How to Make Your Facebook Fan Page More Visible

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If you use Facebook for communicating with your customers and new people, you will agree that over the past few years, the visibility of pages is dropping. You can notice that by posting anything on your page that only few hundred from thousands of followers like the post and even few of them comment. So what’s the benefit of using Facebook when you can’t spread your message to all of your followers? The leading online experts have found a lot of ways to increase their online visibility in order to solve this issue. You can also use their techniques for making your presence felt by your audience in following ways:

Understand the EdgeRank and Reach your audience

Having a Facebook fan page with thousands of followers seem interesting but what if you can only reach few hundred of them? That sounds really bad! But this is what happening with all of Facebook page owners from few years. Only a little number of your followers can see your posts; not all of them. This is because this little number is the combined reach of your post which contains three types of reach;

  1. Organic reach:

This means those people who see your posts the time you post them. It is simple as that! There are no third person or websites involved in the reach and the users of Facebook just see your post on their news feed. No complex issues at all!

  1. Paid reach:

The paid reach includes the people for whom you pay to Facebook in order to be visible. The amount of money spend per paid reach depends on the post and content in the post.

  1. Viral reach:

This is the type of reach in which Facebook users see the post when any of the above group of Facebook users shares the original post. These people view the shared posts and not the original posts from your page from where it generated.

This is right in some ways but many people think it’s wrong. It is right in the sense that if your posts are shown to everyone in Facebook who follow you, your organic reach will become 100% of your all followers. Then your paid reach will be zero as there will be no need to pay to Facebook. The viral reach will include Facebook users who are not your followers but they see your posts because any of their friends shared it. This is a tactic to earn more money and that is the reason Facebook has cut back on organic reach so that page owners have to pay Facebook.

So how does Facebook determine which users see the post and which users don’t? This is where the concept of EdgeRank originated. It is an algorithm used by Facebook to determine who should see the post and from where the post should be omitted. The EdgeRank works on few factors that are described below:


It means that older posts will be hidden from the news feed and only new and recent posts will show up.

Post type

This means the type of post you intend to do; whether it is image, links, text or videos, every one of these posts has its own preference in Facebook terms. Some types are more visible whereas some are less!


If Facebook  a user  interacts with any specific page , he will see the posts from that page whereas any follower of that page who hasn’t visited the page from a long time will be unable to see posts from the page. So Facebook determines the connection of users with pages and act accordingly.

If you combine all of these concepts, you will understand the working of Facebook clearly. This way you can manipulate the terms of Facebook for your benefits as you know from where you can start! You can follow below steps for using Facebook in your best benefits:

  • Post from time to time so that your timeliness is not decayed and your posts can become visible to your followers on Facebook.
  • Post every type of content on Facebook; from text, images, videos and links to everything that you can use to add weight and draw attention of your audience.
  • Make sure you are engaging your followers on Facebook so that an active connection can help users see your posts frequently.

But how can you achieve these goals on Facebook? That’s an important question which needs to be answered so find it here:

Post fresh content frequently

If timeliness is one of the most basic components of EdgeRank, this means you need to take care of that factor. You should post on Facebook with a frequency that your audience don’t miss any post. Always post fresh content which is visible to everyone on Facebook. Add new links and avoid sharing old posts and links as Facebook will automatically set their preference to lower level and users will not see those links. A brand new topic and content is what you need to do every time you want to post something. One post a day is enough but there is no hard and fast rule for this as you know your audience better than anyone and you must analyze this on your own. An active Facebook page is followed by more people so be active and be prepared.

Avoid spamming

If you want go in the flow of timeliness, don’t forget that excess of everything is bad. Don’t post so frequently that you earn spammer label! Even if Facebook doesn’t recognize it, your users will feel bad as they don’t want updates about your business or products every time they open their Facebook profile.

Posts on peak times

If you are posting new updates on your Facebook page but nobody is online from your followers, you can miss the chance to be visible. As when your followers will come online, Facebook will push your posts to lower preference due to the time difference. Always analyze your audience and post when they are using Facebook. Although you cannot track every one of your follower but you can determine for example most of the teenagers are online in night but businessmen are not! So time your posts to perfect moments to get best visibility on Facebook.

Running Ads

If you want to boost engagement of your post, you can use basic ad campaign which is focused on your specific post. Facebook allows the page owners to use access button which can create unfocused ad campaign around the post but the first option is better one. It will benefit you in long run and once you understand how it works, you will use it in best possible ways.

Post variety of content for Facebook users

People like variety in everything so it is similar for Facebook posts too! You can post images, videos, content and links that engage the users of your page. Some people will be interested in watching videos whereas some will only read your blogs or click on the images posted. So there are different types of Facebook users and you can please all of them by giving them variety in your Facebook page posts.

Route engagement contests on Facebook

The engagement of your page followers is the most important thing for success of your page. Running contests is a great way to engage more and more followers on your page. For example, you can run a photo contest for a coupon of your products which are available online on your website. This will excite the followers and they will take part in the contest for winning that coupon. You can also make it a routine to run contests weekly or monthly so your followers will expect such contests and will try to become a part of such promotions.

Don’t forget to include Humor

Humor is prerequisite of any successful Facebook page! According to surveys, people respond to humorous posts on Facebook more. Sharing depressing content with your users might attract few of them but the chances are that people don’t like to face negativity on Facebook. They love to talk about what’s funny and what made them laugh. Post fun related content from time to time even if you have a professional Facebook page as it will keep your followers busy with your posts.

Always get back to your followers

If you want your followers to comment on your page and open your page for more updates each day, don’t forget to attend them individually. Although it’s not possible to talk to thousands of followers but posting engaging posts and then replying to the comments of maximum people will build your trust among them. If your users feel unheard, they will definitely not like posts in future. Take criticism positively and be social with your followers.

Customize previews of your links

When you post a link to your blog or website on Facebook, it generates a preview automatically. But you can also control how your blog is shown to your audience by adding Meta tags to your site. You can change the title of your post, add description and change the image too. So you can improve how your posts will look on your Facebook page or when you share them.

Hannah Jane Parkinson