How to Make Your Business Page Work for You


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Mastering the skill of posting content on different social media platforms is difficult task. You have the opportunity to share different information or contents that you like. You should be aware of posting the selected and informative content so that you are able to attract audience. If the audience would find it interesting, then they would have no hurdle in following you. On the other hand, it is also important that you should not post anything to an extent that your users get annoyed from your post because if your audience gets annoyed by viewing a similar post all the time then this would result in marking your page as a spam. Another important thing here is that you should create your own unique content regarding any information that your user like.

If you do not consider posting according to their choice and every time you post typical information about yourself then this would lead to a negative result and your user might think that you are self-promotional. If at any time they end up having a negative thinking about your page, then this would also result in their lack of interest which would further lead them to draw away. Similarly, when you advertise your business or brand it is important that you keep it as the point of attraction. You should not add irrelevant content in your promotional advertisement. Otherwise it would overrule the main idea. This can also misguide the users and they might possibly lose their interest.

In this context you will be able to know all the information regarding what you should post and what shouldn’t. In addition to this you will also get to know how frequently you should post different contexts on your page and also the specific areas to locate the information from. This would definitely help you out when you decide to post on your page. Some of the important guidelines are mentioned below:



A Framework Calendar

It is important to create an editorial calendar for your page. It makes the workload easier and can be helpful in managing your posts. As like other types of calendars it is also used to manage your timely updates. There are preferably two types of calendars including the editorial and content. It is up to you that either you use them singly or use them together.

In addition to this, you can choose from different options of calendars. For example, you can use a stand-alone calendar for your page or you can use a calendar managing the whole plan. This would only depend upon how much workload you have and how have you distributed your workers to perform their duties.

When you create a work calendar, you can have  a planned layout of the information that you want to post on your page. As per set schedule you can post the information on your page accordingly. It becomes easier and effective to post having a scheduled plan.

On the other hand, if in case you do not like posting according to the scheduled post then you have an open option to change the context as you desire. Here you are all free to choose whatever you like and whatever you want to post. You are also free to make adjustments of contents as you require and also updating more timely post or announcement if you require.

Therefore, it is very important to set your timings on which you post whereas the changing of content is totally up to you.

Now a question in your mind may arise here that how many times you should post on Facebook? According to a recent research, we can conclude that if you have number of followers that are less than 10,000, then it would not really have an effect if you post randomly.

On the other hand, if you have more than 10,000 followers then it is important that you should post on timely basis and according to a set schedule. This step would lead you to achieve a higher number of clicks on each post by the users.

It is highly recommended that you should post on weekly basis. It is good starting option. You can further grow from here by posting every week and then proceeding to more post. Whereas, if you post less than the recommended number you would lose your audience and their interest on your page.

A post per weekend or five days a week is considered to be a good aggregate to get established on your Facebook page. Here you have the opportunity to get engage with your audience at least once a week.

A unique and selective context plays a vital role in establishing your relationship with the existing business names on the social media. A simple way to get their attention is by sharing their content on your page. Further you can also link your content to their page which would lead you to get notices by them. With the passage of time, they will start noticing you as a respectable and trustworthy source who shares their posts dedicatedly.

You can simply let your audience decide the accurate posting time. This can be done by reviewing their comments, their reviews etc. If a follower expects more from you then it is your responsibility that you should post accordingly.

You can set up specific notches in your calendar so that it can be filled up by all the contents. You can adjust your posts accordingly on a weekly basis. It may include every Monday as you own content day, providing additional content on Tuesday and so on. You can select and post the content at the same time. Further you can mix and match the things around in order to get the responses of your audience.


Curate Your Content

If you assume that you apply a cycle of 10-posts and from those 10 posts 6 are organized contents. In this case you can further split them to 3-3 split of timely, trending content and evergreen value.

Timely trending content can be described as the content that you grab at the last minute. It is something that is tedious, and has gone viral or is expected to go viral. It is an important feature that you can share with your audience including the ones who have seen it and also the ones who have not seen it.

