How to Maximize Your Referral Traffic from YouTube


Using YouTube is a great way to upsurge internet traffic to your website. Video marketing is a successful technique to advertise your products online. You can post videos related to your services on YouTube and if users find it thought-provoking, they can use the link to land on your website or blog. This technique is helpful for encouraging your online business and to draw more users as YouTube is widely held website and millions of people use it for searching their preferred content. If you want to expand your referral traffic using YouTube, you can trail these simple guidelines and start receiving benefits right away.

Create influential videos

Making videos for advertising your products is a very vital step in increasing your sales. You must consider the video and audio quality before you upload your video to YouTube. Even if you are not interested in posting your video to YouTube, a video made for marketing must have excellent script and extra ordinary visuals so that it can induce users to watch it.

You can attempt posting your video to narrow niches or use larger niches for promotion of your products. The smaller niche will offer you little competition but in case of larger niches, be prepared for a tough competition from large channels and brands. No matter which niche you pick out; the thing is you should make a first-rate video with finest features and vibrant message for the audience.

Post Videos from time to time

If you are looking to get more viewers for your videos on YouTube, you must make a schedule for posting the videos. People should expect from you and you should fulfill their expectations as well. A regular schedule is beneficial just like a channel where people know what is coming up next and they wait for it and more users are your way to get more referrals.

Another good way is to make a series of videos and post them one by one. This way, your audience will get used to the consistency of your videos and you can cover any delays in any case. Updating your viewers about new upcoming videos is also helpful in making them excited about what’s going to come up next!

Produce a programmed series

Creating a regular series of videos is very good way to attract more traffic. For example if you have an online business of computer parts, you can post videos related to building a PC or any part repair per week. If you are dealing in some clothing items and accessories for women, review the products you offer your customers on your website and use content marketing techniques for more sales.

The main thing that is important here is to get your viewers to like your videos content. The purpose of creating a series is to link new users to the previously posted videos for better understanding of your products and services. You can add links to your videos about what was in the previous series and what is going to come up next. So that they can understand what’s going on!

Practice optimization tricks for better video search


Use search engine optimization tricks, you can get better views for your videos on YouTube. The benefits of better optimization include more traffic, improved online visibility, more views and best marketing results. You can optimize your videos in Google search engine as well in YouTube by following ways:

  1. Using keywords in the title can make your video appear in the search results of Google or YouTube when any user will search for a specific set of keywords.
  2. A compelling title can make users watch your videos
  3. Filling out relevant tags for your video before uploading it can also prove helpful as it can cover maximum number of keywords that appear in the search bar.
  4. Writing a long and helpful description may also help a lot in improving the views of your videos.
  5. Changing your website optimization settings according to your videos on YouTube can also help in better promotion.
  6. Include call to action option in your videos for quick responses.
  7. Creating playlists for your videos can also generate more views.

So the importance of optimizing your YouTube channel cannot be overlooked and it is equally crucial for your successful business as using SEO techniques for your website or blog.


Uploading Video Transcripts

YouTube works by implementing an auto-captioning system for videos posted on the website. The best quality videos also face the issues of miss-transcriptions and it’s not very helpful though.

You must upload your own video transcript and avoid using auto-captions as you know what you need to do! This can be beneficial for your views as YouTube gives preference to videos with manually written captions and video transcripts.

Post your videos everywhere on internet

If you want YouTube users to watch your video with interest then visit your page too, you need to spread your video everywhere. Posting your videos on different websites, on your social media profile like Facebook, Google plus. Pinterest, StumbleUpon or Reddit can provide you maximum benefits as more and more people will watch your video and there are more chances to get referral traffic in this way. Circulating your video whenever possible is the key to keep people updated about your video content. Even while using your social media account for talking to people, if you find any relevance for your video, just copy and paste the link and ask people to watch it.



Inspire Bloggers

You will definitely share your video on different websites and blogs where it is allowed to get posted but asking your fellow bloggers to share it and recommending it to their users can be another way to spread your video content. Sending out a press release whenever you post a new video is a great idea. There are many promotional bloggers out there who will do it for you and you can return the favor by posting their videos too!

Always try to target the audience with similar interests like your videos have. Mention the details of the video with posts and start discussion related to the content of the video posted. People will heart out their opinions and share the link of videos on more pages or blogs for discussing it with more people. This can be beneficial for you and other bloggers who post your videos in their blogs.

Consuming Video Endcap

There is a new trend in the video marketing world which includes the creator of the video talking to audience in the last few moments. This is a great way to communicate with your audience and is known as a video Endcap. This Endcap covers a “shout out” from the creator and small previews of the other videos that might interest users. This is very valuable in establishing relations with your viewers.

Basically the endnap consists of a time period that lasts for 10 seconds and you can ass links, credits, social media updates and clips of video creators. The link of these endnaps must be posted in your websites and blogs where you want to get referral traffic for your website.

Using Annotations Links Generously

The powerful annotation links are useful as they are visible on the videos. For some videos, they work as complete disasters whereas in some of the videos, these are very valuable. It depends on how you use them!

The purpose of using annotation links is to improve the content of videos with other off-site content. When you want to say anything, make an annotation link to the article you are referring to and when you want the users to check another link, you can also use annotation link.

The links in Video Description

The video description links are extremely important because of many reasons. The space value for links and search engine optimization descriptions are among those reasons. Well, you must link your website with the videos description or add your social media profile to your videos on YouTube. The purpose of adding links to description is beneficial as many viewers don’t like annotations and want to watch videos without upsetting their graphic experience.