Make your Twitter Click Through Rates Skyrocket!


Twitter has become a very famous social media platform where millions of users exchange opinions and inspirational quotes. Sadly, there is one set back just this character limit. This is one thing that halts the usage of Twitter on a greater extent. Thus, Facebook surpasses Twitter in this. It doesn’t mean that people have stopped using Twitter. Twitter has its own perks and significant features that shouldn’t be ignored.

This is platform people use to share their opinion and their passions. It really gives you an insight about what’s going on in your industry and it really helps in growing your brand awareness. Another perk of Twitter is that you can provide quick customer service to your clients and customers.

It helps you to connect effectively with your existing customers as well as potential customers. 85% of the users worldwide said that it is vital that companies provide Twitter Customer services. It helps grow your business and ease the communication between customer and company.

Despite the fact that twitter has become the most influential tool to reach out potential customers, but ultimately not all companies experience the same success in this place. Certainly, tweets can easily go beneath the surface and suffer from low click rates unless special tricks are observed to stimulate customers interest. This gives the customers a solid base to discover company’s insight in different ways. Following five reasons boost the demand and accommodate to a large division of twitter residents.

  1. Use rational thinking while dealing with social labels

Social labels like hashtags have long been a foundation for twitter users. There are many people who still use ambiguous hashtags that are less familiar with general users. In business hashtags are very commonly uses to deliver messages to large audiences. For practical purposes like businesses hidden or ambiguous hashtags cannot be used. Moreover, in business for marketing purposes more than two hashtags cannot be used as it doesn’t portray a well mage of that firm.

For instance, a tweet about men’s shirt it’s a good idea to use a label like “MensShirts” and “shirts.”  Stay away from using such labels a MS or other abbreviations, as many abbreviations are having same meaning that sometimes dissolve the real message in them.

  1. Keywords plays a major role

Keywords play a very important role in various search engine practices and marketing campaigns.  This keywords selection approach suits twitter as well. Users of the site have access to a tweet search function that is balanced with Google in terms of precision, significance, and simplicity of use. Selection of relevant keyword is very influential for product promotion and for the company ultimately the tweet will enjoy better click-through rates and even better conversions.

  1. Choose the best possible time to tweet

Although people tweet all day but it doesn’t mean that they click links all day long. A recent search demonstrates that more people are engage in clicking at late afternoon hours than in the morning or other time.  This is just a generalization not a true fact or reality as it changes or varies with the company, the nature to its customers and other related factors.

The matter of fact is that business should make a detail survey of when people are more likely to tweet or click on their links. Consequently, they should first publish new tweets than they would be able to maximize customer attention and boost their overall click rates.

You can find out when is your highest traffic time and Tweet at that time. It will really help you to increase click through rates. For example, in the entire world it is best to Tweet in business hours. Since this it is the perfect time where most people are online. On Weekends you can choose any time of day, I would always suggest that evening time is best.

The language should be plain and simple to be easily understood by general public.


  1. Be extra careful while tweeting about company information

First of all, businesses have a lot of things to say about their valued products, and secondly they have great ideas that they think would attract and boost their customers. Most often this would bring a range of customers that come to tweet and fill up the feed. Despite the fact that tweets attract the customers . On the other hand a number of tweets at the same time by many business firms will automatically loose customer’s interest in them. Moreover, they easily switch to other tweets or messages that they found better and more interesting. Thus ultimately results in low click rates and company’s inability to achieve their target demographics.

Posting something that isn’t true is exactly not the best thing for your company. Let me explain by an example, if your store is offering 10% discount on all sale items. If you accidentally post that it’s 15% then you will be in hot water. The main reason is misinformation and luring customers by giving them false information. Remember you might be able to delete it from your account. In the world of internet a Tweet and a single posts stays forever. A screen shot is you worst enemy.

On the contrary it’s better to always post the tweet with hour’s intervals rather minute’s intervals. This would keep the customer interest and detain their attention for long. This would raise their click rates and boost their market.

  1. Follow Tweet under certain limit

Twitter generally allows 140 characters per tweet but this seems too big for some regular usage. Many studies regarding marketing indicates that people are mostly interested in tweets that are not more than 120 or 130 characters. Both the things are almost related to each other. They don’t have a huge difference but still the surveyed differed for different businesses.

Twitter can be converted into a company’s online outreach but with proper with careful deliberation of a tweet’s length, the time it’s being posted, and how long it has been since the company last issued a tweet to its followers. All it takes is to follow proper guideline but before properly analyzing customer’s behavior.