Make your Facebook Page/Profile Appealing

Facebook is the gigantic social media platform with more than 2 billion users all over the world.  Facebook is medium through which people make contacts with others including friends, family and other relatives more easily without the hurdle of time or distance. However, looking at the same status again and again would be exhausted. Everybody is trying to create ways to make their status updates more and more interesting. For instance if we follow certain tips to make it more interesting it would be worthy:

  1. Entertainment is What they want

Try to follow more interesting and smart ways to interpret your everyday statues. To catch the attention of readers you need to be very tricky and selective. You can also add some poetry relevant to your status to make it more attractive. Either write something in detail with example or simply skip minute details to create a suspense or mystery. Moreover a little maneuver would catch your friend’s attention and motivate them to write feedback unless you solve the mystery by yourself.

  1. Look for engagement and initiate

Posting your daily routine tasks would only create monotony in others mind ultimately loses their interests. So talk about new hobby or any recent thrilling tasks. For instance hobbies like hang gliding, training as a peashooter, performing a first concert as a musician, posting pictures of the unbelievable element of artwork, or verdict about an innovative leisure pursuit that your friends take part in etc. Mostly friends demonstrate eager concerns in supporting other friends regarding new and interesting hobbies and actions, so posting such things would cheer them to give support and push you whenever needed.

  1. Post short, precise and interesting updates frequently

Extended posts seems boring and uninteresting while if they would polish before posting things would be better as people in their busy routines are enable to give time to reading. Instead, if the posts would be short with fascinating words it automatically catches the eye and allows the reader to wait for the next post anxiously.

  1. Post media and embed videos

Adding up such things as images videos or links to demonstrate your updates, people would more easily see what you are up to. For instance if you are on vocations posting a picture related to that trip would increase others interest. Or posting a song that you may like or sharing any cooking recipe by directly adding you tube link would boost up your likes. Adding direct links would let others feel relevance and ultimately support that link for any reason afterwards. Moreover posting other relevant information would help people to learn extra things that would be important and helpful for them at any time in life.

  1. Create positive ambiance throughout

People are interested in Facebook for various reasons but no one wants to see boring or depressing things as everyone has their own worries in life. So try to post things that are soothing appealing and comfortable to the mind .apart from that a rare update about any sad incident would be appropriate to certain extend. Extension of such things would ultimately lose your friends interest in any of your posts.

  1. Post something interesting like jokes or quotations.

If you find something interesting others would also share same feelings. But in case if the jokes or other items would be in written form that is easily understandable to all audience.  Sharing of quotations seems influential as well, in case you are searching for details either go for quotes or share jokes that are relevant.

  1. Don’t hesitate in asking questions

Try to find various views regarding something even if it’s just a movie that you saw recently. Never hesitate in taking other opinions or asking questions about anything. Conversation that starts from a scratch would ultimately bring new horizons of discussion for all that lead to good out comings. As exchange of opinion is a best form of communication and it will facilitate the updates if taken in the right manner.

  1. Posts empty blanks to fill

Squat updates are more tempting

For instance “one of the best day of my life was——,”or if I could get the opportunity to change something in my life, it would most probably be——.”Let the people to guess and attempt good answers. This seems to be the best way to indulge people in your posts. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to let people curiosity alive and engage them for later posts.

  1. Insert code language

Instead of using the typical smiley faces or other symbols. It’s better to add other symbols to make your posts more tempting. More often people uses symbols like heart, king’s crown ,animals, musical instruments or flower etc. Facebook itself have many symbols to use. In case you won’t find any otherwise there are specific websites where people search different symbols more conveniently. This will help them learn to add more emotions into their posts. For instance is a good website and ASII art is also helpful. The symbols on these websites are beautiful, unique and tend to stimulate people to give their feedback.

  1. Frequent updates are not practical

People posts so much on Facebook that it seems as if someone open fire on wall. So much of images, videos and other status updates would ultimately loose audience for long. Nobody later would like to even look at your posts. So if you want to keep people’s interest make sure not to over burden their eyes with your posts. Just focus on few relevant and interesting updates. It is not wise posting every single item without taking into account its target audience.

In a nutshell, observing these ten steps would really bring a change in your likes and keep your audience interest alive for long. Moreover give respect to your audience just by giving response to their queries or posts. In this way Facebook would provide a two-ways communication forum that ultimately leads to increase audience interests and drastic change in number of audience as well. It will help your page to sky rocket and increase your fan following.