Lease Out Your Facebook Page or Profile in these Easy Steps


by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

There are many aspects which differentiate Facebook from all the other available social media channels. One of the main features of Facebook is that you can monetize it in many ways. We cannot compare the Facebook to a blog. There are two major ways from where you can make money by using your Facebook account. Firstly, by posting valued and authentic links organically. Secondly, you can run an organic profile page that refers many users also known as traffic to your business website. On your website that you have linked on your Facebook page, you can further include particular links as well as the pay per view ads and you can also provide your brands or products for sale.

Most of the entrepreneurs have found out many other alternative ways for the Facebook monetization. Some of the important aspects that you can adopt are discussed below:


 Lease out the Account Totally

If you plan to rent out your Facebook profile or page you can do it in the following ways.

The very first method relates to the query in which you offer someone to take the rent control of your existing Facebook account. If they desire to buy your Facebook account, then you can give the complete control of your account for a limited time period to that person. In this way the buyer will have official control over everything that is related to your account. For example, the existing followers of your account, the posts of your account, your ads manager and similarly over each and everything that is related to your Facebook account.

In view of many experts this particular option is not ideal and because of this they experts will not recommend you to adopt this option. There are many reasons behind it which are as follows:

Facebook pages are basically connected to the profiles in order to give the permission of access to your Facebook page. In this case you are required to maintain and handle your existing Facebook profile. One of the option that you may find useful is that you can create a sub-admin level user so that they may be able to be helpful in managing your Facebook page for you. This is one of the most practiced way of managing the different social media profiles that many businesses and organizations use. Whereas, many of the users who want to rent out their Facebook profiles or pages may not find this option to be useful.

When you give the access of your account to any of the user then you can expect any type of use that may be related to any purpose. It is also a possibility that they will search for all of your information that exist on your Facebook profiles. This can include your payment details, your personal data and many other things. So you must be careful when you give the access of your account to anyone.

You may lose the access or your reputation if you are running your business on Facebook and you have a brand reputation or brand presence that is positively built up. It is because the person who intends to rent your existing Facebook account will also have the connection to your existing audiences. It is likely that they will change all of your relevant information and include their own in the profile. As a result, many of your audience or followers leave your Facebook page when they get to know that you are no longer the admin of the page. In this way all your built reputation and presence will be destroyed.

Facebook has set up a limit of the total number of times you change your information. In many cases you will not be able to reverse your information if you have rent your profile and their name is changed or URLs. In addition to this even if you de-authenticate the person whom you have rented your profile you will not be able to reverse the provided information.

In many cases the profile page rentals may say you that they do not use your page but as a reality they do use it. There might be some situations in which they do send messages from your profile or might post on the existing Facebook profile. These are some general issues that many users face who want to rent out their Facebook profiles or pages to others.

 Ads Account Access Renting

One of the most legitimate method that you can find if you require to monetize your Facebook profile or page is by renting out the access to your ads account. In this case you will have to be more careful if you want to be successful.  There are many ways to do so. One of the useful ways of doing it is by offering a deal to the renter. This deal may include the option of making the renter to create some ads but on the other hand you administer yourself to do all the mechanical effects that are required for an ad. In this way you have a less chance to become a victim if they use any of their tactics. You will also be able to pay that person.

There are many certain issues that are related to this fact. The major issue that you may find as a minimum is that the score of your ad relevance may fall. It is because to overcome this particular situation you will be required to do the verification of the renters first. This may be helpful for you in order to not face any problem in future.

There are many instances that Facebook may ban you if they find out any violation of their terms or services. If you get banned, then you will not be able to use your profile page for any purpose. Facebook may find you running any of the ads that are against their set guidelines or they find out that you are accepting money for those particular ads. Then it is the reason that you might face a ban from the Facebook authority.

Apart from this, you may also get into the problems of not getting the payments from the one whom your rented your profile account. For example, if the renter has a specific requirement that they want to view the ads in action for the payment to be made. On the other hand, Facebook require you to pay the up-front before your ads can run. In this case Facebook takes your money and runs the ad that you have created. So, it is pretty sure that in this case there is a certain risk of cancellation of the ads or the termination of the particular ads account. Then you will have to search for the renter to get your payment but they do not pay you. So finally you cancel the ads. As a result, you will not have any outcome of this whole situation but a waste of time and resources by you.

 Leasing Posts: Real Estate

The second most legitimate option that you can choose if you want to rent your Facebook profile is that apart from dealing with ads credentials you can choose to rent the real estate on your Facebook page. You can find it useful because on Facebook you are able to view your page numerous times and without any charges. So it will benefit you if you have a large number of audiences or followers on your Facebook profile page.

You can rent out your cover photo like a billboard. Another option that you can choose is to rent out the various single entities. For example, you can rent out the cover photo, the small boxes that are available on your cover photo, different kind of logos that can include your company logos or the logos of your brands. Similar to the homepage entities you can rent out anything that you want. In this way you can charge the renters on a daily basis, weekly or on a monthly basis.

You can rent out individual posts. You have the option to rent out your posts as well. Many users prefer renting different types of posts. You can set an offer in which you can provide a couple of posts in some set amount of money. You can further create many different posts according to the requirements of the renter. These posts can be rented out on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis or as the renter requires from you.

In addition to this, you also have the option to rent out unique images or pictures that can be presented in the image tab app or the tab app graphics. It is up to you want you want to rent out because it can be anything.

It is important that you must rent out the particular things that you want to an authentic user. These users must be willing to pay you for your things. It has mostly been seen that this is not an easy task. There are many people who do not pay what you ask them. For example, if you rent out your logo in $20, the users do not accept to pay the asked amount to you. In this situation it is recommended that you choose to adopt the legitimate options of monetization rather than going for the cheap ones.

The Raspberry Pi Scam

Renting your entire Facebook account is a risky process that may lead you to a disaster. There is another way of renting out your account that is somewhat less risky from renting whole of your account. In this case you receive a small device that is sent by the renter. This small device is known as the Raspberry Pi. This small device consists of computers that can run very basic software. These computers are not as powerful but on the other hand you can find them useful because they are very versatile. For example, these computers that are in the small device can perform as the streaming boxes, they can host tiny web browsers or they can play super basic games. These computers are also used in the robots and arcade machines.

You can find the Raspberry Pi useful in many ways. This particular device is helpful if you want to run scripts like key loggers and injectors that take control over your account when you are not present. It also detects when your Facebook account goes idle and then start to perform different actions in a new, hidden browser window.

With the help of these devices you are able to buy Facebook ads, they are useful in sending out the malware links, they run as a part of a botnet, these can be managed to perform different tasks that the owner wants that may include the Dosing sites or the hacking of your computer and taking your information. It also monitors all the activities that you perform. It can also corrupt your existing files.

If in any case you do not want your personal information to be leaked or stolen, then you must not allow any such devices to perform tasks on your computer or laptop. If you do not control these kind of malware devices than it is likely that you end up having all your information stolen or on the other hand, you may become a suspect and become a victim of the international fraud investigation.

How to Earn Legally from Facebook

You can find a lot of better ways to make money while using your Facebook profiles or pages. Most of them are discussed above. You can adopt any of those available options in order to be successful. Adopting proper marketing tactics can also help you out in making a lot of money. It is also considered as an easier and safer way to earn money. In this way you can also promote your businesses and brands on Facebook and earn money. Rather than adopting any of the useless ways you can think of something unique so that it attracts many different users and in this way you can easily make your Facebook profile or your Facebook page a source of Income.