Making your Video Ads Work

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YouTube was the first… (I thought I make this clear before comparing facebook with Youtube). Nevertheless, facebook is a fierce competitor and they give users a variety of video viewing options. However, the ever-changing policy of facebook is somewhat good (many users do not like change).

Marketers are always trying to find different ways to enchant their users and that is why they plan and strategize so that they are able to utilize digital tools like facebook and YouTube. While YouTube is a standalone video viewing website, facebook is a tad more…but wait…We are not giving the verdict yet.


Using Facebook And YouTube For Videos

It’s no surprise that the brands now convey majority of their messages through the social media – it’s not just common…its necessary that they do. That is why the social media is also evolving with Facebook introducing features like video viewing. Facebook is a little expensive when it comes to video advertisements.

Is Facebook the best video ad solution…NO. They do want to capture the market but the expensive nature of their video ads restricts users from using them frequently. Additionally, Facebook publishes their video views on their platform. This is validation tool for their audience, helping them believe in Facebook, giving the perception that their views are organic.

Organic views are what marketers look for. Internet marketing or Digital marketing has a strong reach but then there is dishonesty, commonly known as Inorganic views. I mean what good is a view if it is not from a human. You are not being viewed by aliens, really you are not…inorganic means that the view is fake and a waste of your premium dollars.

YouTube works on a very simple principle – that when a specific number of views for any video reaches a certain number then the algorithm changes and the details of how this video sharing website counts the views is still not public. You have ready access on YouTube, however, you don’t have that on Facebook.

YouTube views are logical and validated as people watch videos after searching for them and playing them intentionally. No matter how many views Facebook videos will get, they will never surpass the views of YouTube videos.

Regardless of which platform you use, you should be aware of the features and benefits of each platform:


  • YouTube uses a different strategy for their advertisements than Facebook. You can post promotional videos as long as they are original. However, users need to search to find the specific advertisement.
  • Users can also subscribe channels, they will get regular updates.
  • The pre-video feature is also a good feature, it helps in saving time and users can also check if their video has the desired content or not.
  • The method of advertisement compliments the advertiser in making more money.
  • The YouTube sidebar banner ads are also a way to advertise
  • Another method of promotion is the addition of text at the bottom of the video on YouTube. You can add links, simple text and customize texts for better advertising. So the viewers will watch your message along with watching the video



  • They have their own advertisement called premium video advertisements, which have a cap of 15 seconds.
  • These videos are part of the target market’s video feed
  • The sales are pushed on Facebook
  • Facebook also uses PPC ads where images and text comes in the newsfeed as page posts
  • The PPC ads are also visible on the side bar, they are clickable and will take you to the product’s landing page
  • Another way to advertise with Facebook is that they tweaked their algorithm for improving their own videos but decreasing the weight of YouTube videos.

There is a variance in different styles, many people use them differently, for instance, Jukebox and Home Theater suits better to YouTube. Users can easily create playlists and watch TV at their convenience.

YouTube is mainly used for watching music videos, dramas, anime, bloopers, funny videos etc. However, Facebook is not just about watching videos…It’s a lot more!

You can browse feeds and promote your own business online. BUT – there is on problem. There is no video library, this means that you cannot search but videos are not the only reason why people use Facebook, they have YouTube for that.

People visit Facebook to get in touch with their friends and to share the content which they feel interesting. Many brands and online companies use Facebook for promoting their products and they may add videos for better marketing but the videos are not the only way to advertise on Facebook. Users don’t watch Facebook videos with an intention to watch them. They just pass through any video and it starts auto playing but the truth is that most of the users don’t even bother it playing as they scroll down the next moment and the video stops automatically.

If you want to promote your business by video marketing, you can use both of the social media websites without comparing them for their benefits as the main purpose of video marketing is advertising and Facebook as well as YouTube can help you in this matter.

The best decision you can make is to use both Facebook and YouTube. Put more emphasis on written content and compliment your content with a nice video. There is a lot of clutter so you have to clearly plan your strategy. The volume of ads we see every day is increasing and sometimes It becomes really difficult to get your point across to your target market because competitor is also doing the same. Your best chance is to be consistent and have a plan. You should also keep up with the video marketing trends, they change very frequently and if you are not up with your competition, your competition will eat you alive….Of course that is figuratively speaking…But they will take your potential customers, so think about how you can take theirs first.