Know the Reason behind your Facebook Page Getting Unlikes



Today, I believe everyone uses Facebook to connect with other people. There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the best platforms where you can get connected to millions of known as well as unknown users. Anyone can use Facebook. There is no need for you to be an expert if you want to use it.

It all begins with a “Like”. You just need to like a certain page to get connected and become a follower. Once you start following a Facebook page, you can get the updates whenever the user post anything on their page or performs any activity on it.

As “Likes” is a way to get connected to a particular page on Facebook. While on the other hand, the option of “Unlike” ends up all the connections between you and your followers.  Generally many users think that if once a user likes your Facebook page and becomes your follower. Then there is no reason that they will leave your page at any point. Now this reason is not always true.

With the passage of time, I have seen many users who unlike or remove a particular Facebook page from their list. There are various reasons behind this fact.

Most importantly it is all up to you that how you work up to retain all those users who have likes your page on Facebook. Although it is not an easy job to do so but you really need to work hard if you want to get hold of all your followers. I believe with your constant hard work you can minimize the number of users to “unlike” your Facebook page.

Have you ever thought of the fact that why users unlike your Facebook page more often?

Well, there might be several reasons behind this fact. I have compiled some of the facts for you which I think you must consider for keeping hold of your followers.

Prior to our discussion, you must note one important thing. There is a big difference between the “unlike” option and removed likes. Here I am focusing on the “unlikes” which people click to unfollow any page which they previously liked. This can be due to many reasons which I have mentioned below:

Self-Promotion Overdose

Being too much self-promotional is something that you should avoid while using your Facebook page. It is the most important suggestion that I am giving you. You do need to broadcast yourself and your abilities to your audiences while using your Facebook page. It is because Facebook is not meant for any kind of self-promotions. If you are capable enough or run a successful business then your audiences will know it by your posts and the number of followers you have on your Facebook page. The main aim of Facebook is to just become a useful platform where you can build a community, hold discussions, and keep people informed. It does not want you to become a particular platform that is only set for products announcements, marketing of your businesses or brands or advertisements.

If you really want your self-promotion then you can use the option of paid Facebook advertising.

Too much Posting

Keeping your account updated by posting your stuff on a regular basis is a good thing. It is also important in getting the attention of users. I am not objecting on that but posting too frequently can result negative for you. I know you don’t want to lose your followers do you?

Try to balance it in order to make it advantageous for you. Whenever you post something on your Facebook page, that post is visible to a small subset of your audience. So to make it more visible and to get the users attention you need to post it more often. I am not saying that you post your content after every minute or every hour.  That is not appropriate either. Just make a proper schedule for posting. For example, you can post your contents once a day, or twice in a week. That is balances enough.

On the other hand if you just post repeatedly it will draw many users away. Mostly users get bored of seeing the same stuff again and again. And probably they will unfollow your page if they see more of your posts again and again thinking your posts as spam. So you need to avoid it.

Posting Too Less

Now this aspect is just opposite to what I have discussed above. I have seen many users who like a particular page but as time passes by, they remove that page from their list. Do you know the main reason behind it?

It is just because they do not find any activity from their Facebook page. Let me give you an example here. Let’s say if I like your Facebook page and follow you. I would really like to see you’re the contents you post. If for some reason you stop posting on your Facebook page and I do not see any kind of activity from your Facebook page for a long time. Then due to this reason, I might remove your page thinking that you have stopped using your page. Just like me, many other users keep their Facebook pages updated and organized. If they do not see any activity from a particular page it is obvious that they will remove such page.

So it is important that you keep your page active by posting your stuff. Otherwise users will surely remove your page from their lit which is not a good thing.

Being Abrasive

Avoid being too abrasive. People do not like bad behavior. Always try to answer in a polite way to your audiences. Trust me this is really useful if you want to maximize your number of followers.

