Manage Your Twitter Profile with These Tools

 Twitter undoubtedly stands among the most famous social networking sites these days. There are millions of users including me who use Twitter. There are unlimited features and benefits which twitter provides to its audiences. It is considered as one of the best network for different purposes like collection of different types of information, sharing and distribution your feed and many other things.

While using twitter it is a common thing that you get more and more number of followers, large number of tweets, integration, the users whom you are following, different user or follower lists, various hash tags, tweet searches, searches related to the profile data, geographical location searches, the twitter list searches and many other such features.

To manage this long feature list is not an easy thing. It takes quite a lot of effort to manage all the features all by you. You really need to invest your time, effort and resources in order to manage your twitter account and all of the above features effectively. I have seen many people hire some marketing experts or a team of professionals to manage their twitter accounts. These people charge a lot of money to manage their social accounts. You can do that too if you want to.

In this article I have selected 10 great tools which you can use to manage your twitter account all by yourself.

You can easily manage the tweets as well as a large number of followers just by using any of the following tools. Once you start using any of the following tools it will become very easier for you to manage your social media accounts specially twitter. And believe me you will not require to hire any marketing expert or any social media professionals after using these tools.

The best tools are discussed below


  1. TweetAdder

Tweet Adder is one of the most essential tools of Twitter. Due to its numerous benefits and uses I have mentioned it on the top of my list of most essential tools for Twitter. You can use this tool to manage your twitter profile very easily. Now let me tell you about its benefits.

If you are using the TweetAdder tool you can easily handle and run several social profiles. Now this is something that other tools might also provide you. The main thing which makes it different from others is that the TweetAdder tool helps you run all your social media profiles at the same time. This is something which mostly the other available tools do not provide.

It is up to you that how many profiles you may choose to run at the same time. It can be two, three, four or as many profiles as you wish to run. Just select as many profiles as you want. After you have selected the total number of profiles to run, the app starts to work. The TwitterAdder app then works through your selected accounts automatically. It completes all the relevant and scheduled tasks very efficiently.

Another benefit of the TweetAdder tool is that it is very user-friendly. And this is rightly so because if you are using this tool you will witness yourself that this tool has a great ability to target the profiles of other social media users. Moreover it comprises of a very useful feature that is tweeting and direct messaging management.


  1. Hootsuite

The Hootsuite tool is also one of the famous as well as a useful tool. This tool also has some great benefits too. You can use the Hootsuite tool for many different purposes. You will find this tool very useful if you have multiple social media profiles and want to manage them efficiently.

With the help of Hootsuite tool you can also personalize your social media profile page.  Now this is something that is very essential which only the Hootsuite tool provides you. This means that if you have personalized your social media profile pages then you are able to check out a variety of feeds across you and also on other available social networking sites. In addition to this, you are also able to display the analytics very swiftly. Moreover you can also display the twitter lists and searches without any hassle. Further with the help of Hootsuite tool you can also easily schedule your tweets, schedule using the search option and monitor mentions, direct messages and sent tweets. You can also create a feed by using this particular tool. Additionally you can also have the option to choose regarding which specific social accounts you want it to be posted automatically.

  1. TweetDeck

Another useful tool which I suggest you to use is the TweetDeck. This is one of the most essential one too.

Do you know that Tweetdeck tool is a direct competitor of Hootsuite?

Yes it is a direct competitor of Hootsuite. I doubt that many of you might be aware of this fact.

The TweetDeck tool was basically acquired by Twitter for a total amount of $40 million roughly. This tool is very efficient because it helps in managing your twitter account very effectively. In addition to this the TwitterDeck tool either sends your tweets at once. If not then you can use it to schedule your tweets in order to post after some time as scheduled or on a later scheduled date.

The TweetDesk also presents different lists, mentions, direct messages, trends, favorites and tweets and many other such features.

If you are using the TweetDeck tool to manage your Twitter account then this is not the end. This tool also offers many more advanced features other than the main features which I have discussed above. This includes different features like sharing, displaying and viewing photos or different images, recording, sharing and watching video clips, and watching different kind of videos on YouTube channel which are specifically contained within this tool.

4. Followerwonk

Followerwonk is another major tool which you can use to manage your Twitter account. If you are a newbie here on Twitter and you are not aware what exactly to do in order to find the followers then this tool is just meant for you. Believe me you will find the Followerwonk tool very useful.

