Make Good Use of Instagram’s Video Feature

Everybody knows that Instagram is owned by Facebook. Facebook is known as being one of the largest social networking sites, having over millions of users around the world Facebook acquired Instagram in April 2012.

Instagram is very famous among many users for photo sharing. There is no doubt that it is one of the main features of Instagram for which it is most famous around the world. And this is not the limit.

Over the years Instagram has rapidly grown up providing a number of different features and applications to the users. Along with the photo sharing, Instagram has also grown up into an app for video-sharing also. So you cannot say that it is just limited to the photo-sharing only. With the passage of time, the number of video making and then sharing of those videos have increased a lot. Many users prefer creating different types of videos using Instagram. And this number is still increasing day by day.

Due to this particular fact Instagram has given a very tough and back-to-back competition to “Vine”. This is the video-sharing application of Twitter. All this happened in just a short span of time that Instagram marked its place among the other available app providers.

According to a recent survey conducted in April 2017, the total number of Instagram users increased to a total of 700 million users on a monthly basis. This number comprised of the total active users who use Instagram for photo sharing as well as for sharing their videos which they have created. The number of users is still increasing rapidly day by day. This is another fact that makes Instagram stand out among the other available social media networking sites.

 Instagram and Video Sharing

Instagram is rapidly building up into a very purposeful and handy video sharing as well as a photo sharing platform these days. This is not only used by the Facebook users. Many users use it all over the world due to its great features.

Nowadays many individuals as well as many large businesses use Instagram for sharing different images and videos. I have seen many businesses including some large businesses which have already started using the newly launched video feature on Instagram. The use this specific feature fearlessly in order to market their businesses, their brands or products and their services etc.

This trend is increasing day by day. Many people including individuals, marketers, business men etc. are using Instagram to market their businesses and products these days. One of the major advantages that nobody can deny is having the strength of Facebook users. Today Facebook has over millions of active users all around the world. With over millions users Instagram has got great benefit out of it. Due to this fact, Instagram videos are touching some new heights.

In my point of view the newly launched video feature of Instagram is just similar to a self-explanatory tool that is used by the existing users. Many users and marketers are currently using this video feature as one of a viral marketing tactic on the social media network. The video feature of Instagram has also overcome the TV commercials.  This is because whenever you plan to see a particular video on Instagram you can view it instantly.

In this way you have an instant access to different videos which are shared by the online communities and also from all those users who are following you on your Instagram account. If you compare the video features of Instagram with Vine you will get to know that Instagram is totally more dynamic than the video features of Vine. Apart from this, Instagram video features are also more entertaining and more advanced than the features available on Vine.

Vine vs. Instagram Video

Instagram and Vine both have emerged as the great social media platforms. If we compare both social networks that is the Instagram and Vine with each other there is some differences among both of them. The first major difference between Instagram and Vine is that Instagram has a total of 700 million monthly active users. This number of users is still increasing on a daily basis. Whereas, on Vine there are around 40 million registered users. Now this is quite a lot of different among both the social media channels.

Another major difference among Instagram and Vine is that Instagram offers you to create a 15 seconds video. Whereas on Vine this limit decreases to a total of 6 seconds only. This means that you can only create a video on Vine that is up to a total of 6 seconds. I think that this limit is too low. And this is a huge difference which differentiates both the social media channels.

So due to this fact also many users prefer Instagram over Vine because it provides you with a lot more video duration.

Apart from this, there are many other features that are offered by Instagram. You can take a lot of advantage by using all those available features. I have mentioned some of those important features which you can use and take advantage.

What you can implement by using Instagram’s video Feature

Videos about Tutorial

You can create different tutorial videos using Instagram and share among the users. These can include different guidelines, procedures, lessons and many similar things.

 Brand Introduction

This mainly includes the information regarding to your product or brand. This can also be about your businesses. These types of videos mainly include different types of reviews, comparisons and many other things.

Behind the Scenes video

You can create some videos from behind the stage scenes too. If you are conducting any event, a song, or drama etc. then you can capture some of the scenes which took place while making them.

The display of your products or brand in a video: You can display your products or brand to the audiences by creating a video. In this video you can show the images of your products or brand and also its features. You can further convert these images into a video.

In addition to this, there are many more ways in which you can use Instagram video features. One of the major ways is to use Instagram video feature is to use it as a tool for online marketing. This can relate to the marketing of your business, your products or services or your brand. Believe me, this is a great way of getting the attention of your audiences instantly.

