Know What Else Instagram Has in the Store for Us in 2017


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

If you really want to stay up to date in the marathon of social media participation, Instagram is a must-have.

This is a major social media app for a lot of people around us. From Celebrities to people from every walk of life are using it to post their pictures and getting a lot of engagement. Admit it most people don’t think about it more than an app that they can scroll through, looking at pictures what other people have posted like of their kids, a restaurant or gym memes.
Mainly Instagram’s functions are not that complicated, they are very easy to access and use. You can see there are many options, tools and apps from third party. There is constant evolution and update going on when it comes to Instagram. You have to stay put while this whole Ferris-wheel ride lasts. People on all these social media apps are asking constantly for new and exciting features to be added.
First I will discuss what you probably didn’t know about Instagram and the features they are offering. This will not only categorize you as one of the cool persons using social media to its fullest but will be able to get you more likes and followers.


1.You can Get Notifications from People You Follow

There are many Instagram profile that you wouldn’t miss a single notification from for instance, your favorite celebrity, your favorite restaurant, the clothing store you go to buy all the chic clothes for summers and so on. You want every detail and update they post, the thing for you to do is to enable notifications from that account. This is really helpful after Instagram has moved on to an Algorithm- based newsfeed.
Facebook is considered to be a trend-setter in algorithmic timelines and Twitter along with Instagram is following Facebook’s footsteps. If you don’t want to adopt the recent change you can always opt for going back to the old view.

To do this, go to the profile of the account you wish to get notifications for using the Instagram app. Press the options (“…”) button at the top right of the screen, and select “Turn On Post Notifications” to allow this feature. You can always select “Turn Off Post Notifications” if you find the notifications overwhelming in the future!

2.You Can Delete Tags of Yourself from Photos Other People Posted

There is nothing more annoying that friends who tag you in pictures that are completely unflattering. You don’t want the entire internet to see your double chin or crooked smile. Also, some of them keep on posting outdated memes and tag you in them to get your opinion or a mere ‘LOL’. Well there’s nothing funny about outdated memes.
You can get out of the hairy situation by adopting two methods

Method Number 1:
You can completely remove the tag by going to the photo and pressing the options button, then selecting “Photo Options’ then by selecting the option of ‘Remove me from Photo’.

Method Number 2:
You can also select the option of ‘Hide from My Profile’, some people might avoid selecting this option because they don’t want to offend their friend by removing the tag on the whole. This option enables you to keep your friendship intact and your integrity as well by not showing this picture in the tagged photos.

3.You can always Clear Search History

Instagram has a wide diversity of posts on it, and maybe you don’t want your friends or followers to be browsing Instagram and see that your searches were for “cute puppies or “ducklings of Instagram” (both of which are searches I do on regular basis), your ex’s name, or anything else that may be embarrassing or you might want to keep private.

To remove your search history, go to your profile, choose the options wheel on the top, scroll down the list of options to the very bottom, and choose “Clear Search History.” Keep in mind that choosing this will prevent Instagram from filling your common search terms automatically, so be sure of your decision before confirming. If you are too fond of the search terms and look for them over and over again, it’s better to jot them somewhere so you can look for them easily.

4.Keep Track of All the Posts You Have Ever liked

Have you ever liked a post because it includes a great recipe, is an idea for a DIY you want to try, or because it’s a photo of somewhere you’d like to travel in the future? Have you ever then completely forgotten which account posted it, an ingredient in the recipe, or where the photo was taken?

If you want to find a photo that you’ve liked in the past, you don’t have to spend hours searching through your newsfeed or other people’s profiles! Instead, simply go to your profile, click the options wheel, and then select “Posts You’ve Liked.” This will open a feed composed of every picture you’ve ever liked, which you can then browse at your leisure.
You can keep track of all the posts you have liked in the past and it will help you finding the same type of photos in the future.

5. Edit Your Pictures Like a Pro

These days nobody takes notice of boring unedited pictures, I don’t. If there’s a perfectly edited photo it will get a lot of likes and increases the chances of you getting an online presence. Instagram has various filters you can put to good use and they might turn your mundane photos into a piece of art. Be sure that you edit your photos before uploading. Remove all the unneeded part and add a filter. It’s better to crop it as well and select the best part. By making little adjustments you are giving yourself more room to become an Instagram celebrity.
A lot of people are quick to throw on a photo filter and then upload their photo without making any other changes.
While Instagram’s filters work wonders, taking editing into your own hands with the incredible number of other photo-editing options Instagram offers can make a huge difference in making your photos look the way you want them to.

