Monetize Your Facebook Fan Page and Earn



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 

Nowadays there are numerous social media pages that are available through which people connect with each other. Many people use it as a source of engagement and many use it as a solely for entertainment. Apart from this, there are number of people who use it as a source of income. There are many people who created their Facebook pages from scratch which have now excelled to a larger scale. For example, “George Takei” page started from a basic concept. With the passage of time it has grown up to a larger scale. The number of followers increased drastically. Due to a large number of followers this page came up to an entire website. There are number of people nowadays who start up their business by just creating a simple page. They use it as source of money due to their genius tactics.

These fan pages have become a great source of business these days. Some of the major tactics to monetize a Facebook page are discussed below



  1. Directly Sell Your Digital Content

One of the most simple and easiest way is to sell the digital content directly to the customers. You can create a Facebook page and then market your content directly on it. This would lead to attract many of the followers to read your content ,like it and even comment on it. Further they would also recommend you to write more interesting contents or articles so that they could gain some information. You can simply make it a source of income by writing your own eBook and then publish it online. You can choose to publish it in the Amazon marketplace. As there are a number of users on Amazon who often search for new and interesting articles they will also come through with yours. You also have the option to promote your eBook on your Facebook page. It is a simple and easy step which would attract a number of users. Apart from this, you can also choose the option of hiring the ghostwriters for writing your eBook.

In addition to this, there are a variety of digital contents that you can advertise. You can choose Facebook as a platform in order to sell the contents. There are also other platforms which are famous for content marketing and selling that you can choose to sell your contents for example, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.


  1. Have an Affiliate Marketing Plan

Another option to make money using Facebook is by advertising. For this purpose you will need to create a page and then market your stuff on it. Next you can add up links that would connect with the major marketing website from where people can buy the stuff they like. For example, if you want to sale some accessories for girls and you advertise it on your Facebook page. Whenever a person likes it and desire to buy it they will click on the link that you added for its purchase. As they click the link they will be directed to the main website from where they can order the stuff. Many people affiliate the links with their Facebook page in order to drive the users to the actual websites.


  1. Direct Users to Ads-Enabled Sites

Linking users to Ads enabled sites is another way of monetizing on the social media. For this purpose you will need to create a website of your own. It can of any type. For example, it can be a blog, a service provider, storefront or any type that you want. The main aim of building the website is to upload the website with different types of advertisements which would result in making money. In addition to the links, you can also use the PPC links that mainly includes the Info links or the Google AdWords texts. You can find out many similar ways in order to make money out of your website easily.

In the beginning there is a possibility that you may face some difficulties in your work. Many will not get engaged easily. They may even block you from their list by thinking your website as a scam. Nonetheless, you will have to keep going in order to achieve the milestone.


  1. Use Facebook App Store to Sell Your Products

You can also sell your products through a Facebook Application store. You can use the app as you require. Facebook scaled down the icon to a smaller one as compared to the previous which was located on top of the page. You can simply use them by setting up one of the Facebook tab commerce apps. Now select one and then use it to set up a storefront on the top of the page. This app is basically a hosted micro site which you can access by an iframe on Facebook.


  1. Use a Website Storefront and Sell Your Products

You can set your own website storefront in order to sell your products. This can be done in two ways. First of all you can set up a hosted solution on website like Wix. Secondly, you can host your own storefront on any hosting site or any ecommerce system as you desire. This method is considered to be more expensive but on the other hand it is customized. It is also considered a better option for SEO. From this point you can set up an iframe app by applying the similar code. You also have the option to refer users to follow your website. This can be done by providing the links to a page. Here you can also put up paid advertisements. This can attract a large number of audiences.


  1. Promote a Mobile App to Sell Your Products

Many social media websites including Facebook can be used for promotion of different items. For example, it can be used for sale of accessories, fashion products and many others. You can promote it easily with the help of a Facebook page. One of the great sources is to promote these items by using a mobile app. These days, numerous users get access to these sources through a mobile. Mobile is an easier and handy way to stay connected with others. You can build a mobile app and then offer it to your customers. When they will download the particular app on their mobile, they will get access to many related items and promotions. This can be considered as an authentic way to grab a large number of audiences.