I have mentioned some useful tips and tricks for you. You can use the following tips and tricks to get the most benefit out of the video-feature provided by Instagram.

Understand your target market

Understanding your target market or your target audiences is one important aspect. You must know about who or what you are targeting? Where are you targeting? Why are you targeting? Why would the users be interested in watching your video?

Before starting off with anything you must ask these questions from yourself. This is one of the major steps that you must consider before you start. After considering all these important aspects you really need to have a fine decision.

Now if I was at your place and planning to start using Instagram video feature I would firstly try to focus on targeting the youth or the youngsters. Now there is an important reason behind his thought. I am saying this because the youngsters have a fresh mind and they are more trendy and optimistic than any other target group.

These youngsters take any new invention or any type of innovation very positively.

So, it is better to start off with anything new by targeting the youngsters.

Make your things flow in an appropriate pattern

This aspect plays a vital role. You need to get everything in order before you start otherwise you will end up having nothing at your hand. And at the time you have started using Instagram for making up your videos and targeting your audiences then it is very important for you to manage everything. It is important for you to look out for all the related aspects and then make sure that everything flows in a relevant pattern. You need to manage everything so well that everything flows very smoothly from the start till the end. You must also avoid getting off your planned track in any point of your video.

Make worthy use of Instagram tools

There are numerous Instagram tools which are available for your use. You can use some of the particular tools in order to enhance your videos. By using different useful tools you can improve the quality of the videos which you have created. And you can also enhance the appearance of your videos too. These tools are very effective. In order to use different features of Instagram effectively you need to be a good videographer.

Only a good videographer is able to create some unique and eye-catching videos. And then upload them on Instagram for the viewers to watch them and enjoy.

Now if you are not a videographer yourself then it is better that you hire an experienced person for this work. The can create some good videos for you.

Raise your video’s entertainment and creativity bar to the fullest: Nowadays people enjoy watching entertaining videos more rather than a boring one. I have seen most of the users who prefer watching the videos that have some good and creative effects. Here you must make sure that you present an original content to your audiences.

Spark a little debate to gain more likes

This is another option which you can use. I will suggest you to be moderate while using this particular option. Just remember that you must never overdo it otherwise you will have a lot of negative effects.

Some Insights about Instagram’s Video Feature.


There are various features of newly launched video tool of Instagram. I have mentioned some of the important features below:

Video Length: Total duration of 15 seconds.

Editing Capability: Partial editing of the video is supported.

Facebook In-Line Viewing Capability: Users can watch different Instagram videos within Facebook. It is just similar to watching a particular video on any other social media channel like the YouTube or on Facebook Media Player videos.

Video Filters: Custom photo filters on Instagram are available. Along with this the users can also add filters to their videos too.

App Integration: The video tool is connected with Instagram app. Users can mostly get an access to it very easily. This can be accessed at the time when users update the native application of their Instagram account.

Cover Image Feature: This is another useful feature available on Instagram. You can choose stills from your videos. After choosing different stills you can use those images as the cover photo for the same videos. Now you will see that it really helps out. It gives a good impression to the viewer’s when they see it for the first time.

4 Steps to Generate Revenue from Instagram’s New Video Feature

Step#1: Generate a short and briefing product demo with FAQs

Videos or visual contents are considered as more effective than any other communication mean. Videos help users to understand any kind of topic whether it is a general one or any complicated one. I recommend you to make short videos in which you can give some description of your products, services or brand. You can even give different information about your business which you are running. This will bring out some great benefits for you. Along with this you can also include some important FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) in your videos. Trust me this will surely give a great resource to your users. As a result of this they will possibly become your loyal customers. Believe me, Instagram video feature is a great tool to market your brand over the internet.

Example: An artist displaying his/her new paintings.

 Step#2: Establish a portfolio

Well I will not recommend you to use an old and boring style of having Portfolio images.

These have become history. Be creative. Try creating some unique videos instead.

Example: A makeup artist doing makeup on models.

Step#3: Introduce particular offers, discounts, packages, events and etc.

Always introduce some special offers like discount coupons, deals and similar things. You can present these offers using a video. This is a great way to attract a maximum number of audiences.

Example: A web developer holding one-day free workshop.

Step#4: Engage audience on Facebook and other social networking portals

Try to engage more on social media network by uploading the videos which you have created. You can use any social channel for this purpose like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and YouTube etc.

Example: A marketer advertising through different social media channels.