Marketing through Facebook and Increase Revenues

The new Facebook timeline has a number of advantages; it boosts up your business by providing a platform. The new timeline of Facebook eventually provides a number of advantages that the old one fails to provide. The new timeline provides a cover image that the old one didn’t provide. It differentiates identities with same profile names. Apart from that you need to follow the terms and service agreements of Facebook regarding what to post on your timeline and what not.

Firstly the main purpose of new timeline is that people become aware of your identity easily and secondly can easily differentiate among people having same name or cover images. In other words it allows people especially the new comers or audiences to know more about overview the product that you offer.

Keep your Cover Photo and Profile Photos up to the Mark

People are having a lot of confusion in their minds regarding cover image although Facebook has very straight forward rule regarding this. When people won’t follow those rules they need to abolish their accounts sometimes otherwise Facebook is very strict in some matters that itself diminish their accounts because they don’t accomplice with its rules and regulations.

Some instructions regarding cover image that you can follow is as under;

Pricelist of any item cannot be mentioned here. You need to stay away from any numbers in the form of price. This is not even allowed to use as cover image.

Contact information should be kept in “About” section of your page. In the same way other information would be stored in their respective sections. Try to avoid using your phone number in your image as it would be accessible to everyone. Leave other items in your pages’ about tab.

Try to avoid Facebook border line fundamentals. It means avoid typing large messages on your cover image.  Avoid using such terms that seems to call for something as it portrays bad image on your cover page. Like “get it now” and “share this”. It is too self-Promotional.

 Can you Advertise your Products?

Everyone is interested in knowing either advertisement is allowed or not. The answer is very simple that all the business-related advertisements are allowed to post on any one’s timeline but direct product advertisements would be done through Facebook ads.

The simple logic behind this answer is that Facebook page is created for business purposes as well. Moreover, it provides a stage for customers to come in contact with producers. There is utterly no issue in using Facebook for such interaction purposes. After all websites are a mean of direct interaction.

Timeline is more or less like cover image. There is no issue in writing your website address over it. There is no need to hide your identity in any case. You can advertise anything on your timeline but keeping your timeline clean n spotless is prerequisite.

The most important thing is that maintain your timeline’s content in such a way that everyone appreciates it at first glance. Above all never underestimate your fans and give them proper room for interaction. Lastly use either Facebook ads or redirect them to your website.