Link Your Facebook Page to Your WordPress Blog in these Five ways

Over the past few years WordPress websites have become very popular. I am fully aware of its popularity because I am one of the users of WordPress. If you are using WordPress then you must know that it requires a lot of hard work and patience to grow and maintain your website. Once you are able to maintain it only then you can become successful.

You can make your WordPress website successful in many ways. One of the most important ways which I am going to discuss in this article is by connecting your WordPress website with your Facebook page. Today Facebook is undoubtedly one of the most famous and used social media channel. It has around two billion monthly active users making it the largest social platform.

You can link your WordPress website with your Facebook profile and make it a profitable business too.

I have discussed some of the effective ways by which you can do it as below

  1. Publicize Your WordPress

If you are a WordPress user then you must be aware of the option which the website provides you. And that is to connect your website to your Facebook profile. You can do that directly by clicking the available option. You can see the option message randomly that contains a plugin, Jetpack and so on. Here the purpose of Jetpack plug-in is to maximize your experience of using website. And on the other hand, the plug-in is useful in making both your WordPress as well as your Facebook profile to function at its fullest by linking both of them.

You can easily maintain your self-hosted WordPress domains just by keeping an eye on it using Facebook. There are various settings available for making quick connections which you can change at any time. For this purpose first you need to log on to Next go to the section of ‘Settings-Sharing’. You can easily find it at the top. Here you can see a variety of options for connecting on to Facebook. Click any one that you want. By doing this, every time you post content on WordPress your Facebook will get updated automatically.

   2. Post to Similar Fan Pages on Facebook

Try to keep an eye on almost everything or at least on the things which are happening around you. Social media is a randomly changing world and your may not know what change may occur next. Maintaining your social media profiles is not an easy thing. You need to stay up to date as much as possible. The same thing goes with your Facebook profiles and your WordPress websites too. How can you inform or educate your audiences and followers if you yourself are not up to date?

If you want to be successful just make sure that you and your social media profiles are up to date. It is not that hard. You just need to give a little time to researching over various topics. At first you can start off researching on those particular topics which you find interesting. And then gradually you can start researching more and more topics too. Along with this you can even research for the contents for your WordPress site. This can greatly enhance the value of your WordPress website.

The initial growth of any of your social media profiles and specially your WordPress website depends on the number of readers. The increased number of readers can be really helpful for your WordPress website to grow and become successful. Attracting a large number of readers is a good thing but along with this sustaining that number of readers is most important. Try to make your WordPress website as attractive and interesting as you can. I am sure that this will greatly be useful in making your readers to become your loyal followers and sustain for a long time.

  1. Make a Fan Page

You can create a fan page too. This is also a good idea. Just make sure that you first explore different related fan pages because these can give you some great ideas from which you can gain a lot of benefit. I think that using the Fan pages is probably an effective way by which you can retort to link with your audiences. Whether it is your Facebook business page or your WordPress website you can cover any topic that you like without any limitations.

No one can stop you from doing that. For this purpose you will first need to opt for the Fan Page application of your Facebook page.  And now you can take all the required benefit of its setup. I strongly suggest you to do that. As I think that this can greatly help you out to build a bond among you and your followers. You do not need to get into professional talks when you are responding your audiences on through your Fan page. Listen to your audiences. Know what they want to say. Trust me this simple step and really help in making your readers your loyal followers. This will further result in building up a strong WordPress reader foundation.

  1. Use an individual Facebook Page to run WordPress Website

Another useful way of connecting your Facebook profile page to your WordPress blog is by using a separate Facebook Page for your WordPress website. I think that it is probably a good idea which you can apply. By using a separate Facebook page for your WordPress website users can greatly help in increasing the share of a particular user of your WordPress website. Secondly, this simple step can make the other users to include the blog updates directly on Facebook blog page which will also be shared on your Facebook page at the same time. Here the important things on which you must focus on are mainly the visibility of your Facebook page and also the number of followers. Nevertheless you can greatly increase the viewership of your WordPress blog by your Facebook users just by making some unconventional changes.

  5. Keep Your Content Updated

Post your contents regularly. This tip is undoubtedly the most important one which I am giving you right now. You really need to post regularly or update your Facebook page instantly if required. With the passage of time you will surely get some great results out of it. You can sustain a good relationship between your Facebook profile and WordPress only if you are resolute and vigilant.

Make sure that you update your Facebook and WordPress profiles by posting images, updates, useful links and occasional greetings like Christmas, New Year and Easter etc. to your audiences on a regular basis. Trust me being consistent can really help you out in building up a stable networking momentum. Once you get successful in building up that stable momentum in front of your audiences. Then probably no one can stop you from marking up your active presence on the social media world. As a result of this more and more users will be attracted towards your page. The intension of the audiences will increase after some time and they will surely wait to see and check your posts or blogs for updates very anxiously. This will also result in a positive rise in the overall traffic of your WordPress website.