Know Why Ad Target Audience Feature Has Failed to Operate?

Every now and then you use Facebook to fulfill your purpose. Facebook ranks highest among all the other available social media channels these days. One of the major aspects behind its success are the great features and applications off course. On the other hand, another important aspect which makes Facebook one of the best social networking channel among all is the number of users. Well I think there is no doubt about that. Your audience play a major part in your success. So it is important for you to attract as many people as possible.

Why not try using some quick and effective ways of drawing the attention of your audiences towards your Facebook page and getting more traffic on it. You can use quite a lot of ways for doing so. Say for instance you can create some attractive advertisements, post some creative and interesting contents as well as some informational stuff and so on. In addition to this boosted posts are something very famous on Facebook. Many marketers and businesses use boosted posts to grab the attention of maximum number of audiences. Try using the boosted posts because they work very well. And I believe that Facebook is quite fond of these boosted posts.

Apart from this there are many businesses as well as many marketers who still prefer using typical advertisements. There are many who prefer creating news feed ads too. They create their news feed ads using the ads manager. I think that it is quite a good option though.

While creating your ads using the ads manager or any third party tool sometimes you might encounter an issue. This usually happens and is not something new. There can be several reasons behind it. In this article I have tried to compile all the possible issues which may arise while creating an ad using the ads manager or any other third party applications. Some of the major problems and their solutions are discussed below.

Browser Unsuitability

Browser Issues

You might face an issue due to your web browser. This is one of the most general issues which many users face quite randomly. There are numerous web browsers which are available nowadays which you can use. These include the browsers like Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, and Opera and so on.

Try to select the most appropriate one. Use a web browser that is compatible enough with the new features and apps.  Most of the times a problem might arise just because of an inappropriate web browser which you are using. Due to the incompatible web browsers you not able to run different programs and applications including different apps, features and most importantly the ads.

Now if I talk about Facebook in particular. I do not have any doubt in saying that Facebook is one of the most compatible social media networking site with quite a lot of web browsers. In fact, it is compatible with almost all the web browsers which are available these days. On the other hand, there are some instances where you might face some issues.

It is just because some features of Facebook are not so compatible running on some web browsers. This only happens in some rare cases though. Let’s say for example if you are using a very old version of a particular web browser then some of the newly launched features of Facebook might not work on it. This mainly includes the old versions of Firefox and IE in particular. I probably think that this is just because these web browsers are susceptible to issues.

While you load any of the data on Facebook it also considers all the cache and cookies which appear in the data loading process.

It might happen that something of the features of that data might probably get corrupted in the process. In this case you would be required to induce your current web browser to load the data again directly from the Facebook servers.

Another issue which you might face is due to the Browser extensions. It has generally been seen that the Browser extensions are a major cause of problem. This happens just due to the fact that how your browser handles a slight change or the change in the ads and the scripts. Most of the times the filtering blocks might cause a blockage the loading process of different ad features and scripts.

Thirdly a problem may arise due to the breakage that takes place while updating the web browser.

Well this is an exceptional case which does not take place very frequently. If at any point you get into this kind of situation, then the best option which you can apply is to do a temporary rollback of your web browser. It does not matter which ever you are using a roll back can probably resolve the issue in most of the cases. Just try to do a temporary rollback and then check if this works for you or not.

In any case if you face any of the above issues and the problem still pertains. Then in this case you can troubleshoot your web browser. The troubleshooting process of your web browser is a simple one. I am sure that you can easily do it yourself.  Now let’s start with the process.

In order to start off with the process the very first thing which you need to do is to check out for the updates. Before you start off troubleshooting your web browser I recommend you update your web browser. In addition to this you must also make sure to update all your extensions as well as the plug-ins. I believe that it is one a good practice which you should perform after regular intervals. These regular updates are very helpful in fixing the bugs and most importantly useful in the closure of any security hole which appear.