One of the major factors is that when you start using this tool you will know its unlimited benefits also. While using this particular tool you will not need to go through the hassle of clicking and searching around your social network in order to find different users or people to follow you.

Once you start using the Followerwonk you just need to go directly to the Followerwonk tool. You will surely find this tool very useful if you want to explore and enhance your graph on the social media.

  1. Buffer

Next tool is Buffer. As like the other tools which I have mentioned above, the Buffer tool also has some essential and useful features which you can use. One of the major benefits which you can get from Buffer is that you can automatically calendar your tweets for a later time. Now this is something which many of you might want. I know it is not an easy thing to be active all the time and post your contents or tweets at the exact time. So, this tool will surely help you out to overcome this hassle and you can calendar your tweets according to your desired schedule.  For this purpose you will be required to fill up your Buffer with the contents and set a schedule on it for tweeting only once a day. Buffer will automatically post all the scheduled content all through the day.

Nowadays you will see that Buffer has been directly incorporated into Twylah which is another useful tool that you can use to manage Twitter. Due to this integration you can get some great benefits. It mainly allows you to become an active twitter user on the social media network in a far more sustainable manner. Now this is done in a simple manner. Buffer posts your contents more often. The best part is that it posts your scheduled contents at the peak times. This is a great aspect of both these tools.

6. Twylah

Another useful tool which I am going to mention here is Twylah. This is also a very useful tool which you can use to manage your twitter account, the tweets, followers and all other things which you require. The basic aspect of Twylah tool is that this particular tool takes your tweets and then classifies them into different buckets. After classifying the tweets it creates a profile page for those tweets. This is particularly done in order to show that which topics the twitter users specifically tweet about. Now this is something which is really useful. In this way you are not required to scroll down more on the lists of all those tweets which you have received.

Apart from this, another major aspect of the Twylah tool is that it displays the indexes in all the tweets which you have posted via Twitter. This is done on different beautiful pages which can be found through different available search engines. These different search engines also work as a compilation of all those Tweets which you have ever posted on your twitter account.

On the other hand, if you are planning to post some power tweets on your twitter feed then you will surely find the Twylah tool useful for this purpose too.

This particular tool will makes sure to surround every single power tweet with relevant content from your previous Tweets. Moreover, Twylah tool also provides you with a great opportunity to put into your Twitter history. Now this has a great benefit.

Every time any new visitor who views your twitter page will have a chance to view all your previous tweets too. In this way they can get an idea of all the contents which you have posted in the past days. As I have already mentioned above that both the tools that is Buffer and Twylah have integrated in the past days. Both these useful tools provide more impact to your all your tweets. I suggest you to make a Power Tweet using Twylah tool and then post it through Buffer.You can see the difference yourself.

  1. CoTweet

Co-Tweet is another famous as well as a useful tool for managing your twitter account effectively. Unlike HootSuite tool which I have mentioned above CoTweet is a tool which is available for free. Moreover it is also an easy to use tool which I am sure you can use by yourself for managing various twitter accounts. You can manage up to a maximum of 5 Twitter accounts by just using a single log-in.

  1. PeopleBrowsr

PeopleBrowsr tool is also a useful tool for managing your twitter account. This tool is available in Beta version these days. The PeopleBrowsr tool provides you with quite a lot of useful features like the visual browser-based dashboard view of social activity. This is just same like the email offer. 

  1. Echofon

Echofon is the next important tool which I am going to discuss about. Generally once you tweet any content you are not going to read it again more than one time. The Ecofon tool has four unique themes which differentiates it from the others. It has some great features too. By using the Echofan tool you can view as well as share different locations, links, photos, and videos and many other similar things.

In addition to this, by using this tool you are also able to schedule how frequently you want to update your tweets. Moreover you can also set up your notifications of mentions and messages from 1 to 5 minutes. You can also include a pop-up message or a sound with it so that you get the timely alerts. You can easily download the Echofan tool from the internet directly. Further if you have an iPhone then you can also synchronize it on that too.

  1. Twhirl

Lastly you can use the Twhirl tool. It is useful in many ways. You can record a video by using this particular tool and then share it in your twitter feed directly. Moreover Twhirl connects you to several Twitter accounts, Friendfeed, Videos and many other available accounts too. You can also get features like popup notifications when you get any new Tweets and reputation management features and many more useful features.