Make Multiple Ad Accounts on Facebook Following these Easy Steps


Are you thinking of creating multiple ad accounts on Facebook?

If yes, then there are various ways to create your multiple ad accounts and also some important guidelines which you can get from this article. I have mentioned some of the important guidelines below.

If you want create your multiple Facebook ad accounts, then there are basically two ways in which you can create these ad accounts. The first way includes the method that is lawful, certified, and also a very restricted method.

On the other hand, the second method is just opposite to it. The second method is probably an unrestricted as well as an unobstructed one. Now this is something that is quite dangerous. It is just because the second method is totally unsafe because it does not have any particular limitations or control. Moreover, if we see it as a technical point of view it is also considered against the Facebook ads terms of use and also against the Facebook guidelines.

Limits of Facebook

Facebook is one of the most famous social media channel. As like every other network or system there are some limitations and guidelines too which are set by the Facebook authority. Some of these limitations are related to terms of use, marketing, contents and also related to ads and many other things. These are some of the natural limitations and restrictions which Facebook has set for the users. I have picked out a piece from the Facebook terms of use and guidelines and also discussed some of the most common limitations or restrictions which you can face while using your Facebook account for different purposes.

According to Facebook, “You can be an admin, advertiser, or analyst on up to 25 ad accounts if the account owner or admin gives you those permissions. Keep in mind that when you create a campaign on Facebook for the first time with your personal Facebook login, you’ll be the owner of that new ad account. You can own one ad account at a time”.

From this piece of information, you can an idea about three things. The first and the most important aspect relates to the fact that if you are using your Facebook account then you can become the admin of up to a total of 25 Facebook accounts at a single time. And not more than a total of 25 Facebook accounts. The second aspect is related to the fact that you are permitted to own only a single Facebook account at a particular time. You are not allowed to own multiple Facebook accounts on your name. The third and the last important aspect relates to the fact that “admin” and “owner” are two different terms. Being an admin of a particular Facebook page does not mean that you have become the owner of that page and vice versa.

The Completely Legitimate Method

How can I manage my multiple Facebook ad accounts?

This is a question that I know you might be thinking at this point. Well, you do not need to worry about this thing.

There are a number of different ways and apps. These apps can easily manage your several ad accounts on Facebook. These different methods are generally put into practice by Facebook authority itself. One of the most important and rightful method to manage your multiple ad accounts on Facebook is by using the Facebook business manager. It has become the most famous and vital source these days by which you can manage a large number of your ad accounts very easily.

The Facebook business manager is basically a great feature as well as a business platform. It is premeditated mainly for all those companies, organizations or agencies which comprise of a large number of users or customers. Let’s take an example here if you are running a local advertising agency and further working with four to five other local businesses. In this case you can easily manage all the ads of those four or five companies. You just need to use the Facebook business manager for this purpose and you can easily manage all the ads.

Many large and famous companies like Coca Cola, Dell, and Adidas etc. use the Facebook business manager in order to manage their social media accounts very efficiently.

Ad Manager on Facebook

You can get numerous benefits by using the Business manager for managing multiple Facebook ad accounts. One of the great aspects of the Facebook Business manager is that it is not just limited to the large businesses or agencies. Rather you can also use it if you are an individual or running a business that is on a smaller scale. There are no such limitations for its use. It just depends upon your work needs or requirements. For example, if you want to use the business manager for your business or organization. Then you can have one business manager account which you can link to any of the Facebook account that you want. Further you can also link that business manager to an Instagram account. In this way you will have a large number of audiences and different users too.

Now you can easily manage both the Facebook as well as the Instagram ad account just by using the business manager. In addition to this, if you are an individual or running a small business then you can also run the ads for a single business too. There is no such restriction in running the ads for a single business. You just need to make sure of one important thing and that is to install more than one payment method for it. Otherwise probably you might face some complications in getting your payments from other businesses.

