Mistakes to Avoid During your Twitter Marketing

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Twitter is among the top social media websites, and it is popular for its quick and easy user interface. People have been using Twitter for their mobiles and maximum users of this website use cell phones. It is different from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and has its features. Recently, Twitter limited the length of it’s tweets to 140 characters per post and many people gave their opinion regarding this but mostly, positive response was given as this step was taken to reduce clutter. Well, Twitter has been helping people to connect with other followers online using HashTags and tweets that could be re-tweeted to other networks too. You can also make a business profile using Twitter and deal with your customers.

Twitter is mostly preferred by online corporates and businesses who want to connect with their customers without any fancy and glamor platform like Facebook. All they need is reduced clutter and simplicity, and Twitter is all about simplicity! So it is a best-considered platform for online businesses regarding customer support services. If you are one of these internet marketers, you should start using Twitter in order to reap better results and to improve the trust of people in your brand. Well, many online marketers make mistakes that make their customers drift away, and they might not understand the reasons as internet marketing is so complex. Here are few of these common mistakes that online brand owners don’t consider and suffer in the long term;

Don’t waste time of your followers

Twitter is all about time-saving and quick responding. If you are not saving the time of your customers by getting back to them on time and wasting their time by unnecessary tweets and posts, they will not follow you. It takes a second to follow anyone so make sure you are not making this mistake. Post relevant content that is informative and boost your posts with the right use of HashTags.

Unnecessary use of tags

If you think that by stuffing your tweets with tags will help you get more popularity and your followers will like it, it is not right. HashTags must be used when necessary as unnecessary use of HashTags seems unprofessional. Well, if you are a teenager girl, then you could use as many HashTags as possible, but being an online brand owner, you need to keep everything relevant and within reasonable limits.

Never post too frequently

Your customers want to hear from you, and they are curious about any new upcoming contests and updates but they are not interested in knowing what you are doing every hour. It is not right to tweet about your lunch, your dinner, your pets and whatever you are doing when you are running a Twitter page to connect with your customers. Posting too frequently will make them lose their interest in your tweets.

Don’t spread negativity

That’s right that you might care about what’s happening in third world countries and you care for people suffering from epidemics but posting to them every time on your Twitter account wouldn’t help you unless you have a profile based on problems of people of this world. If you are an online marketer, keeping your tweets related to your products and services could be the best thing to do on Twitter. Don’t spread negative emotions about anything if you don’t like any brand or any politician. People are not interested in negativity as there are enough worries in life of everyone. Don’t give them stress using your tweets.

Not encouraging your followers publicly

Making your customers happy should be your first concern whether you are using Twitter or Facebook. Your customers are your strength so if they are happy, they will help you improve your sales and bring more people to your social media channel. You can use @ to mention any particular customer of yours whom you think you should mention regarding anything. This could be about any suggestion or any idea that your follower gave you could tell your audience about that. This would encourage others to connect with you in better means, and they will also try in the future so that you could mention them on your profile too.

Slow and delayed responses

If you are using Twitter to respond to your customer’s concern and complaints, never forget to reply them promptly. It is your duty to check your account even at night as there is no time for complaining and asking questions. If you are more professional, you can allocate days of your week or particular hours during which your customers could contact you. Just make sure to use any strategy that works best for you as well as for your customers in making responses quick and prompt.

Never say bad words about any competitive brand

It is a fact that your loyal customers will support you for anything you say or do on social media, but it doesn’t mean that you take advantage of this. You should never tweet about anything bad regarding any other brand or person who has an online presence. This would represent you as an unprofessional and unethical person who bitches about others. Bitching is not right unless you are a group of teenage girls! So whatever the reasons are; just move on and spread happiness instead of negativity and rivalry.

Not networking your social media channels and your blog

To achieve a better online visibility, it is important for any online marketer to network all of his social signals generating platforms and blogs. This would help in the perfect optimization of your website and blog as well as represent your brand as a stronger one that would have a presence on different social media channels.

Well, these were common mistakes committed by a lot of internet marketers. Although these are very small, and few of them might not be important in your eyes, but all of these affect every online brand directly or indirectly. Every social media channel has its features and qualities, and you cannot apply similar strategies to all of them. Twitter works differently than Facebook and Instagram so you cannot expect to get best results if you are using similar tactics on every platform. Make sure you are not doing any of these mistakes mentioned above as nobody wants to lose customers and see a decrease in his online sales.