Make Twitter Your Marketing Buddy; All the Reasons Why!


Twitter has been here in the social media race for quite a while now and it’s here to stay. There are some limitations though, the first and foremost is character limit. It is also good when you want to be to the point. Many celebrities use Twitter on daily basis and get thousands of tweets daily. I also love to tweet sometimes about what I had for breakfast. Usually the tweet goes like this ‘Had wonderful cup of coffee while everyone was asleep’.

On a serious note, Twitter is a very vital mechanical part if you want to market your content. It seems pretty far-fetched idea to convey your message in 140 characters. Usually I tweet more than 14 times a day to get my message through. It is not required though. You can squeeze your message in character limit and still get results. The technique is to use twitter efficiently and effectively.


Use Twitter as a Starting Point

 Twitter has a reputation of being the last platform anyone wants to use for marketing. It has to change because the limitations outweigh benefits. You have to make Twitter a permanent part of your marketing strategy and keep on working on it if you really want to get maximum fruit out of it.

Many companies have understood the need of social media marketing and they have already started off with Facebook and probably experimented with YouTube or a blog. This is not enough. I said in my previous article that every platform should be tried and the best should be worked on.

Although some of you might have used Facebook, Instagram or YouTube—you might ask the question that what’s missing?

Let me answer that, what’s missing is the Network Component of your marketing strategy. In order for the marketing strategy to work for and increase sales, your content as in Images, Videos and text has to circulate all over the social media. The more it circulates the more it will get engagement and re-sharing and this re-sharing will result more circulation. Every heard something going viral overnight? Only a hundred times

Once I woke up in January 2017 and this Turkish butcher had become a sensation. All due to his creative skills in marketing and circulation all over the internet. Whichever platform I logged into, there was his meme. There was a huge number of people commenting and sharing.

I have boiled it down to three reasons why you should get Twitter to kick start the marketing of your content.

Reason 1

Twitter is proved to be the fastest way to build relevant audience and followers. The main reason is that you have a huge opportunity to interact and engage with people who are valuable to your business. They are your potential customers and fellow influencers of your industry. You need to connect with both of them in order to get maximum results out of your effort. You can follow them and even if they choose not to follow you, you can still convey your message. This is what you can’t do on Facebook or LinkedIn. They have to follow you back in order to get updates from you.

Reason 2

Now another major reason for me to suggest Twitter is the ability to find relevant people easily. One good resource is Twellow, which is a sort of Yellow Pages for Twitter. You can also use Advanced Twitter Search which many people are not familiar with. You can use both of them to attract the attention of users related to your business.

Reason 3

Last but not least, if you are doing a great job interacting and developing relationships on Twitter, your audience will also show interest in you. Don’t worry if they don’t show interest in the start, they will eventually. You just have to keep on trying and working towards promoting your content. Once they visit and see your content the chances of them responding to your content will get higher.

 Twitter as a Source of Content

Twitter is a social media site that is set up for micro-blogging. Users post updates, called “tweets,” of up to 140 characters. Any users choosing to “follow” you on Twitter will be able to see your tweets.

Surely, tweets feel more useful if you know there is someone out there reading and responding to them. There are many ways to get more followers on Twitter. Just Make sure your Twitter profile is public. Otherwise, other users may never be able to find you. You can also direct people to your Twitter profile from your other profiles (e.g. Facebook, blogs). You just have to Tweet more often and on a schedule. Post content that is more meaningful and purposeful to other users. Never forget to follow the ones who follow you.

Twitter Updates

There is a lot of pressure these days to come up with ideas that result in interesting content. When you stop trying you get way behind the line. Twitter also helps you in this context. Any update or breaking news is first posted on Twitter. Many politicians post updates on their Twitter profile for general public which gets numerous tweets. Not a single day goes by when you don’t see a tweet about the weather to start with. These tweets are also about political events and sports as well. If you really want to get maximum attention you should try posting news updates.

These news updates are the best way to get attention of your followers. If you really want to seem professional on Twitter, refrain from celebrity gossip and sounding like a tabloid.

You can engage a wider audience by tweeting greetings on your Twitter account for example on New Year or any other holiday. Inspirational quotes and sayings also get tons of engagement and they are best way to attract the attention of your audience.

