Monetize Your Instagram Account in these 6 Easy Steps



by Nazia Khan-Ahmed 


Monetizing the Instagram account is considered to be a tough job. There are several ways in which you can manage your Instagram account. Many businesses as well as the marketers prefer using the Instagram for the branding purpose of their business. On Instagram you are able to post numerous images or pictures that may be related to an individual or for a business purpose.

The major aspects of monetizing your Instagram account are firstly building up an audience and secondly establishment of monetization strategy. Following are the ways which you may find useful.

Why Establish an Account worth Monetizing?

Building up of authentic audience is a major achievement that you can get while using any of the social media channels especially on Instagram. It plays a vital role if you desire to monetize your Instagram account effectively. One of the important thing here is that while you plan to build up an audience you must not buy the useless followers of the Fiverr account including the bots as well. It is recommended that you must not lose your money and resources in buying these type of useless followers, for example, if you intend to spend your precious resources to buy the bots, they will not help you out to achieve anything. It is because on Instagram, you are not able to run the PPM ads on it. So due to this reason you will not be able to make money out of your account on the Instagram. These may result in bringing out some negative results for you and losing your money that you have invested.

If you really need to buy the followers on the Instagram account, then it is recommended that you must go for a real seller of the followers. The real sellers do it by following some simple procedure. The sellers simply run their own network of the propriety ads system. In this way these sellers have many followers too. They simply feature your account among a large number of audiences

Wasting your resources and money on buying a large number of followers may not really help you out. You must focus on working on maintaining long term growth. In order to do so, there are numerous ways which you can adopt. Some of them are mentioned below

Pick specialized niche

It is important that you choose a unique niche for your content. In case you have a running business or a blog it means that you have a niche. So you must make your Instagram account as the sub-niche of the major one. You should also choose informative and authentic stuff to promote among the users through the Instagram account. There are many such niches that you can select. For example, if you have an attractive niche like the “nature”. You must collect some unique information about the nature and your surroundings. You must search for the unique information in this regard for the knowledge of the audiences. The information that is you must search must be relevant to the particular topic. It plays an important part because there are a number of audience which may get attracted to the information that you have provided on your posts and as a result they would desire to explore more of the information related to the “nature”. In addition to this you can include a variety of images or pictures of different landscapes and natural views for example, you may include the beautiful scenic images, the changing of whether around the year, the sea life, flowers and many other relevant images. These would help in attracting a large number of users despite of their interests in other topics. As a result, you will be able to gain some authentic followers that may follow you or your business for a long term basis.

Posting on a Schedule

According to numerous studies conducted by experts, they focused on making a calculation regarding the approximate number of posts that one should make on the many different social media channels. They came up with a result regarding the Instagram that this particular social media channel requires approximately 1-2 posts on a daily basis. This is the minimum calculation of posts. It is important that you must posts at least a minimum of 1-2 times a day in order to maintain the activity graph of your Instagram account. On the other hand, there is no maximum limit of posts mentioned by the experts that you may make on a daily basis. In addition to this the experts recommend that you must post on a daily basis to keep the routine activity going. For example, if you post on your Instagram account 2 times a day that includes once in morning and the second one in the evening. Then in this case it is very important that you must maintain this routine of yours every day. Whereas, if you do not maintain your posting routine on the Instagram or any other channel then it would not be beneficial for you. As a marketing point of view you must follow and maintain a specific routine for posting on the Instagram as well as any other social media channel.

Use Videos as a Tool

The videos that you create and then post on the Instagram plays an important part. The high quality videos work as a major tool if you want to attract a maximum number of audiences. On the Instagram, you must not post the videos on a daily basis. Rather than this you must focus on creating a unique and attractive video with high quality images.  You should post your videos after a week’s time or more. This will help in maintaining the interest of the audiences. Otherwise they will get bored from your daily routine of posting a video. An important thing to note here is that the videos that you plan to post on the Instagram must be brief and to the point. It is similar to the videos posted on Vines. Every video on the Instagram must have a total duration limit of 15 seconds. In these 15 second you have the choice to include the unique set of images. These images that you plan to include in the videos must be of high quality. It is because these will surely be liked by the audiences. Creating high quality videos and then posting them on the Instagram account can really help you out in attracting and maximizing the number of audiences.