  1. Promote In App Purchases

It is previously discussed that a mobile app is considered to be an easy way to get connected and monetize your page. An important point here is that you should provide the mobile app to your audience for free. A mobile app can be monetized apart from monetizing the Facebook page. This app offers a variety to the customers. It can consist of the in-app purchases, have a display ads or a combination of both. There are a number of apps which are linked to the programs. In this way you can promote the other apps which are not created by you. This would also get some money for the promotion among people who downloaded it. This can help in attaining better results than creating an expensive one.


  1. Give Your Facebook Fans Exclusive Discounts

An important way of promoting your product is through providing the users with an exclusive Facebook offer. A simple but attractive offer can attract the people to buy the product. You can run a variety of offers either creating them by yourself or y paying the advertisement companies.  One of the easiest ways is to create an exclusive offer that should be for a limited period of time.  For example, buy one get one free. Then you should promote it on your Facebook page. You can use the ad system on Facebook to run offered. It’s up to you that you choose any option among them in order to promote your products.


  1. Advertise Other Brands on Your Feed

This is generally considered as an unusual way of monetizing your Facebook page. You can promote your page and make it a source of income by offering the users to write any content for their pages, writing blogs or you can even administer their page. These services can be provided in exchange of some set amount of money from the owner. The income is associated to the services you provide in general. This does not relate to your personal performance. It is just the fact that the owner wants the job done efficiently. When you write content for a website or page and advertise it on different levels, the owner pays you for your efforts. You can have a long term relationship with them by providing them what they want.

One important thing to note here is that you can perform these activities by keeping it under the table. You should not publish it in public that you get paid for writing the posts for others. Otherwise it would result in a ban by Facebook authority.


  1. Ask for Third Party Service

Another way to monetizing can be done by selling your product by taking the services of a third party. It can be considered as an easy way to sell your products. In this way you can sell your products without disclosing your actual manufacturing company details or any of the other details. You can also save your resources and efforts for advertising the products or by getting into the hassle of creating the page and promoting it.  The third parties buy your products in bulk for a specific set amount. They advertise your products in different ways in order to attract people. Finally they sell the products to the customers. In this way you can also get some profit percentage also. Nowadays many companies use these tactics to monetize their pages.


  1. Promote a Local Event

Facebook can also be used to promote the events taking place locally. You can do this if your page is the hub of any geographical location. This is also considered as a way to gain profit. You can promote an event by setting up a vendor who markets your page through advertising in order to attract the customers. Having a large number of followers would lead to promote your page. In this way people will get to know you more and this would lead you to have profitable business.

In addition to this you can also provide the local services to different people. This can also be done in a simple way. You can publicize your page by offering a variety of services to the people. To attract more followers, you can offer free trials of your services so that people could avail them and further purchase your services.


  1. Endorse a Local Service and Earn

You can earn money through a Facebook page by promoting a local service. It is just similar to earn money by posting content. As for a local service, you can easily do it by staying offline and not face the hassle of getting involved with the customers online. You can simply promote the local services by promoting an event for which you have to get involved with the vendors who will manage the particular event. Now you can create a context regarding the event services and schedule. This would help in attracting the customers easily. Here many people will think that you are endorsing an event in order to promote a particular business. On the other hand, they are not aware of the fact that companies pay you for your services.


  1. Sell Your Skills

There are numerous things that you can promote and sell through a Facebook page other than products, services or posts. Another unique way of monetizing your Facebook page is to promote is by offering your skills and services for the audience. You can do this in many ways. It can include the consultancy services, management services, your unique skills, guidance for the users and many other ways to earn money.


  1. Sell Your Consultation Services

To be an expert in a specific area is a unique thing that many people do not possess. You can even sell your expertise to different audience or companies. You can do this by providing them the consultancy services. Apart from Facebook, there are also a number of social media websites where you can promote yourself as a freelancer and provide your services. The main aim of all this is to gain the attraction of audience through which you can get famous easily.


About the Author

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.