Making Your Social Media Plan WORK (part 1)


Social Media: Digital enlightenment


Viral! That’s a common word nowadays and while it is a very technical topic but on the other hand it is very simple to understand. Now If I say that social media is a mixture of different technologies and is a vital part of your marketing plan than you may definitely find your unbuttered less boring than this. But this is what it is, the integration of multiple platforms, technologies and different methodologies that allow businesses to share their content and build their brand by communicating with their audience.



Here is what you can do through the social media


  • You can post texts and put across your personal opinion through your posts, it is a great way to keep your audience interest – in you.
  • People love photos! Posting interesting images works as a great icebreaker for you to keep your audience lined up.
  • Upload a cool video, you post something with a moral lesson or may a funny advertisement or even better, bloopers –everyone loves them.
  • You can also post podcast interviews which are of your audience’s interests.



The leading social networking platforms


  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google +




Marketing and Branding at your Fingertips    


Social media has received an ample amount of validation from all around the world as it provides a cost effective passage of communication that helps companies figure out the preferences of their customers. More importantly, social media empowers the audience to share their opinion and while they share their opinion – you can understand their opinion and buying behavior. The social media aspect of your business is not only a strong personal statement for your customers but also a great way to increase your brand equity. The fact is, it has other equally powerful features that you can incorporate into your marketing strategy, with an extremely satisfying payoff.

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Here are additional parts in your business that you can apply on the social media platform:


  • Your After Sales Service – Take an example from Apple, they have world class products and world class customer service. Even if you go and comment on their social media platforms, they do reply back and that is a hall mark of a great company who takes care of their customers. This in return creates a strong perception of reliability, in other words your company gets a higher sales potential. In today’s market, the skill to reply and respond quickly to your customers is vital. Even if a concern has not been fixed instantly, customers will feel their concerns were accredited and given courtesy in a timely manner.


  • Affluent Vertical and Horizontal Communication–Every company is now enjoying the benefits of social media regardless of the size of the company they are sharing knowledge within themselves and their customers more efficiently.


  • Larger Pool of Employees – A lot of employees today elect on whether they want to be a part of an organization or not based on information resulting from social networks. It can also present an influential tool in finding social channels that exists through professional networks.


The Nature of Social Media


A widely discussed topic is the efficient use of social media, though it may take some time to learn the magic that is the social media but after you have understood the “ecosystem” that drives these platforms – you will learn about the trends and habits of your socially active consumers. The structure of the social media platform depends on the region, understanding that structure will help you understand your customers better and you will find it easy to connect with them. The point is that you may want to be a leader and a trend setter in your business, this online platform gives the perfect environment to achieve this goal. Your target market is not that difficult to grasp, the main thing here is to understand them and strategize accordingly.


There are power users who demand inspiration and then there are other users who want fun – which one is your user? Well BOTH are your users because your central objective is always to inspire and motivate but you must also consider connecting with the light users and medium users and this way – you will earn the trust and will give “social proof” to your business. We think that “social proof” is an important element here because people want validation and they are not willing to trust everyone (would you?) it’s the same story, building trust takes a lot of time and effort – even on social media platforms.


On the the most important things that you can do is to research and develop a social media plan. Though it will take you a little research but doing it will make things measurable for you. The biggest problem you can face is to not KNOW what the actual PROBLEM is and that can be a determining factor in your digital media success or failure. It’s also a great idea to study your competitors because they are studying you – that is a healthy assumption and not paranoia

There are a lot of strategies that you can use and we will discuss that in part 2 of this series. We believe that theory is important but in the end it’s all about what you want, it’s your service or product and you are the owner, therefore it’s your call. The key is your own creativity, sure you can follow someone else’s strategy but that will not give you a long term solution. It’s like the old saying where there is something about a fish? You know, just teach yourself to fish and you will not need to depend on anyone else.

In part 2 of this series we will discuss about developing a social media plan in a nippy way (in a more enlightening way) we will discuss about strategies and tips that you can use to enhance your viewer ship and improve your brand presence, we will also discuss about the factors that motivate people to LIKE  your posts on Facebook

All will be revealed, until then. Chow!