Another useful aspect of the Business manager is that it can host a maximum number of 5 ad accounts. This is the maximum number of ad accounts which you can host and not more than this. You may face a denial if you request more than 5 ad accounts. Now this relates to the limitations which I have already mentioned above. This means that you are only permitted to own one ad account. Moreover, you can become the admin of up to 25 Facebook ad accounts. Only a maximum of five ad accounts can be added to the business manager.

In addition to this, if I talk about some of the restrictions or limitations over here. Then I can fairly say that most of these restrictions are probably hard to intuit at some points.

I am not saying that these restrictions or limitations are useless but in many cases these restrictions cannot be set as required. Let’s say for example if any of the Facebook ad account is already included as an asset to a business manager of a particular user. Then in this case you are not permitted to use that specific ad account while using your own business manager. Now this is something that is very important and which you need to understand.

This is not the end. There is always a possibility of doing it. If you really want to include an existing Facebook ad account to your business manager, then there are some ways in which you can do it. First of all, you can ask or request for the for the access of the existing ad account which you want. This is considered as one of the simplest as well as a useful way. In this way you can probably get the permission to transfer the control from a single Facebook account to the other one. An important thing that you must remember here is that you are only allowed to include a single ad account.

This ad account must be from your personal Facebook account. On the other hand, you can also create a new ad account by using the business manager. If you are creating one from the business manager, then make sure that it is not connected with your personal Facebook account.

An important thing that you must note here is that if you are planning to create an ad account while using the business manager. Then that particular account will be considered as a part of the business manager from which you have created the account. Moreover, you cannot transfer that particular ad account to your personal Facebook profile or any other individual user. The ad account which you have created can only be transferred by using another business manager.

How to Create Another Facebook Account?

If you are running a single Facebook account on your name, then it is a great thing. It is just according to the Facebook laws. I am sure that you do not want to get reported or banned by the Facebook authority do you? No one wants to. So it is better that you create only a single Facebook account on your name . You can use it for different purposes.

On the other hand, if you already have a Facebook account but planning to create another one. You must be aware that it is totally against the Facebook rules and regulations.

I do not want you to get into trouble by creating another Facebook account. That can be dangerous.

I have seen some people who do not follow the rules and regulations set by the Facebook authority. They end up creating their multiple accounts. They create these multiple accounts by using different names and use it for different purposes. That can be both good or bad.

I will not recommend you to create a second Facebook account. It is because if at any point Facebook authority notices this issue or catches you doing this. Then they can take a strict action against you as per their rules. As a result of this you can face a life time ban or removal of your second Facebook account. Or it can be both. Moreover, the Facebook authority also has the rights to suspend your access to the ads entirely. Which are present on your primary account. In most of the cases Facebook also has the right to ban both your primary as well as your second or third account which you have created.

The Precautions

Now if in any case you have created a second Facebook account then you must take some precautions too. First of all, it is very important that all the information which you are going to include while creating your second. Facebook account must be different from your primary account. Avoid giving any clues. For this purpose, you need a new profile, a unique but real name, a real geographical location or your company address. Also any other information that you want to include. Just try to act normal so that people do not get to know.

If I talk about the technical point of view, then you must use different kind of data. In addition to this you must try to use a different IP address too. Otherwise Facebook will assume that you are the same person having multiple accounts. You must also set up different proxy settings as well.

Proxy Tool on Facebook

Try to restrict the proxy settings for your second Facebook account. There are mainly two reasons behind this fact. Firstly, using a free proxy might end up getting your account to be banned by Facebook. It is because another person might have used it too.

Secondly, there are some issues which are related to the free proxies. For example, your secret information can probably be stolen like your personal information or your financial information. In addition to this due to the free proxies your identity can be harmed as well. So it is better that you restrict them.

It is also important that you change your personal or business information on your second Facebook account too. You must include a different location or business address. A different phone number and also a different email address as well.

Moreover, you must also include a different payment information and method too. Try using a different bank account or a different credit card for payment. You can also use some different payment channels like the PayPal as well.

Now if you are done with all the information. I have mentioned above you can start using the Facebook ads by using your second Facebook account.