Make a Video to Put Up as Your Facebook Page Cover Photo

Facebook is categorized as one of the famous and most preferred social media network these days. It is undoubtedly the most used social network too. Facebook has numerous features. Almost all these features are simple and very user friendly. That is why people prefer using Facebook more than any other available social media network all around the world.

As I have already mentioned that Facebook has uncountable features. You might probably be surprised to hear that there are still various features which are yet to explore and used by people. In this article I am going to discuss about one of the unknown features. And that is related to using a video as your Facebook cover photo.

There are some users who are aware of this concept but that is not enough. Many people are still unaware of this feature. So I thought that I should write about it too.

Lead By Example

You can search out those particular Facebook pages on the internet which have a video set as their cover image. At the top of these pages you can see a video that starts to play after a few seconds. It is located at the place of cover photo.
Similarly, you can also set a cover video instead of an image on your Facebook profile page.

MGM Header Vid

You might face a few restrictions while setting up a video as your cover photo. First of all, just keep in mind that the video which you are uploading will always start without any sound. In fact, it remains muted every time you start it. So you are not able to hear any sound at all.

If you want to have sound in your video you can use the Sound Beast version by which you can manage to include some sound effects. In order to hear the sound effects which, you have included in your video you will have to manually un mute your video every time you start it. This is the only way by which you can hear the sound.

Secondly, you cannot find any play back controls by which you can pause your video at any stage. There is no such option. Moreover, you can also not skip to a particular point in your video. Otherwise it might probably loop for an indefinite period as long as someone sits and watch it.

Thirdly if you click on to your cover video it gives you the option of the video player. It is just similar to any other media on Facebook. At this point you are able to view all the related information about the video. This information includes the date on which the video was posted, the engagement which the video got, the playback controls and so on. In addition to this there are several other options available for you as a viewer. Now you can save your video, embed it, like it, comment on it, share it, report it if in case you want to do so, and so on.

Method to Add a Cover Video

Do you know how to add a cover video?
It is quite a simple process. You can do it yourself too. Let me tell you about it.

In order to start with the process it is necessary for you to be the page Admin. It is very important for you to be the admin of your page so that you are able to make all the required changes which you want to make on your Facebook page.
Now let’s start with the process. The very first thing which you need to do is to navigate to your Facebook page. It is a simple step. You can easily navigate to your page by going on to your page just like a regular user. It can be done by clicking on the drop-down triangle. You can find it in the upper right corner of your page navigation. It is in blue color. It is another way of navigating to your Facebook page. Now just click on the name of the particular page which you want to edit.

How to Upload Video on Facebook Header?
Now comes the process of uploading the video on your Facebook header. Once you have navigated onto your Facebook page you need to go to your existing cover image.

Do you see the icon which is at the upper left corner of your page?
It is the icon which revolves among the camera and also the video camera icon.
At the time when you float over your cover image you can see it expanding. You cover image will expand and will appear as the option of “change cover” button.

You need to click that particular button. After you click on the “change cover” button a drop-down option will appear in front of you on your screens. This particular drop-down further displays five more options. These five options include Choose From Photos, Choose From Videos, Upload Photo/Video, Reposition, and Remove.

There are two major options which you can consider. These include the options of Choose from Videos and secondly the Upload Photo/Video option.

You can use the first available option if you have already uploaded a video on your Facebook profile page. And want to use that video as your cover photo. Meanwhile you can use the second option too. You can use it for uploading any of your videos which you want to set as your cover image on your Facebook page directly.

Facebook has its own criteria for videos. You need to pick out that particular video which matches the said criteria of Facebook. Otherwise your selected video will not be acceptable. I know most of you might not be aware of the specific criteria set by Facebook. So I have mentioned that criteria for you as below

According to Facebook the criteria for uploading your video is “None of the videos in your library qualify as a cover video. Videos must be between 20 – 90 seconds and at least 820 x 312 pixels. The recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels. Please upload a different video and try again.”

Just make sure that your videos are according to the above mentioned Facebook criteria. Otherwise you can face a rejection from Facebook.

Positioning of your videos is really important. While uploading your videos on your Facebook page you need to focus on the right positioning of your videos. I am saying this because I think that it is one of the essential aspects which you must greatly focus. You can upload a video directly as your cover photo. You can select any video according to your choice.

Just make sure that it meets the set criteria of Facebook. After you have uploaded your selected video you can reposition it too. It is very important to reposition any video which you upload as your cover photo so that it appears in the right position in which you want to present it in front of your audiences. And the important things do not get cropped out from that video. So I will strongly recommend you to pay more attention to the right positioning of your cover videos.

Another available option which you can use is to add a video which you want in your video library and then you can select that particular video and set it as your cover video later some time. In order to do this first, you need to click on the tab of “publishing tools”.

It is available at the top of your Facebook page. You can also find the “video library” section that is located in the left sidebar of your page. By doing this you can view all the existing videos that you have saved in the video library. You can also see the insight of their performance on your page as well. You can view it if they are live and visible. Now you need to search your video file from the saved list and then click on the specific video in order to upload it on your Facebook page.

As for the next step you can enter all the regular Facebook SEO things. This includes adding up a title, tags, captions if necessary, and a custom thumbnail.

What are the Characteristics of Good Cover Video?
There are many different things which make a good cover video. If you want to ask my point of view, I think that there are three main categories which are really useful in making a great cover video. I have mentioned these three important categories as below:

The Simple Animation Category
The Demonstration Category
The Explainer Category
I think that the first and the most important category can essentially be

the low-cost animated gif version which you can use as your cover photo on your Facebook profile. An example of this can be something like Hello Social. It basically consists of a brand-based cityscape. It also has some minor animation that is used just for the purpose to accent the photo.

In addition to this you can also take the example of the cover photo for the digital card game. It consists of a subtle animation which you can see from the animated version of the card. In this animated version of the image is you can see a little shine. This shine shows the effects of fire on that particular image. Which is related to the subtle motion of the dust or the dragon that is present in the background of the animated image.

Hello Social Example

The Hello Social is a great example of a minor animation which you can use in your video cover photo. It does not take a lot of effort. The video has some similar loops just like an animated gif. As a result it gives minor effects. So I think that these minor effects are enough to serve the purpose. These minor effects also spice up the visuals on the cover photo.

Due to this the Hello Social page surely stands out as compared to any other Facebook page. One of the great thing is that the animated gif of Hello Social page catches the eye of the user without actually detracting them from the contents of the page itself.
Always make sure that your video meets all the technical specifications while uploading a video as your cover photo on your Facebook page. Your video must be about 20 seconds long. This is the minimum requirement and it should not be longer than 90 seconds maximum. I suggest you to keep your videos shorter so that it works properly and attract more audiences.

No Mobile Cover Videos

For all mobile phone users out there having a video cover photo is surely a great thing. It is generally assumed that the mobile phone users or those people having a mobile device are not able to view the cover video at all. I do not agree with that. There are some ways by which you can also view your cover videos. It can be done in a simple way. You just need to post your cover video which you want to view and then share it on your Facebook page. Do it just the same way as you would share any regular video on your page.

Here if the video which you just posted and shared on your Facebook page appears on the timeline or news feed of the user. Then it will possibly show up on their mobiles as well.

This video can also be playable too. Now here the trick is that the particular video is not in context of a cover photo anymore. It also does not appear as a stand-alone video as well. This video is somewhat weaker as compared to the video which is produced to be stand-alone. Due to this fact I would rather suggest you to create different type of videos which serve different purposes.