What to Look for in Social Media Marketing Trends, The Rest of 2017



Half of 2017 has gone by. So far, there have been a lot of changes in Social Media Marketing Trends. Numerous new technologies have been introduced and new features are introduced every day. This development includes every social media platform from Facebook to Twitter to Instagram.

The sole strategy of markets is to integrate social media marketing along with parent marketing strategy.

This requires you to keep on updating yourself to the newest trends running in the market. Only trial and error will get you the perfect solution and best option for your technique.

With no further delay I will discuss what are the best options for you to try regarding social media marketing in 2017, or what’s left of it!


  1. Video Contest is the Social Media Marketing Guru

You Might ask is Video consuming the entire social Media? My answer would be a Big YES!

In fact, video is so overwhelming that it is taking over the entire internet. Well my purpose of writing this article is to help to take full advantage of this golden opportunity and steer your marketing strategy towards video.

More than 70% of total user traffic on internet is video based. This traffic is expected to increase by 80% in two or three years.

As per the 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael Stelzner:

60% of the Social Marketers have used video content in 2015, and 73% of the total respondents were willing to use it in 2016.

There are certain expectations of marketers, social media networking sites encourage new video content on all of platforms.

Facebook launched more than 3500 videos in the year 2015 and 2016 only. There are various features you might have come across like Facebook Live and Lifestage (which is a video based application for teens). Instagram introduced 60 seconds videos and Instagram launched Stories.

Facebook Facilitated its users by enabling them to save videos and download them or watch later when they have an internet connection available that is of high speed.

These new feature not only encourages users to use video features more but also increase traffic on their websites.

You might ask the question that whether the video feature will help my marketing strategy or not, my answer would be a big YES!

Facebook collaborated with Nielsen and projected the value of video advertisements on Facebook — and as a result they learned that more than 74% of the total Ad recall can be successfully achieved in the first 10 seconds of the video. As in these first 10 seconds of the video the viewer decides whether he wants to keep on watching or close the video. There are more than 500 million Facebook users who watch videos, usually for entertainment purposes or get a good laugh on the funny videos

To get the best out of Facebook Videos I’s suggest that you try the animated videos rather than creating boring explainer videos that are not able to attract a large number of users. Creating an effective and wonderful video ad campaign will really help you attract users who are serious about purchasing.


  1. ChatBots or No ChatBots: Let’s Find out!

Whichever business you are running the Customer Relation Management is the vital part of maintaining your customer base.

There is no use of running a business if you cannot maintain a good CRM. People do trust brands and all businesses due to their excellent CRM. Social Media helps us to closely monitor our customers and their satisfaction level. Chatbots really help in making Real-Time Engagement with your Customers.

Telegram and Vine are instant messaging application that have launched bots on their platforms. Facebook followed and created 12,000 bots on their messenger platform. O my opinion there must be a strong enough reason behind their creation and usage on a large scale.

Let’s take a closer look, Shall we!


Usually instant messaging applications use Chatbots. The numbers of users on these messaging apps are staggering. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have a billion users and this number is growing day by day.

survey made by HeyWire Business reveals that:

  1. 53 % of consumers ages 18-34 said that they’d prefer to use electronic media – email, web chat, text or social – instead of the phone for customer support
  2. 79% are frustrated with their available customer support options
  3. 31 % said it was important for text to be an available support option


Chatbots facilitate the customers as well as business owners by enabling them to contact with each other 24/7. They are much quicker than humans and are more efficient in giving any type of information. They are cost effective since you don’t have to pay them like you do to Customer Sales Representatives.

This helps you reduce the cost of marketing and give you higher rate in efficiency. This trend is here to stay through the 2017 and after that as well.


  1. Mobile is Staple for SMM

 What is the best combination? Social Media and a Smartphone. The number of Mobile phone users are increasing a lot since last year. Now there are more than 2 billion smartphone users in the entire world.

Facebook only has 1.57 billion users who are active on monthly basis. This is 20% higher from 2016 resulting is increase of mobile traffic as compared to Desktop traffic.

There are some applications that are solely for mobile phone users like Snapchat and Instagram. These are the places where digital media users spend most of their time. So you must focus on mobile friendly strategy that will increase your exposure to 50%.

There are many social networks that have Call-to-action button on their mobile phone applications. These buttons are responsible for creating more conversations that the usual website platforms. So you must focus your strategy towards mobile users. So come up with a strategy that will both attract and facilitate these users.

