Magnetize Your Facebook Traffic

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In this current age, it is a dream of every online business owner to have an audience in millions! However, unfortunately it is not possible for all of the businesses and brands that are operating online. The key to success on social media platforms, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Vine, YouTube, Instagram or any other website; is an active audience!

Many online marketers play it good to attract much online traffic to their social media networks, and they achieve figures in millions of fans. However, the real key to success is just not the number of the fans; it is about the participation level of these fans. On Facebook, you can make a fan page and invite your followers all around the globe to like your new page that will be used to communicate with them. Well, if your audience is not active, then only by getting their likes will not work for you! Yes, it will work in making your rival brands and business jealous and worried but in reality; you cannot get benefits till you ensure that all of your Facebook fans are active on your page.

If you have an online brand or service, you will want to serve people and get their feedback for the products or services provided to them. What if nobody buys anything from you and just like you for no reason? Will it work for you and your business? Not! So you must be working hard to convert your Facebook followers into real buyers who will spend their money on your products as eventually you are doing all this to earn money and to keep your pocket warm!

So the next thing that comes in mind is that how can you direct this active traffic of fans towards your Facebook page? If you have an Instagram profile with thousands of daily active people and they share your stuff and buy things from you, you can divert this traffic to your Facebook page using right techniques. If you ask your followers to start following you on Facebook just because now you can be found on Facebook, they will laugh at you. Might be some of them can feel offended as any of your followers cannot just change his social network platform for just one brand! That is not true if you are a super star or a high profile celebrity. However, if you are not, then stop daydreaming and think of the ways that can make your Facebook page a magnet for online traffic. Here is a small list of tactics that can make it possible and you can enjoy more traffic to your Facebook page.

Start reward earning contests on your Facebook page

Online users have a specific craze for contests that can make them win discounts and rewards. If you want to make your Facebook page popular, you need to start any such contest on your page. This will compel your online followers from your other social media networks to join you on Facebook just to enter in the contest. You can award them interesting prizes like quick online discounts for your products, free giveaways, cash back or any surprise that your followers will love to have. It depends on the type of business you run online.

For example if you are a clothing store that deals with accessories and jewelry of different types, you can attract your audience by making an announcement on your blog, your official website and your all social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn about a new page opening on Facebook with the link. Ask them to check out the discounts and offers that are for your Facebook fans. You can get tremendous results in this way. Contests never go wrong on any social media platform. All you need to do is to become a little generous and offer your followers something that they have been longing for. Run a discount for any accessory that is premium, like a bracelet that never went on sale, but now it is on 50% discount! This will make your fans go crazy, and they will spread the word too.

Using QR codes

If you think that by just trying online ways to get more traffic will work for you, and you will get 100% results of your online efforts, most probably you are wrong. The importance of print media should never be overlooked as many people still love magazines and newspapers. You can use your QR codes to advertize your business on print media. It is just simple and easy like business cards that carry your online website address, as well as your Facebook page link. The reason for using QR codes is that they are web links used by print media. They can be scanned using modern smartphones, and people can directly land on your Facebook fan page. As nowadays almost everyone uses smartphones, you can be sure that if anyone wants to visit your page, he or she can!

Just don’t forget to make your website a mobile-ready option for your print media followers. As this will be disappointing for them if, your website will not load! You can feature your new Facebook page on your websites landing page for effective visibility to your online visitors who visit your website using QR codes.

Collaborate with your business related Facebook pages

Another best thing that you can do to divert online traffic to your Facebook page is to take help from your fellow business owners who are working on Facebook. This sounds a little bit odd, but this is what new trends are about! Now the related Facebook pages and other social media channels are not your rivals, in fact they like promoting you, and you will also promote them in the near future! That is the new trend!

The basic reason for this change in mentality is that rivalry is never good, and people do not like brand to go against each other. This is against the ethics and morale of companies to abuse each other and to run campaigns against products related to brands of others. Now it is an age where rivals become friends and promote each other on their social media channels. Your audience is not stupid and your followers like this trend as they feel free to shop or buy anything from anyone!

These were few tactics that can be utilized to run an effective and active Facebook page that can attract online traffic. Well, last but not least, content quality must never be compromised. It does not matter that which way of getting traffic is working for you as if you will not be consistent and will not post quality content on your Facebook page, people will not start liking you!