 Encourage Engagement

You must try to encouraging the participation of your audiences on your Instagram account. You can follow a variety of available options to make them participate actively. For example, you can encourage them to participate in a particular post by requesting them to like or share the posts that you have made, you can encourage them to submit their everyday stories or contents to you so that you can post them on your account, you can create some contests so that they can participate in them and get engaged and in many other ways. In this way, you can have the maximum number of participation of your audiences on your Instagram account.

Put a Watermark on Images You Post

Using the watermark of your business or brand can help you in making your images unique. In this way you can customize the images as you like. Including the watermarks can also prevent your selected images to be secure. The images you require to watermark you can use a small watermark in a particular location so that it makes it difficult for the other users to remove or crop it out. A small logo may look attractive rather than using a large one in the middle of the image. Otherwise it can ruin the image.

It’s probably not necessary to say, but make sure your profile is filled out completely and professionally

  • You must try not to use different kind of emoji and chatspeak. You should focus on making your image look attractive so that users like it. As a result, maximum audience can be attracted.
  • Make sure to use hashtags: Using the hashtags on your Instagram posts is another way to be unique. You can create different hashtags in the caption of your image. These hashtags must be relevant to the particular content that you are posting on the Instagram.
  • Tag other accounts in your photos. Another important thing that you must remember is that you should try to tag different users who you think will show their interest in viewing the particular image that you post. Do not consider the accounts that are private accounts, accounts which have no following or accounts that do not participate in your niche. In addition to this you should avoid using top 100 most popular accounts. There is a chance that these accounts will ignore the content you post.


  • Incorporate Links to Deals

A simple way to sell your products through the social media is by posting the pictures of the product. When the audience will see the image of the product it is more likely that they will get attracted towards it. On the Instagram you can post a variety of product images to attract users. It helps in selling the products easily. In this way you can monetize your Instagram account more effectively.


  • Arrange Contests

On the Instagram, you also have the choice to conduct different contests. You can set up different prizes for the audiences. It will help the audiences to become a part of the contest. With the help of these contests you will be able to encourage maximum audience to follow and get engaged with your profile. You can also sell a maximum quantity of your business products.


  • Employ an Instagram Matchmaker for Inspiration

On the Instagram, you also have the option to get connected with an Instagram matchmaker. It works in the following ways:

First of all, in order to be attractive to the advertisers you must try to build a network of large number of followers that are considered great.

In the next step, you must find a match maker and then sign up with them. You can find a variety of matchmakers like Snapfluence, Digital Media Management, and Mobile Media Lab.

Then you should fill out your profile with these companies. This will include some general information that may relate to the analytics data, like the demographics about your audience and the kind of content you normally post.

After this, these companies will search for such companies that are relevant to your and are looking for advertising.

Then the matchmaker will send you an offer from that particular company. Typically, this offer may contain the total number of posts that includes the content and their caption. In this way you get paid so long as you work according to the set contract.


  • Vend Prints of Instagram Snaps

Posting attractive images plays a vital role in attracting maximum audiences. Here you have the option of monetizing your Instagram by selling unique and attractive pictures. You can do this in three ways. First of all, you can offer non-exclusive rights to your photos as stock photos.

Secondly, you can sell your images for advertising.

The third method relates to the importance of using the physical art, using different services like Mobile Prints or Social Print Studio. In this way you can sell the images to all those people who want them.


  • Retail Space and Time

The major aspects of monetizing your Instagram feeds is by selling space in image captions, selling tags, selling hashtag uses, or selling image placement. You can also offer different kind of deal packages to your audiences that includes all these things. You may find it different from the things mentioned above. It is because in this case you will not be needing a middleman. Here you have the choice to set your prices, attract your own customers, filter them to your content, and make sure they fit your Instagram feed.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.