What You Should Know Before Making A Facebook Business Page

Business has been ignored for a long period of time on Facebook, it’s not a surprise that it rose to the stars overnight and became a haven for businessmen. So many people started their businesses on Facebook that it became overloaded. Scammers took advantage of it and made a lot of money. You should know that starting a Facebook Business Page is not free. Before you have a chance at success there is a lot to learn and apply.

Here are some pointers to consider before making a Facebook Business Page


  1. It Costs Money

It’s easy setting up a Facebook Business Page, you have to just upload pictures, share posts, and communicate with your customers. It is free but it’s becoming more and more difficult to boost your business using free methods.

If you advertise outside Facebook’s ad platform, it’s going to be very difficult. Facebook doesn’t support you if you use marketing lingo in your publish posts, or use call to action for your customers. As a result, these kinds of posts are shown less and less to the users dropping the engagement level. Also these kind of posts don’t get as much visibility as the other organic posts.

To become really prosperous on Facebook, you have to allocate some budget to Facebook marketing. It doesn’t matter how small it is, even $1 is enough to give a push start to your ads manager.

The fact of matter is the more money you spend the more you get in return in terms of productivity.

You can spend money on Facebook to get valuable returns, it can be achieved in two ways:


  • Use their Pay Per Click ads or sidebar ads

They can be very rewarding, but only if it’s shown to the people who are already following you. It’s usually very hard to approach the people who are not following you.


  • Newsfeed Ads or Promoted Posts

You use the ads manager to promote these posts not by clicking the boost post button. They are organic posts that you are paying to promote.

If you haven’t done it already it’s a bit unnerving, there are so many things to set up. Trust me, it’s worth your time and money to start up and get to know the system.


   2. It is Time Consuming

It’s not like you can post an ad and see your business grow overnight. It takes a lot of time and energy to kick start it, keep it at a pace, speed it up, test your ads, run the posts and schedule your posts.

You have to keep on putting in your effort until you see results.

If you have used PPC it might show you an immediate Return On Investment, but you have to strive further to include the organic side of your followers.

So many businesses have failed by using Facebook Marketing because they lack in persistence, this is what will carry your business further.

You should keep in mind that it’s going to take more than a year of constant struggle to achieve your goals. You have to stay a bit flexible and never give up even if the results are not what you’re looking for.


  1. Mistakes Are Unavoidable

Whenever you post anything on Facebook there are two things that happen, Instant reactions and not being able to take anything you said or posted back.

Once a post is made it is on the record forever. If you make a blunder it’s going to come back and bite you. It is those blunders that ended up becoming memes on internet and haunting the internet for months.

If you handle it carefully you might come out of it successfully and unharmed, handle it poorly and you will suffer instant loss of business and reputation.


  1. It Requires Hard Work

Nothing can be achieved by sitting idle, you have to work and put in a lot of thought in what you’re aiming to achieve.

So you might ask the question ‘What should I do to create a successful page?’

The first thing to do is to create a page with your brand name and an accurate URL. Now fill out all the information fields, you can also add SEO keywords.

Nobody can deny the importance of images, you have to come up with interesting and clever profile pictures and cover photos.

You have to set up a schedule for your posts for example 2-3 times a day is more than enough. See which posts get the most amount of engagement and which are being ignored by your audience. Work towards improving your content so that you can engage a lot more audience.

You have to keep an eye on your competitors and see what are they up to and what innovations they are bringing in the market.


  1. Keep Your Goals in Mind

This function is very conveniently provided by Facebook’s Insights. You can learn a lot about your audience, their posting patterns and their demographics. It is also good to know that which posts you made caught the eye of maximum number of people. It can also tell you about the time where traffic is highest to give you the right time to post.

Before you measure success you have set your goals, going blindly in to this field is not going to get you anything in return.


  1. Constant Usage is Key to Success

You have to schedule your posts; inconsistent posts are the culprit that is getting your business down.

If I follow a page I’d like to see constant updates from them and if they don’t post update regularly I might just click ‘unfollow’, keep that in mind. This is the major reason that organic reach is lost and you might have to pay extra just to be ‘seen’.


   7.  Know Your Audience

Your page is basically run by your audience, their attention is everything. You have to engage them in comments and encourage them to share your posts. it more of reputation booster rather advertisement of your brand. Without knowing your audience, you cannot do any of that. Learn more about them which age group likes your posts the most, for example if I run a clothing brand that caters to the needs to younger audience I will put interesting and hip posts on my page.