 Sharing Content from Other Resources

there are other sources available for you to share on twitter. You can collect excellent content online that someone else produced and share it on your Twitter account.

You should curate a list of your best teachers on the internet … the people you respect as thought leaders and captains of your industry. If you follow this list, it should be a better source of content ideas than any RSS feed you could establish because you are not only seeing their ideas, but the important links and developments they are following. You can fix a day of the week to post content from these people. This will give your audience something to look forward to on every Tuesday or Thursday or whichever day you plan to make these posts.


It is not easy coming up with engaging and relevant content to tweet every day sometimes twice or thrice a day. You can really lighten your burden by re-tweeting content form other people that you really liked in the past. It is always best to keep a designated folder on your computer for this type of content and from time to time you can tweet it. This will help to build your audience. By retweeting you can not only engage your audience but you will also attract the audience of the person you retweeted from.

If you retweet from someone, it really means that you adore them or their words enough to share it on your page. I really enjoy keeping a collection of inspirational quotes to get me through bad days. You can do it too. People really enjoy reading good words and something to lift their spirits on a rainy day—I don’t mean literally.

Social Proof

This is a term used for posts that are approved by general public. Let me explain it with a simple example; you want to look for places you should visit in Vienna, then comes your search results showing results that are blog posts. one is retweeted 2 times and the other is retweeted 300 times. Which one will you read?  I am pretty sure the one with 300 retweets.

It really doesn’t matter how complicated or well-written the blog post it. We as humans have to follow what others are doing. Like these fads and one hit wonders we come across every other day. Thousands of examples are all around us for example the song Despacito has 2 billion views. Now don’t tell me all those people who have listened to the song understand that language or like this genre of music.

We are beings of comfort. Everyone wants to follow what’s comfortable to us and others around us. We don’t like taking risks when it comes to purchasing. If you are introducing something really out of the ordinary you have to really work hard to promote it via content. Take an example from the ad campaigns magazine run to promote fashion. They set up collaborations with brands and promote their products. This is also a great way of marketing, you can always collaborate with the big fish of captains of your industry and come up with a mutual ad campaign.

This way both of the brands can exchange their audience and double or triple their audience. The more people watch your content the more you get chances of increased sales. I mean this is the sole purpose of marketing, right?

Tweets & Likes

You might ask what are the most powerful and influential factor to increase the response of your audience—Tweet or Likes on Facebook?

In my opinion it is relatively easy to attain more tweets than Likes on Facebook. Especially if you are running tons of corporate content.

I have mentioned before that Facebook is a platform that people use to connect to their family and friends on daily basis. People share posts about birthday parties and graduations. Twitter is less personal and more corporate. Facebook posts are more personal and relevant to family life or work life of a person.

Twitter is quite diverse in terms of sharing of content. Don’t get me wrong Facebook is also very effective when it comes to marketing. It is better to try both platforms and see what works best for you.

How to Achieve Level of Social Proof?

You can use the services from the internal network to achieve a higher level of social proof. For example, if I get an email from my client suggesting tweets for the week and they are in sync with the tweets I normally share. I would never mind sharing them. You can also activate your employees in your content plan.

SEO Perks!

Google is acknowledging and rewarding the validation that is a result of social sharing. Give me one reason why Google shouldn’t do so—can’t come up with a single reason.

The content that goes viral via Twitter is a crystal clear sign that you are doing something sign. One of the reason is that it is not easy to push start a weak content train on Twitter.

It is a sign that your content is strong as well as your promotional skills on Twitter.

Twitter Myth

Twitter might come across as a platform that is not fit for marketing, this statement has been proven wrong a long time ago. All you have to gather is some information on how to use it properly. There are some features you can use on Twitter and not on other sites and some can be used on other sites and not on Twitter. You have to be really to the point when you are tweeting and avoid sounding too casual when it comes to spreading your message across the site. The spelling mistakes and typing issues can also drag your message and tweet down. Don’t become the bait for internet grammar trolls.

The trick is to get someone to edit and check your tweets before posting them. It is always advisable to check your content before uploading. It’s not necessary that you have go through it personally. You can install a good spell and grammar check software and it will do the job for you.


About the Author 

Olivia Pearce is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.