Know The Maximum Like Limit on Facebook


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Facebook is a social media platform which is used by millions of users all around the world there is no doubt about that. People use it for different purposes some use it for connecting to their relatives and friends and some use it to market their business. Using Facebook is not considered an easy task it is constantly evolving as well. It is because there are certain limitations in using this social media channel that is set by the Facebook authority. There are some guidelines that are already set for the users. These guidelines contain both hard and soft rules in order to use the Facebook.

One might think that what is the highest number of “Likes” that are allowed on Facebook?

Well the answer for this particular question is not as simple as you think. This particular question contains a lot of questions in itself. For example, the limitations of likes on a Facebook page, the behavior of audience related to a particular site or the total number of audience interaction on a particular Facebook account any many other similar questions. You may find the answer for all these questions as discussed below:

Number of Pages a user can Like

One of the important question that many of you might have in mind is that what is the total number of pages that a person may like? This is a general question that can come in your mind very often. If you are a Facebook user, then there are a number of pages that you may like. These might include the pages related to entertainment, sports, movies, food, daily life and many others. There are several Facebook pages that you may end up liking.

There are many such users who like all the things that they find interesting or come along while searching on Facebook. They like different movie pages that they have watched or have heard of, they like every song that they have listen to and so on. This does not limit their liking of any page. In this way they end up liking around hundreds and thousands of pages that are available on Facebook. Moreover, you can also find many such people who sell their likes to people. These fake account users like as many pages as possible by demanding some amount of money. Facebook surely do not like the fake accounts and to overcome these fake accounts it has set up some policies.

As a general concept the total number of likes that a page can have is up to 5000. This is limited while using an individual account on Facebook.

How Many Pages You Can like in a Day?

What is the rate limitation of likes on Facebook? This is the second most important question that many of you might have in mind. Well there is not a specific limitation rate for likes on Facebook. Generally, there is a concept of total 5000 likes on Facebook but on the other hand, liking 5000 pages in a single day is not possible.

There are many people who also send their queries to the Facebook help section as well as the black hat forums asking about the total like rate limitation. There is no specific detail that they can get regarding the number of limits whether it is related to the number of likes per hour, per day or per account.

In general point of view there is a thought that there might be some limitation rate that do exist. It is because there are a number of people who do report regarding a particular issue that existed while setting up a new profile page or while expanding their current profile. These are the rare cases which people face on a routine basis. Many users who casually use their Facebook page do not face these kind of issues. This issue can be faced by those users who generally violate any of the Facebook policy or terms of services. However, there does not exist any definite data or limitation regarding the likes.

If you are an app developer and often use the Graph API then in this case, you may find a rate limit that is officially mention on the Facebook. It is specifically mentioned for the developers in the developer hub. On this specific hub, you may find two types of limitation of rates. First of all, you will be able to find out the rate limit of the application-level. In this case you have the limitations of what work can you perform by using the token of non-page access.

The second limit option that you will find is the limitation of page-level rate. In this the limit is related to the action of a single page account with the API. There is many other related information that you can find out that is specifically related to the work only if you are a developer.

  How Many Users Can Like a Page?

Another question that many of you might think of is that how many likes a page can actually receive. Nowadays there are over millions of Facebook users who are running their businesses on Facebook. They create their Facebook pages and with this they intend to get a large number of likes. The more the number of likes these page get the more they get to the top level among the other existing Facebook pages. These top Facebook pages can also be searched on google according to the total number of likes they receive which results in a great benefit for the business.

According to a recent search following are the top five Facebook pages on google according to the number of likes


  • Facebook for Every Phone having 497,190,986 likes.
  • Facebook having 187,684,407 likes.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo having 121,104,664 likes.
  • Shakira having 104,530,242 likes.
  • Coca Cola having 104,418,280 likes.