Evergreen value is another aspect of the content that could not be posted in the last week. On the other hand, it is great and priceless. It has the content that works as a reference or a guide that is helpful for users. This is the thing you can make use of throughout the time period including weeks and months.

Here the questions still remain unanswered. Where to find the relevant content and how to get it organized. It is worth mentioning that there are only a few places from where you can search for the content. Here you should keep in mind that you will require a number of sources. You cannot organize multiple things that a large brand does. It is important that you should be selective when choosing a content that means you should search sources from which you can curate valid content.

There are a number of sources from which you can curate valid content. These includes the big name blogs, the research performed by other entities etc.

If we take an example of the SEO industry you can go with great businesses like Moz, Hubspot and PostPlanner, service providers like HootSuite and SproutSocial, or even industry watchdogs like SearchEngineJournal and SEO Roundtable. Here you can find the greatest source of content but it is all up to you that how you make the content strong and unique.

Another good source that can be considered is the research that is performed by other businesses. These may include the research centers or smaller brands looking to get their name out there by providing data sources.

All the content that is posted in your comments is not always going to be worthy – in fact, you can find it as spam. You should consider them important and do not ignore them because it will lead to good topics which you can organize.

A great technique is to take opinion-based piece that you consider worthy and then write about the opposite opinion. You can take consider this as an experiment and then get to a conclusion if you can argue regarding the other side and similar decisions. Here you can have you experiment relate to an existing evidence. This particular activity can lead you to the same conclusion. In the end you will find it interesting and enjoyable.


 Share Your Own Content  

Facebook does not support different posts having same content. By this, you are limited to post one post per blog article. Moreover, you can hard-sell the important posts when you create them by using additional notch for the topic. Here the paid promotions are considered as helpful. For example, you can use a cheap model like oCPM and then pay for the views to the most interesting post that you posted in a particular month.


 Facebook Exclusives Content

Facebook exclusive contents are something that you can share on your Facebook page from time to time in order to get prompt attraction of your audience.  These exclusive contents include different types of interesting activities that are very useful in engaging the audience for a long period of time without losing their interest.

Apart from this there are many other social media contest sites like Gleam that provide access to a broad range of available networks. Another example includes the Facebook native offer claim ad type. It can be considered as a good one but on the other hand it requires a large budget to use it and create a contest

The first exclusive suggestion is the contests. It is a simple and easy way to engage a large number of audiences. When you provide your audience with something substantial other than the blog posts and typical contexts they will like it more and feel more interested in engaging with your page. This would also lead to a positive outcome.


Avoid Sharing Mundane Posts

There are some limitations of a business page that you must keep in mind. It includes several types of contents that you should definitely avoid posting specifically on a business page. For example, you should not post the everyday ordinary posts like food pictures, your daily routine work or your personal incidents. Some of the major limitations are mentioned below

Avoid Posting Negative Outbursts

It is not appropriate to lose your temper on social media sites including Facebook. It can have extreme negative impact on the audience. And as a result you can possibly lose your followers which would further result in losing your market position.  As a whole the venomous outburst on your Facebook page can also lead to anger of audience and would make you a controversial figure on a larger scale.

Negativity Doesn’t Get You Anywhere

When you show your negative feelings about anyone on your page, it will result as defamatory for you. Your followers will surely step back from your page because it will lead to a negative impact. Despite the fact, they will also relate you as a racist or bigot. And finally it would result disastrous for your business. Same is the case with choosing sports team, you can start up a healthy debate during a major event but it always wise not to choose sides. stay neutral and enjoy the engagement.

Avoid Sharing Personal Information

It is not suitable to provide any kind of personal information on your business page. For example, information like buying of a new car, your travel stories etc. to your followers. This will also have a negative impact and will be considered as unprofessional gesture.

It is very important that you should maintain your professional image and professional disguise. Here every information that you update strives towards constructing an audience rather than drawing them away.


About the Author


Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.