Currently Google has started giving preference to the pages which are AMP’d (Accelerated Mobile Pages). So all the bloggers and marketers who are looking for more conversion on their landing page should make good use of AMP. AMP will reduce the bounce rate to a great extent.

  1. Content that is Paid and Customized

Paid content and personalized content are two different terms. Paid content is used on a greater extent to get better reach of your business on social media. There is no doubt that paid content is worth the effort and money. There are millions of competitors on social media so you have to come up to their mark to create an impression.

People do resist to general ads on Facebook and it is increasing. Not a single day goes by when my newsfeed isn’t loaded with ads. Some are trying to sell aromatherapy and some are trying to sell their services as water tank cleaners.

Customers come first!

Social media sites try to avoid inconvenience for their users. So they come up with algorithms that are more easy to use to their users. Recently Facebook and Twitter updated their algorithm.

We have talked about EdgeRank in our previous articles which really helps the users to see posts which is of their interest and hide the ones that are not relevant.

Make sure your content is customized but it should also attract audience. To find a better solution to this you should try to leverage the influencer Marketing in your SMM strategy.

You should try to be more like a Business to Customer Marketer rather than Business to Business marketer. Use Facebook analytics to make customers intrigued towards your business. 

  1. Want to Win; Try Automation

Being smart is the key to success in SMM. There are billions of users and millions of users on Social media. Getting tons of people to work for you might work for the traditional marketing strategy but not for social marketing. Getting too many people to work on your strategy might not work in SMM. The reason behind this is repeated tasks and tons of data to watch out. The only solution is automation.

I believe it is true though. Given the large number of users and bulk data exchanged every day, people quickly forget an ad of yours seen a while ago. Contending with your opponents, you have to make room in the mind of your potential audience. For this, you have to do the work that a human cannot do all the time. For this, automation indeed a great requirement.

In 2015, 91% of the popular marketers had agreed that automation is significant for them. In 2016, a two-third of the marketers use the automation technology intensely in their marketing strategy. As a result, more than 75% of the marketers saw an increase in their leads.

As time is going by the cost of automation is reducing and there are numerous options you can choose from.

  1. Brand New Trends in Network

you have to understand that social networks evolve by the passage of time and it is very important for the marketers to catch up with these trends. There are many social media networks that are evolving and getting more popular than the others. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are already on the top but Snapchat is also catching up as many celebrities and popular people are using it profusely. Then there is WeChat, We Heart It, Medium, Vine, Whisper and Cyber Dust. You should always consider these platforms as well and invest your time into these as well.


  1. Watch out for the Captains of Your Industry

Influencer marketing is catching up to the trend more than ever. The group of people who have the authority, ability, or platform to influence a definite audience has changed drastically over the last 10 years.

When you combine influencers with video marketing trends, you get YouTubers. They’ve formed one of the most dominant influencer network in the social media world.

The ultimate way to comprehend who a social influencer is to find out who your audience would trust personally. Studies show 49% of Twitter users follow recommendations from influencers.

The huge growth of social media networks has given an audience the chance to grow and produce their personal brand every day. These socially savvy individuals offer value to brands since they know exactly how to

  • develop a faithful set of followers
  • make reliably engaging content
  • create and increase trends

Facebook pays more than $2 million to social media influencers to create live content. They team up with right people. This results in increasing the reach. There are brands who pays celebrities to endorse their products and this way people buy the product. Like recently Kylie Jenner started endorsing Sugar Vitamins for hair and people have been buying it like crazy. The conversion rate has increased 10 folds.


To Conclude…  

Now to brush up the entire article I must say that these are the most effective and important trends of 2017. When considering video content there are several points you should consider. You should use live streaming to get maximum response of users. Although the live streaming is still evolving and getting more attention you should take the best out of it and use it on the time when traffic on your page is maximum. This will give you a good engagement level and comments.  Virtual Reality is already creating a buzz in the tech world and 360 views as well. Make sure that you take full advantage of these as well.

Another important note is to keep good relations with the influencers of your market. That is probably the only way you can be more personal with your audience. Social media is more about people and less about technology. It is better to stay focused on your mission and forecast what is to be expected in near future and carve your strategy according to the forecast.


About the Author

 Olivia Pearce is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.