Know the Reason Behind your Twitter Ads Ineligibility



By Nazia Khan-Ahmed

Twitter is known as one of the famous social media channel. If you prefer using Twitter as a social connection network, then you must surely be aware of the fact that there are a number of restrictions that are set up by the Twitter authority in using the Twitter ads. There are a number of reasons behind these restrictions that are put up behind using the Twitter ads by the users. In many cases when you search for the website “” you must have come up to a specific message which says that “Your account is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program”. Many users mostly get annoyed when they see this particular message and tend to face some issues. Many users who run their businesses on Twitter get delays in their work. Most of them are also not able to work on their business promotion due to such restrictions. In many cases users face a broken link when they click on the ads section. There are numerous such issues that you might face while you search for the Twitter ads website.

There are some suggestions which I have summarized for you in case you face this particular error form Twitter. You can go through these suggestions and use them where they are helpful to you.


The Restrictions Twitter has Applied Officially

Twitter has set up several ad restrictions for its users. I have gathered a list of those restrictions which you can find below

One of the major restrictions that Twitter has set is the restrictions that are connected with the geographical location of the users and the restriction of the native language. It is because there are many countries where the users are not allowed to advertise using the Twitter as their advertising platform. Although Twitter is a global network channel, but due to the limitations many users in specific restricted countries are not able to get the access to do their advertisements through Twitter ads. Some of these restrictions are linked to the policies of the government while others are linked to the fact that Twitter is a USA based network.

For example, Twitter has set its limitations for ads for the countries like China. It is due to the fact that the government of China has put up some of their very strict restrictions on the usage of their country’s internet that include the Great Firewall. Similarly, the government of USA has set up some restrictions for the countries like Afghanistan and Iran also due to their countries policies. So as a result these two countries are also in the banned list of Twitter ad users.

Twitter has summed up this whole situation by posting an official statement on their page which says that “Twitter prohibits advertisements targeted to, and advertiser accounts from countries subject to US trade sanctions and other US export control laws. Individuals and entities subject to US trade sanctions are also prohibited from signing up for a Twitter Ads account.”


Know More About Twitter Eligibility


There are many countries around the world where you are allowed to use the Twitter ads. The Twitter authority has given permission to establish the ads promotion to many eligible countries. On the other hand, there are many countries which face restrictions due to their geographical locality. I have mentioned a list of those countries below

Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Bouvet Island, China, Cuba, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, French Polynesia, Ghana, Iran, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lesotho, Mauritius, Micronesia, Morocco, Myanmar, North Korea, Oman, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Tunisia, and Vietnam.

If you are one of those users who is a resident of the countries that I have mentioned above, then I am sorry to say that you are not able to use the feature of Twitter ads. It is because Twitter has set its restrictions which are according to the geographic location. If you are eager enough to use the Twitter ads feature, then you may use it with the help of a proxy but still it is a risky thing and you should avoid that.

If you want to advertise using the Twitter ads, then you must be aware of the fact that Twitter has their own list of approved languages in which you can advertise your business or products. You can view the list of all these languages which are approved by Twitter which I have mentioned below

Afrikaans, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Hebrew, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Bahasa, and Brazilian Portuguese.

In order to reach your desired target audiences, try running your Twitter advertisements in those languages which are already approved by Twitter. For example, you can focus on creating Twitter ads in Spanish for all those audiences who are the residents of Spain. Similarly, you can use English as one of the major language to target the rest of the eligible countries.

I recommend that you always try to use the appropriate language according to their country origin. Otherwise, you will not be able to reach the maximum number of audiences. Like if you want to target the audience who live in Japan then you must use Japanese in your ads. On the other hand, if you use French language instead of Japanese then I must say that it will result in a total disaster for you.

Additionally, you must be aware of some other eligibility requirements if you are using the Twitter ads. I have mentioned some of them below:

You can face restriction while using the Twitter ads if you do not have the relevant account status. This includes three types of account statuses. First of all, the deactivated accounts, secondly the accounts which are suspended and all those accounts which have protected tweets.

