you just need a mobile phone in order to view everything. These are undoubtedly one of the best options for the local ads building a lot of awareness and also many different things other than sales.

Ads Displayed in Mobile Apps

The Mobile app ads are those types of ads that display in apps. These are generally used for the promotion of other apps. Apart from this these apps can be very expensive. Its cost relates to the type of competition for which you want to use it. For most of the users and marketers it is taken as a difficult option to successfully use it to drag people out of the app which they are currently using.

Ads in Newsfeed

News feed ads are just similar to the organic posts. These ads relatively have some of the highest click rates. Apart from this these ads are quite tough to use for the purpose of direct marketing. Whereas these ads work best when they are used particularly to lead landing pages, blog posts, and various forms of content marketing that is brand based.

Determine Your Target Market

Targeting is a crucial aspect which denotes the success as well as failure of your ad. You can find numerous demographics and interests which you can target for your ads. This can include specific age range, specific genders, specific locations, and specific interests and so on.
Believe me that targeting is so essential that I can write pages on it. So you need to be very accurate about it.

Make Your Ad Copy

You are now set to prepare your Ad copy. This is to be done very carefully. In case of the news feed ads you will have the customizable text available in three places.
First one in the text post section of your promoted post. Second one in the title of the link preview. And the third one in the description of the link preview.

The text you are using in your ad must contain the main offer. This can be related to any topic. It is better that you should avoid using hashtags or any related links in the text portion of your ad. This can really have a negative effect on your page reach as well as branding on your Facebook page.

Choose Ad Images

You can use various attractive ad high quality images in your ads. It works best as compared to text.

Images are undoubtedly the best option to use and considered as a major part of the ads. Some attractive images can bring out a lot of variations in your ads which can help you out in attracting a maximum number of audiences.

Publish Your Ad

Finally you can now run your ads on your Facebook page. Before that I recommend you to test them out first. You can run multiple ads using test variations on images. After that pick out the best one and run it on your Facebook page.