As for the next step you must clear out all your cookies and cache. Well this process totally depends on your web browser that which browser you are using because it simply varies from browser to browser. Search out for the Facebook’s instructions according to the web browser which you are using.

You might require logging in again while you cleared all your cookies and cache. You will need to log in again on Facebook also after clearing the cookies and cache.  The files might take some time to download on several sites because they are cached. At this point while downloading your files the sites if it takes longer than usual then I think there probably be an error with your extensions. In order to fix it you need to go the extensions menu. And off course you need to find the menu first. In Firefox browser this particular menu is located under the Tools option. Then go to Ad-Ons. Now take a look at the list. On this list just remove any file which you do not require and keep the rest. This practice is a good one which I recommend you to do more often.

Now you need to disable your extensions. You must do one at a time as you are not able to do them altogether in the same go. Now after that you must set an audience.

It is essential for you to find the faulty extension that is causing problems in the usability and remove it too. Just remember that Adblock Pro is also a major cause of the problem.

Now after performing all the above measures if still the issue persists then I suggest you to try using any alternate web browser. Let’s say for example you are currently using the IE which is a good web browser but if that does not work then you can use Chrome instead. I believe that Chrome is a pretty good option as compared to all the other available web browsers these days. So I strongly recommend you to use Chrome as a preferred option because it is the only web browser which supports Power Editor.

Using the Power Editor

Power Editor

Power Editor is surely one of the strongest and robust tool available these days. I have already mentioned about this tool in some of my previous articles as well. You can use the Power Editor for various purposes.  You can use it to create your news feed ads or you can use it for boosting up your posts. Utilise it for many different purposes.

The Power Editor is basically a form of Chrome extension. That is why you can only use it specifically with Chrome. So if you want to use it you need to download the Chrome browser first.

In the second step you are required to go on the Power Editor page. You need to do this in order to download and then install the plug-in of Chrome browser. After you are done with the downloading and installation of Chrome you can now use the countless features of the Power Editor as well as various features of the standard ad manager.

Now you can create you ads using the Power Editor just like you create them in by using any other available ads manager.

Concerns with Boosted Posts

Your ad targeting might become non-functional due to the boosted posts. Well this is another problem which you can face. This probably happens every time when you try to adjust the boosted posts. The boost button already appears on your Facebook posts by default. This boost button basically turns your Facebook post into a news feed ad. This is done directly when you click the boost button on your Facebook post. While turning the particular Facebook post into a newsfeed ad the boost button automatically sets or changes many options itself. One of the most vital options among these is the targeting options.

Well this is a major problem which many individuals as well as the marketers face quite often with the boosted posts. These boosted posts are considered as excessively restraining posts features. Due to this fact it becomes quite difficult to choose any other available targeting options for your ads.

Apart from this another major issue which you can face while using the boosted posts is the incapability of editing these posts.

This start happening from the moment you put a boost on any of your Facebook post.   Now from that time onwards you are also not able to edit or change any of the boost settings too. Now this is probably something very frustrating. I find it very inconvenient if I cannot make the required changes or alteration to my Facebook posts. Here there is only one thing which you are allowed to do. And that is the ability to delete the boost which you have set on your Facebook post.

Now if you have deleted the boost from your Facebook posts you are permitted to edit your Facebook posts or make any desired changes in it. After editing or changing your Facebook posts you need to boost it again.

Well I think that it is totally a tiresome process which you have to go through if you want to boost your Facebook posts.  I believe that you can simply avoid this process by choosing another available option to make your own news feed ads. This can be easily done by using the ads manager or Power Editor which is a great way of creating the news feeds ads.

If you ask about me I would suggest you to use a real ad as an alternative of the boost feature. I think that it is more hassle free option which you can use. With the passage of time it has become much better than it used to be in the previous times when it was launched. Although it is a good option but you cannot totally depend on it.

I hope that you are now able to get the solution of your problem which is the targeting of your ad. If in any case the problem still persists then I recommend you to contact the Facebook service centers directly. You might probably be facing any other issue