Make your Business Page Visible to the General Public in these Easy Steps



By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Undoubtedly Facebook has created a platform for brands to develop and advertise their brand. There are a number of ways through which you can make your Facebook page go public. Some of the ways are discussed below.


  1. Unpublished Page

An unpublished page is one of the many reasons due to which the audience might not see your page. There are many specific reasons behind it. First of all, when you create a page on Facebook, you add and delete many things on your particular page including the context, the images or the information which you want to share on your page. It is upon your decision to either add or delete any information you like. Initially your Facebook page would not be disclosed to anyone till you are fully satisfied with the updates you made on your page. Due to this fact, the Facebook management allows you to make changes on your page as you like. Until this time, they do not make your page to be viewed by public. Once your page is fully updated and developed, you are able to disclose it among the audience.

When you create a page on Facebook, it is up to your decision that how you manage to make it attractive. You can update it by uploading different images that you like, by informative content that you think your audience would admire, by posting information guidelines and any other related content that you desire. Similarly, you can give your own ideas in the about section. It is totally upon your decision that what you choose to enter on your Facebook page. All this requires a close attention in order to create an attractive Facebook page. A proper time and updated information resources can make your page to drag a large number of audience.

The time you have set up your page and included all the context and information that you desire to add up. There is still one thing that you must keep in mind. It is that your page is still invisible to other people. This can be also denoted by a big notification that will appear on your screen. It says “Your page is not visible on Facebook because it hasn’t been published yet. Publish your page when you’re ready for people to see it”.

This message is just a reminder for you. It is up to you that either you are ready at this time to publish your page and make it visible to other people or not. Now there are two possibilities from which you can choose from.

First one is, if you have updated your page according to your requirements and are willing to publish it so that everybody else is able to view it. In this case, you have the opinion to select the “publish page” button. It is a big blue button which will be visible on your screen when the notification for publishing page appears.

By selecting the “publish page” option your page will be published on Facebook which can further viewed by everyone.

In the second case, if you have managed your page and updated the information on it but still you are not satisfied and want to make some changes in it. In this case you can select the “X” that can be seen in the corner of the notification box that appears on your screen.

In this way you will still have time and option to make further changes on your page and then make it public.

It is up to your decision that either you choose to publish your page or not. You can do it any time you want. If your page is unpublished then no one can see your page activities who does not have any role on your page including the page administrator, editor, moderator or others having similar duties.

It is an ordinary thing for a page if it is at its creation stage and does not go public at any time. This is because people are unaware of the particular page and do not have any of its links. On the other hand, if at any stage you published a specific page on Facebook and it contains the page followers whether more or less. Due to some reasons like re branding, updating information or management of your page you temporarily shut it down or make it invisible to others. Then in this case, your followers may have the thought what happened to your page. This would also result in stopping the updates or any marketing advertisements from your side.


   2.Overcome Age or Country Restrictions

It is mostly seen that when you publish your Facebook page in order to make it visible to others. There are certain reasons that prevent it from being visible. The most common ones amongst all is due to some set restrictions. These may include the restrictions of age, country or alcohol age restrictions. Some pages might also not be visible to the audience due to the fact that they have logged out of Facebook.

One of the most common restriction among all is the age restriction. Facebook has certain viewership policies due to which many viewers are not able to view a particular page. If for example a Facebook page has an age restriction of 13 years, then in this case that particular page cannot be seen by all those viewers who have ages up to 13 years or less than that.

Another commonly faced restriction is the country of origin restriction. There are many Facebook pages and websites available on the Internet that have a restriction of specific countries. All these Facebook pages will not be visible to the viewers that are mentioned in the restricted countries list.

You have the options to set any type of restrictions that you want on your Facebook page. In order to manage the required restriction settings on your page first go to the page settings. In the general section, you can view the settings that you require. Here on the top you will find “country restrictions”. It is just like a text box that will appear on your screen when you click the edit button. In this text box you can choose to enter the names of different countries that you want to block so that they cannot see your Facebook page.