If you have a Twitter account that has protected tweets it means that all your tweets cannot be seen publicly, they are only visible to your account followers only.


Safe Twitter Account: Explained with an Example

On Twitter’s eligibility requirements section, you may also find the option of “account activity”. It is one of the no specific option which the Twitter has set up to get rid of some non-professional ad users comprises valid activity versus what doesn’t, but there are a few guidelines we can extrapolate from past experiences.

Want to become eligible for the Twitter ads feature make sure that you have a Twitter account that is at least older than 15 days. Twitter has set up this rule as a preventive measure to stay away from all the spam accounts.

If you are creating a new Twitter account, then try to use it as much as possible in the first 15 days of account activation on Twitter. Get connected with the other users as much as possible. Start tweeting, re tweeting, commenting on people’s tweets, like them, reply those tweets and try to engage with the other audiences as much as possible. The more you show your engagement in these initial days of account creation the more you have chances to easily become eligible for using the Twitter ads.

Apart from this you must avoid using your Twitter account for some wrong activities. These include using abusive language in your tweets, use of hate speech, spammy links and many similar activities. If at any point Twitter finds out that you have used your Twitter account for any inappropriate activities, then your account will be suspended by Twitter authority instantly.

While using any of the social media account like the Twitter you should always provide accurate information. It may be your personal information or related to your business. The same goes for providing accurate account or payment details. At any point if Twitter find your information to be incorrect, you can lose your ability to use the option of Twitter ads.


Ways to Fix this Issue

If you have just created your account on Twitter let’s say about a few days before and you want to use the Twitter ads for the purpose of advertising, then I must tell you that you are not permitted to do so. According to the Twitter guidelines, a newly created account that is just a few days old is not eligible for using the ads feature. I have seen many such users as well as businesses who have created their accounts on Twitter and then plan to use it for their advertising purpose but are not able to do so. All these type of users end up calling for help from the Twitter support center.

Now in this situation what I recommend is that you should wait for a few days more in order to avail the ads facility by the Twitter. Do not use the ads option at once. In the meanwhile, you can use your Twitter account for other purposes like tweeting on your profile, connecting with other users etc. As the days passes and your Twitter account get some days old then automatically you will see that the Twitter ads feature has become available and now you are eligible to use it. On the other hand, there are some situation in which you will see that the ads section has not become available yet. So do not panic in this case. I recommend that you should wait for a few days more and check regularly whether the features have become available for your use or not.


What to do if you have Joined Today Twitter

If you already have an account on Twitter that is a little while old but you have it reactivated a few days back, then its age will not matter enough. You can still use it for the purpose of the ads.

Try to avoid using the accounts which have protected tweets. Try changing these protected tweets to the option of unprotected ones. There is a simple way of doing it. First of all, go to the settings menu. Here you will have to uncheck the box which appears in the privacy and safety option. From here you can also click on the link that is at the bottom side of the main settings menu.

If you have a Twitter account that has all the related qualities in order to be eligible according to the guidelines of Twitter that includes your Twitter account activation, your account is visible to the public, you are a resident of an eligible country and language and are using your Twitter account from the eligible countries, passed 15 days after activation. Apart from having all these relevant things you are still unable to get the access then I think that there might be some certain limitations that you are not following. This can include doing something that abides the Twitter policies. So try to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Twitter has set some of its service standards when it comes to using Twitter ads. You can apply these principles while tweeting on your Twitter account. If you are using twitter ads you must be aware that Twitter has restricted the use of the following items that includes the tweets which are related to about adult products, drugs, hate and violence, illegal products, weapons, and many similar things. In case Twitter finds out that you are using any of the above terms in your tweets then they will surely suspend your account. It is because using these terms are a violation of Twitters code of conduct. And violation of the code of conduct can result in your Twitter account suspension for a long term. So you must try to follow the guidelines that are set by Twitter for its users.

There are many other situations where you might face some problems. In this case you can always contact the Twitters support centers. It has a simple process. You can contact them by sending your queries through a message, click to check the related issue from the list or you can call them on their help center at any time. The Twitters support center is always ready to help in any situation that arises.