Posting Irrelevant Content

Always try to avoid using any type of content that is irrelevant or inappropriate. Otherwise you can lose a large number of followers. And I know you do not want to lose any of your followers. For example you are launching a new brand and making promotions on your Facebook page. Many people will be desperate to ask you questions related to your new product launch. If in response you tell them about your previous launched products or about the history of your business.

This will be unrelated and inappropriate information that you are giving to them. So as a result, many people will surely get annoyed and lose their interest in your new product launch. It will get valueless. This will further lead many users to possibly unlike your page too. So you must be careful.

Most of the times, it is very important that you draw up a line among your Facebook page and your audiences. By saying this I do not mean that you don’t get engaged with your users. What I actually mean by saying this is because many people follow your business just because they want something out of you. This may be in the form of some deals, discount offers, new product announcements, any news related to your business or it can just be an exceptional viewpoint on the world.

It is very important for you to recognize the needs of your audiences. Once you are able to know about your audiences needs. It will become easier for you to provide them what they actually expect from you. It is important for you be more useful to your audiences rather than become promotional.

Choosing Sides on Controversial Topics

Should I tell a significant way of boosting up your user’s engagement on your Facebook page?

Post some controversial content or opinions on your Facebook page. Very shortly you will see a huge number of audiences getting engaged on your page by commenting on your post, liking your post or by sharing it on their profile pages. By discussing about the controversial contents I do not mean that you start discussing any political aspect or any kind of abusive or racial contents. I just mean any useful debate or argumentative discussions. Controversy if done in a good way is valuable.

All the different reviews which you get by your audiences increase your business credibility. This also gives a chance to your customers to connect to you as well. For example, during a Soccer match, you can post two images of two teams. Then you can hold a contest on your Facebook page and ask users to guess which team has more chances to win by commenting on your post. You will see that a lot of users will get engaged in this way.

Not Attending to Negative Comments and Ignoring Spam

Never be afraid of criticism. Try to take them positively. Always note the flaws which users mention in their reviews and make sure you correct them immediately. This will make your Facebook page more proficient. If you do not address the negative comments properly or delete them from your post then users will surely guess that you are afraid of criticism. This is not good for you and your business.

Asking for Engagement on Your Posts

You can always ask for your user’s engagement. There are many different ways of doing it. You can do this either by asking them directly to like or comment on your page.  You can also hold any kind of contest on your Facebook page and ask users to participate in the contest by liking, commenting or sharing your posts. These are some very useful techniques which you can use to increase your audience engagement. Getting maximum number of likes on your post is a great thing. I like it too, but never become desperate to get them that you start begging for it on everything you post.  This is not going to help you out. And you may start to lose your followers.

Having too many Irrelevant Fans

Running ads on your Facebook page is also a good option which you can use to attract other users. You can simply blend up the targeting aspect with the likes you get on your page. Through this you can easily attract many users to like your Facebook page. In addition to this you can also attract all those users too who might not actually want to like your business. When these users get to know about your business and who you are then there is a possibility that they will unlike your Facebook page. So in order to avoid this kind of situation it is very important that you choose to attract the right audiences to like and follow you on your Facebook page. This is very useful in order to avoid getting “unlike” by the audiences in future.

Providing Value is Vital

Always post your stuff according to your user’s demand. If you are running your Facebook page, you may see different comments, feedbacks as well as some suggestions from your audiences. You must always value your user’s feedbacks. This is a must. In this way you are also able to figure out what your users actually want from you and your Facebook page. So try to give them exactly what they want in an efficient manner.  Believe me in a very short time you will see some great results for your efforts.

On the other hand, if any user do not find what they require on your Facebook page. Then be ready to get an “unlike” from them. When you will not care about your audiences they will also not care about you and will surely stop following you on your Facebook page.

So I suggest you to always give more value to your audiences.

Just try to follow the simple steps which I have mentioned above. You will find them useful in order to minimize the number of people who unlike your Facebook page.  I know that you will not be able to get hold of all of them but you can surely make an effort in order to decrease the number significantly.