An important point to be noted here is that it is ok to restrict any particular country from viewing your fan page. Most of the times many companies as well as some individuals who create their Facebook page restrict multiple countries due to some specific reasons. For example, Burger King is best known for its variety of burgers including beef and chicken. If Burger King thinks of advertising beef burgers in India, it can result in a bad decision by them. Many people will not consider it a suitable idea because people there do not eat beef. This would lead Burger King to face a big draw back. Many people would also be willing to sue their business chains including their websites and Facebook pages. To be on the safe side, Burger King has set the restrictions of advertising and selling the beef products in India.

Similarly, you can choose to select your page viewership. If your page contains the information or context that is somehow not suitable for the viewers of some specific age. You can select the age restriction option by going to the page settings. There you will see the option of “age restrictions” which you can find just under the option of country restrictions. When you select this, you will see a variety of age options that will appear in the drop-down box. These options include “anyone”, people 13+, people 14+, people 15+, people 16+, people 17+, people 18+ etc. and also the alcohol age restrictions.


Apart from the above, Facebook pages also contains the restriction that is related to alcohol. It is an automatic setting that you can find on Facebook. If you select this option it will automatically restrict the individuals by keeping their details like age, location and other aspects in mind. You only have to select this particular setting besides knowing the other user details.


  1. What to do When Your Page was Blocked, Suspended, or Banned

There might be a possibility that your Facebook page faces a ban or suspension. Due to this fact, your Facebook page will be disabled and the audience will not be able to see your page. Moreover, you will not be able to log in to your specific page. There are a number of reason for your Facebook page to get banned by the Facebook authority. For example, if your page contains some violent or offensive contents that spreads terror among people, your page does not follow the set guidelines by Facebook, you page contains racial contents and many other reasons. If your Facebook page gets banned, then it will be difficult for you to get it recovered.


  1. The Reporting Person is Blocked

It has been seen most of the times that a Facebook page is visible to the audience. Amongst them all, there comes a certain user who inquiries regarding the invisibility of that specific page. In this situation you go out searching for the main reason behind this. After searching through various aspects you come along with an answer that the person reporting the issue is actually blocked from viewing your Facebook page. There are many similar situations in which many business pages faced this issue. They got along searching many aspects relating to the invisibility of their page to a particular user and got to a result which shows that the particular user was blocked at some stage.

A user can be blocked from a Facebook page for many reasons. For example, they can get banned if they post come misleading or offensive contents, they can get banned for posting spammy contents or they can be banned due to creating trouble or using abusive tone in their comments.

You can check that whether the user is on a blocked list or not. It can be done by going on the settings. Now click on the “people and other pages” option that you will find on the left side of the page. Here you will have to click on the drop-down list that appears and select “banned people and pages”. Now on your screen a list will appear that contains all those users who are banned by your page. Here it is up to you that either you unblock them or keep them in the blocked list for future.

  1. Your Page Isn’t Showing in Search

Finally, there might be a reason that your Facebook page cannot be seen in the search option. It is due to the fact that Facebook does not have a vast search criterion due to which only some of the top pages can be seen when you search them. If your Facebook page in newly created or your business page does not contain the keywords that are followed by a large number of audience, then there is a possibility that your page will not appear in the Facebook search results. In this case people will have to search on a larger scale to find out your page appearance. In addition to this, you will be required to have an excessive marketing plan and Facebook page promotional activities so that it becomes easy for the users to find out your page.

Another way to get visible on Facebook search is to choose a unique name for your business page or brand. It will become easier for users to search your page out if your page contains a unique name that is not very commonly used among others.

The most important way of getting visibility on the social network is through having a large number of followers. Having a large number of users on a page is an impressive thing. The more the number of followers, the more it will help your page to be visible on Facebook.


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.