Making your Social Media Plan WORK (Part 3)

Measurements: they keep us ahead and healthy


Three words, measure, evaluate and apply; these three words will take you a long way because they will coax you to demonstrate your goals. Objectivity plays a significant role in sizing up your achievements. Let’s see an example of what your corporate goals can be.

  • Creating brand existence on all major platforms
  • Increasing your traffic and developing relationships with customers
  • Creating a perception of your choice by fulfilling your brand promise
  • Develop partnerships and associations with vital prospects
  • Constant improvement which is measured
  • Understanding and following the trends
  • Tracking your progress
  • Keeping a close eye on your competitors
  • Adjusting your course of action with the changing environment 


Social Media Plan: Why Do I need to Write it?

Crafting a strong and workable plan will bring you closer to your business objectives; however it is also important to keep the “empirical evidence” aspect in mind.

A social media plan can:

  • Motivate you to measure the threats and benefits of each tool before devoting your time (and money) in running social media.
  • Assist you in developing a course of action for your employees to follow
  • Help you document the vital indicators of success and failure
  • Complete your marketing plan and make it stronger


Social Media Activities: Keeping a Check

Here is what you can to do:

With a good dose of preparation and some research you will find that the social media is not that intimidating, in fact you can use it to your advantage and give your business that boost that you had been looking for.

Here is a small check list that will help you achieve this goal

  1. Become Methodical
  • There are lot of social media tools available, research them and learn to apply them to your business successfully
  • But also, have a good look at your business and ask yourself this “does this social media thing really suit me?
  • Try finding out that how many of your customers use the social media platform
  • Keep your eyes open for your competition


  1. You May Have a List of Goals – Start Strategizing Them
  • Have you made a business plan yet? If you have then have a look at it again and have a closer look at your goals and objectives
  • After you have had look at your goals, try to fit in your social media goals within your business plan
  • Ask yourself that how will your social media plan support your overall goals
  • Is your marketing plan in line with your social media plan? A synergized marketing and social media plan will help you strengthen your brand and will promote communications with your customers. These strategies will help you enter your industry with a bang.
  • After you have written down your social media tactics, apply them and measure the results


  1. Set Strict Rules
  • The security and privacy of your content is important therefore you will need to cultivate some policies to keep them safe
  • You should have a “usage policy” for you social media users
  • Cultivate some core policies and measures to cover security, privacy and content.


  1. Do You Have a Social Media Team? You Need One
  • You need a team who have the appropriate skills and training
  • Make accurate job descriptions, assign them their role in your company and develop SOP’s to measure their performance
  • Train them so that they become fluent with your policies and procedures


  1. How Should I Start?
  • The first thing is to set up your blog and website.
  • Focus on building networks.
  • Use your Social media tactics.
  1. Assessment
  • Keep measuring your performance and goals and create different milestones for different goals
  • Don’t be static, if you are hitting a plateau than its time to change your game


Have you decided to write a Social Media Plan?

If you have then what you need is some good old well-structured tactics and here are some tips and steps that will help you to get started on your social media plan.

When writing your plan, be sure to secure your secondary documentation to the plan. This may contain your core social media policies and procedures.


Start Thinking 

It’s very easy to write a social media plan but you should know exactly what you are coping with. Understanding your target market is much easier through the social media

Discover the Right Channels

Decide a proper social media channel for your business, to find the answer, it might be valuable to register a personal account on a few channels experiment with different approaches.  It’s important that you acquaint yourself with a particular channel as each channel has different sets of rights and regulations.


Stage-manage your Business

At this point you are now familiar with a particular platform so it is time to use tactics and take your business by the neck. The first step in this process is analysing that which tool is suitable for your company and once you have determined which ones are suitable, then simply choose the ones which you wish to preserve. Remember it’s not sufficient to only have a presence on these channels. Using and preserving them is where the work lies.


The Most Important Thing: Your Customers

Now at this stage you must have realized that social media is suitable for your business, it’s time that you go online and start knowing your customers, learn more about them and study their behaviour

Be Alert of your competition

Here is your next job: analyse your competition because they will find out about you while you are utilizing your strategies, they will be using counter measures to get the advantage, the competition is tough because every company is online and everyone is trying their best to be number 1. However, the ones who succeed are those who understand their competition and mainly – their customers. Being online will and can help you learn from your competitors and determine how they have flourished or where they could have improved.

This is just a simple guide that will kick start your social media plan, the rest is up to you. Also check out Part 1 and Part 2.