Making Your Social Media Plan WORK (part 2)

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In Part one, we discussed the basics of Social media platforms and common do’s and don’ts. In this part we will take a look at the planning aspect and the essentials of social media strategies.

Who are you gonna call? – Not the ghost busters

Developing a logical plan is a great way to start off your journey towards social media success, let’s look at some stats as that will give you a better understanding.

  • Facebook: the fairest of them all – Have you ever wondered that why people click on “like”? There must be something that motivates them right? Well according to many sources, the main motivation for most people to like a Facebook page is to develop a relationship or association with a certain brand; this is mainly a “sales association”. But what would these people get in return? The answer is COUPONS, 40% users like a page to take advantage of promotions, 30% are interested in upcoming sales and the last 30% are users who support a certain brand (users who have used the brand and are satisfied)
  • Tweet is Sweet – Twitter is the second largest social media network today, and according Edison research, 40% of twitter users read or try to get feedback about latest products and services. There is “total consumerism” on twitter and FEEDBACKS matter.


Social Media: Endorsing Customer Expectations

Every day we see more brands and more companies, we see new restaurants, clothing brands, sodas and so much more. We are bombarded with information and advertisement, every company us out there ready to introduce themselves to the market and sell their products and services. In this age almost every company/brand knows the importance of the social media platform. The term “social commerce:” is a good definition to define this process. As numbers of companies rise, so do the consumers and they have developed a level of great comfort with the idea of “social commerce”

The prospective the social media platform was at best hopeful i-e 10years ago but now the prospective is “definite” however, it is necessary to have a logical marketing strategy so that the development and regulation of trends could be understood, there is a major problem with trends – they keep changing. So keeping up with the trends should be on top of your list, find out what trends influence buying behavior by studying your competitors social media platforms. Don’t worry, this is not considered stalking and even if it is you should still do it J

So what should you do?

  • Develop procedures which are measurable
  • Assign goals to a team or to yourself and set milestones to achieve them
  • Develop “consumer grabbing” techniques from not only an individual perspective but from a corporate perspective as well
  • When you make a social commitment then you also want to develop the endurance to maintain those social commitments
  • Build communities, build relationships and pay attention to your consumers by replying to them as that will create your brand’s value


Provisions of the Social Media Strategy

According to research, 67% of the mainstream marketers have concentrated on improving their social media platforms in 2014 and they worked vigorously to reinforce their brands. Almost every company concentrates on their social media plan and it is a major part of their overall marketing and communication plan. But only a few are able to produce a winning social media plan that is why it is vital to understand the impact that the social media has on sales and in the end – profit. Without a plan you competition with subdue your online existence.

Ok, so you are employed for a large company or maybe you have your own company, you would know how categorically vital the social media strategy is not just for your company but for your stakeholders and customers. Your stakeholders and customers will trust you if your social media perspective is related with your corporate social responsibility and not just with sales.

It’s easy to get on the social media band wagon in this age of information, while you can join other companies, you will also be catering customers who are looking for quick service. Oh yes and oh dear, people want companies to be at their fingertips, we can thank the power of consumerism for this trend.

The social media is not an illusion or a trick which will expire someday like canned food, no, this is something with a long-term promise of countless remunerations. It is vital for organizations to identify that continuous testing and experimentation are necessary every so often to study the usefulness and value.


Here are some tips that will aid you in understanding the essentials of social media. 

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Have you defined your objectives?Make sure that you have noted down your main goals and specific goals which will support the overall goal of your company.
  2. Research is Key. Do not just jump into the sea of hungry sharks waiting to devour you, the competition is tough and can be a bit difficult to handle at first and that is RESEARCH is vital to your cause and will build a strong base for you to implement your strategies in the future. Have a plan for 5 social media platforms; this will help you understand your target market


  1. Maintain a Database. Your customers will keep in touch if you make the right choices by developing a strong social structure, this will create a long lasting customer- brand relationship. This will be an ideal situation where the product life cycle is utilized.



  1. Be Receptive. Joining new communities and giving excellent customer service is a healthy option, it will build your network and will shape your status – as a professional and as a leader.



   5. Building Stronger Relationships. There is no reason to be shy (or is there?) make your existence known; join events that promote face-to-face communication, go with both online and offline events which are applicable in your area

In part three we will discuss the basic elements that will help you construct your social media plan, until then……