As a general concept most of the people think that there is a limit of 500 million likes that a Facebook page can contain. According to the recent searches, any Facebook page has not reached this point up till now. In near future there is a chance that these pages might be able to cross a total of 500 million likes. It is because there is no likes limit mentioned officially by Facebook for their audience.

Facebook pages can get numerous likes. The Facebook authority has never banned a page that contains a large number of likes if they are authentic. An important thing to be noted here is that the likes should be authentic. These must not come from the fake accounts. If at any stage the Facebook authority notices the likes from fake accounts, they will likely ban or remove the existing account.

How Many Likes Can a Post get?

Many people would think of another related question when it comes to Facebook limitations that is regarding the total number of likes that a single post can get. This may be including the page post or the profile post.

To get an answer you many search different pages of several large businesses by yourself. This is because there is no such record or specific number limit that one can find as an answer to this question. One of the example of the most liked post that you can find up till now is the post by Disney that contains up to 327,817 likes in total according to the recent search. On the other hand, there are many posts by Disney in particular that contains only around thousand likes. In many cases there might be a possibility that some spam likes can be caught by the Facebook authority. As a result, some Facebook accounts can face a permanent removal in this kind of situation.

The number of likes can vary according to the posts on a Facebook page. The likes can increase or decrease according to the choice of the audiences. So as a simple answer there is no limit to the “likes” that a post can get.

Miscellaneous Facebook Restrictions

In connection to the above there a many other limitations that you may face while using the Facebook. It totally depends on how you make use of your Facebook page. Once you create your Facebook page, you may not find any specific limitation of the number of users that you can add up in a Facebook group. On the other hand, if the number of members increase in a specific group then Facebook has set some of the limitations to it. For example, if there are over 250 members in a Facebook group then in this case the group admin does not get the chance to invite all the group members to an event, the admin loses the chance to mass-message all the members of the group. You may find these limitations annoying. In reality these are just the methods of spam-prevention set up by the Facebook authority. That is why the admin of the group having more members loses the ability to send the messages to all the group members.

You may also find several limitations if you want to change the information about an event taking place. You can create different events which can include any soccer match taking place or any inauguration ceremony. You can invite a large number of people by posting the event information on your Facebook page. Moreover, if you want to change the event location to another one then you must change it before you get a total of 2500 people attending the event. Otherwise the previous event location information will be locked and you will not be able to change it. So it is important that you must check your information before you post it on your Facebook page.

If you want to invite different users to follow and like your Facebook page via email, then you will have to face certain limitations for it. Firstly, if you have Facebook page followers that are less than 5000 only then you are able to send the invitation emails to the users. Secondly, if you want to use the import feature then in this case you will only be able to send 7000 contacts per use. You are also limited to use the import feature only five times a day.

Why Facebook has Imposed these Limits?

There are certain reasons due to which the Facebook authority has set up the above mentioned limitations while using the Facebook account.

Some of the main reasons are discussed below:

First of all, the main reason is to get control of the bot impact which can affect the smooth operations. Facebook authority mainly wants to detect the fake accounts and then they ban or remove those accounts from the Facebook. These fake or bot accounts provide fake engagement rate by spamming the users. At any point they are found by the Facebook authority they get removed permanently. In this way their likes are also removed from all the pages.

Second important reason is to control the service attacks that are result of these fake accounts. If in case if the Facebook faces any of these service attacks, then in this case it would lead to a disaster and also the users will get affected because they will find Facebook to be very slow that it becomes useless for them to use and manage their page.

The third main reason is that Facebook has a strong filter. This filter is helpful in a way that it filters the irrelevant data and present only that particular data which is relevant and authentic. In this way you can manage your Facebook page otherwise it would have become difficult for you to manage a large amount of page volume.

Facebook has set up their EdgeRank system as well as the filter feed very effectively. In this way you are only able to see the relevant data that is presented after strict filtration policies by Facebook. In this way a total of nearly 300 posts are presented on your page that you can view. Nonetheless, all these limitations are setup for the benefit of the Facebook users.


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