Looking For a Free Facebook Likes Bot?

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Facebook is all about posting updates and sharing pictures with your loved ones. If you still think that Facebook is just used for such personal activities, you need to update your information. Facebook is among the most used social media websites for commercial purposes. Many online businesses use it for dealing with their customers as well as to increase their profits. Making a Facebook fan page and then promoting it in one or another has become a common practice now. You can make new customers, bring back the old ones and build your brand name on Facebook. It is no doubt one of the best cost-effective as well as efficient marketing tools for any online business.

Well, if you own an online brand and a Facebook page too, getting more likes must be your top concern. As with a higher number of likes for your Facebook page, you get credibility, trust in the eyes of your customers as well as it can beat up your rivals. So having more likes is no doubt vital for having a successful fan page on Facebook. Although there are many ways to get more likes and more followers on any social media, the recently risen trend is of buying fake followers and likes for your profile. Many celebs and popular brand have been accused of buying fans. In a recent Instagram purge, Justin Bieber lost millions of fans, and many people are criticizing him for buying fake followers. Well, if you are using Facebook page for advertising of your online products, buying fans is not a bad idea. It can boost up your online presence and can make you popular in no time.

If you hear this word, bot for the first time, you must understand this term before proceeding any further. Well, by Facebook likes bot. It means that there is software that acts like real people on social networks like Facebook. They can be your friend and even talk to you and without your knowledge, they will snatch your personal information, your photos and will use your profile to like pages and links that you didn’t know exist. You might have seen irrelevant pages and updates in your newsfeed, and sometimes you even think when you like that page! So this is what social media bots do.

So if you think that if you can take help of a social media likes bot for your Facebook account, you can get one and increase the number of your fans and likes on your page. These bots will get you thousands of likes in just a few hours. So making millions of likes is not a significant issue. These bots can even post on your wall and help you in getting more comments. Many online companies that sell likes for Facebook pages use likes bots that help people to promote their Facebook content and to gain more popularity.

For some people, using bots is a bad idea. Well, it has few drawbacks just like anything has pros and cons but it totally depends on you whether you want to overlook the drawbacks or the benefits. Your EdgeRank will decrease on Facebook, and you cannot expect social engagement from these bots as these are not real people. Their responsibility is to increase the number of likes on your page for once or every time you pay for them. After that, they are nothing more than just a number. These fake fans are not your real fans as they might not even know you or your online brand. You must remember that your real audience is your real strength. If you want to become famous on Facebook, you need to apply right strategies and invest your hard work so that you can get likes.

Well, the importance of like’s bots for your Facebook page cannot be denied. They can help you kick your Facebook campaign if you are an online retailer or marketer. However, you must not just rely on these bots for generating likes and comments on your Facebook page. Facebook can turn down accounts that appear fake, and if your Facebook page comes in trouble, it will hurt your reputation that will never be built again like before. So weigh the advantages of using bots with their disadvantages and then decide whether it is worth it to invest in these methods to increase your Facebook likes?

Here are some of the alternative methods for improving your Facebook fan page likes other than using likes bots. It might take time for weeks or months but the reputation that you build with right methods is long term, and there are no dangers that Facebook will ban you or your account. Check out these ways and boost your likes organically.

Link with your Instagram channel

Recently Facebook bought Instagram and now Facebook users can use HashTags and other features of Instagram on their Facebook accounts. If you hold an active account on Instagram where you have a lot of real followers, you must connect it to your Facebook page so that you can direct the traffic of your Instagram followers to your newly created Facebook page. Instagram followers will follow your Facebook posts if you use relevant tags that represent your online presence, and that can be a great way to promote your Facebook page.

Post quality content with a consistency

Every social media expert will tell you one thing; never compromise on quality and consistency of your posts. If you are posting on bad times and the content is also not interesting, who will read and like your posts? People do not have spare time to waste on lengthy posts that come at inappropriate times. If you are posting about a review of your online product at 3 am in the morning, don’t expect your followers to like that post. Having a schedule of quality posts is a great idea that you must follow. Posting quality should be your concern whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or your blog. Quantity must not be confused with quality at any cost!

If you think that those cheaters who use view bots for their every social media move can trick these search engines and websites, you are not right. Even internet users know what’s happening around them. So beware of buying likes from likes bot for your Facebook page as it can make you lose your respect in the eyes of your customers.