Make Appealing Landing Pages for Your Emailing Lists  

If you want to generate a maximum number of leads for your business through the social media, then you can also use the option of Email subscribers. Now this is another way to generate leads for your business. In recent times, according to many reports and social media experts it has been seen that email marketing works best. It is considered as one of the greatest ways by which you can get a large number of visitors on your social media pages. In addition to this, it also plays a vital role in boosting up your sales through your online stores and company websites.

Importance of Landing Pages

What is the importance of landing page here? How do they exactly benefit for email subscribers? I know that many of you might have this question in mind right now.

There is a simple answer to this question. First of all, by creating your landing page on Facebook you are able to attract many audiences in just a short period of time. A landing page simply helps you out to offer a way for different users or your page visitors to click on a specific link that is “Subscribe for Updates”. Now this is very important if you want to build up a larger email list that contains email addresses of maximum users. As a business point of view you will find it as an important thing. I am telling you that this is something very useful. I have seen many businesses use this way in order to monetize their Facebook account just by using the landing pages. And many of them have succeeded in it too. If some larger businesses have got great results from this, then do not worry you can do it too.

Make your Landing Page Noticeable  

While creating and using your landing pages you must make sure of one important aspect. Try to make sure that your landing page is more attractive. Now this is really important. I have seen many users get attracted by some different and unique stuff. So make sure you make a different and unique landing page if you really want to attract more and more users on your page. Your landing page should be as attractive that the users click them automatically without having a second thought.

Now I now that it not that easy but you need to really focus on creating one like that.

I have mentioned some of the ideas which you can read below and use to make an attractive landing page of your own.

First of all, try to use a strong and descriptive title for your landing page. I suggest you to use some unique title. This is important because almost every user reads the title first. They do not go into the lengthy and detailed descriptions right away. You will see for yourself that by using a unique name will catch the eye of many users instantly. Just like the names of famous brands Coca-Cola, Oreo, Wall Mart etc. These are some unique names and do not require any descriptions to see what is being offered.

As for the next step, you will need to type in your business name and your email address in the entry box. I recommend that you must always provide your business details if it is your social media account, your business website or your landing page. This is important. In this way many users can easily sign up for your email subscriptions rather than searching for your Facebook page or your business website.

Using CTA

You can also use the Call-to-Action (CTA). Now this makes all those users who visit your Facebook page to prevail for more exclusive information by you. You can always ask your users to subscribe your page in order to get some exclusive offers from your end. This can include some discount offers, discounted deals, gift hampers or anything.

You can also use images in your landing page. Try using some good quality pictures because these play a vital role. Just make sure that the images you are using must be up to 520 pixels wide. The more attractive images you will use the more users will get attracted. This is as simple.

Getting Extravagant with Your Facebook Landing Page

Always choose to do something different with your Facebook page. By saying this I mean that you must try to focus on bringing out something new for your audiences. This can be in the form of new information, some unique and quality images, some great offers, posting some funny videos or contents, or creating slideshows on your landing page.

For this purpose, you take the help of some web developers. You can even hire any professional web developer or a team of developers if you do not have one. You can also do it yourself too if you know the work.

In addition to this, you can also use your Facebook landing page in order to link other pages. You can link it to your business website, other social accounts if you have like on Twitter, You Tube or Instagram etc. This will also bring out some great results.

Update your landing page frequently

 Make sure that you always keep your Facebook landing page updated. This is essential for you. Like if you have any new offer just go ahead and post in on your page. Otherwise people will not know. Similarly, if you have any other information like promotional stuff, discount deals or anything else just post it. You really need to update your page on a timely basis. Believe me, this will be helpful in attracting a large number of audiences.

Promotional and Specials  

You can promote anything you like including your brands, products etc. on your Facebook landing page. This is a great platform for your business promotions. You can make it more prominent by posting some great offers to your audiences which they can only get if they like your page.


Facebook landing pages are a great way to catch the user’s attention. By using some good contents, attractive images and authentic information you can attract a maximum number of audiences in a very short time.