6. Use Relatively Less Text
Instagram is not the platform for uploading long boring texts with your photos. A bunch of hashtags and a catchy caption is all you need
Because Instagram is mostly photos and videos, it can quickly run through your data.

To limit the amount of data that Instagram uses, go to your profile, choose the options wheel, select “Cellular Data Use” and then hit the button next to “Use Less Data.” You may find that photo and videos take longer to load, but your overall data use will decrease significantly. It will also help you to economize your posts as well.

7. Use Various Accounts for Posting

For a long time, Instagram was very difficult to use with multiple accounts, but a recent update has made this a problem of the past. Much like Twitter, you can now link multiple Instagram accounts to one phone without constantly having to sign in and out, or using third-party apps. This is especially helpful for people who have an Instagram for their personal life as well as a professional account, or who use Instagram for a number of different purposes.

To link a new Instagram account to your app, go to your profile, press the settings wheel, select “Add Account” from the bottom of the list, and follow the prompts to link an existing account or to create a new one. That being said, you are only able to have one account linked to your Facebook or to any one e-mail at a time.

8.Collages are the Way to Go

I always love the look of collages. You can use the best parts of your 2 or more pictures and edit them to make one beautiful photo.
Until recently, collages could only be created through different separate apps. Instagram has now released a linked app called “Layout” available for IPhone and Android that allows you to flawlessly make collages and then upload them to Instagram or other social media sites. You can access Layout through its own app, or connect to it through your Instagram app by clicking the collage button when selecting your photos to edit.

Once you have accessed Layout you have your choice of 9 different options to make a beautiful collage, all of which can be adjusted with regards to the size that you want each panel and the order you want your pictures to be in. You can also select to flip images, mirror images, and insert white borders between your photos.

9.Make Your Posts Less Boring

Recent linked apps are making Instagram more fun than ever, and getting familiar with these trends (much like using hashtags and emojis) may be able to help you get more likes and followers.

More than half of comments and captions use emojis, according to Instagram software engineers. So, let’s not imagine you’re not using those smiley or sad faces in your daily conversations. Everyone uses these emojis to express the emotion of sadness, joy, anger or indifferent.

There are so many short looping videos on Instagram and it might make you wonder how your friends have posted short looping videos? Those were likely created using the app Boomerang (available for iOS and Android), which enables you to create a short, looping video that plays over and over again on your friends’ feeds. A bit annoying and it really helps creating an interested presence of your brand on their newsfeed.

Another popular third-party app for Instagram users right now is called Hyperlapse (available for iOS and Android), which lets you to create time lapse videos that can be effortlessly uploaded to Instagram. The app provides stabilization that keeps the quality of your videos high, even if you’re travelling over bumpy terrain or holding your phone in your hand while you walk. It will try to keep your videos steady and help you to shoot a better video. You can use all the apps to create better videos and upload it to your Instagram account which will help you to create an effective presence on social media in general. Also link your profile to Facebook as well. Whatever you post on Instagram will automatically be posted on Fa

10.Make Use of Hashtags

The secret to Instagram success is definitely finding and using key hashtags – this enables you to connect with other users, find the posts you are interested in, and putting your photos in front of the users that are searching for them. Unfortunately, until you know what the popular hashtags are for your area of interest, it can be difficult to reach out! You can easily overcome this by searching effective hashtags that you can use for your posts. the trick is to stick to most popular hashtags.

Searching Instagram for hashtags that might apply is definitely one strategy you can use, but you can also use tools such as, a website that takes any keyword you enter and gives you words that are commonly linked to it in popular hashtags. For example, using #birds, #lovers, or #adorable may help to bring more attention to the photo you upload of your #pets.

These tips and tricks may not seem dramatically effective, but can they improve your Instagram experience mostly by influencing how engaging your photos and videos are, improving the hashtags you use to share your photos, and making your day-to-day use of the app a little easier!


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.