Multiple Facebook Pages: Risks and Benefits


There are certainly a lot of opinions about having more than one Facebook pages, if you scroll you’ll find an article I wrote about Facebook’s terminologies itself. Some people get confused about the terms because they think page and profile is the same. I used to think that too but they are totally different. A profile is utterly personal and is used to create a page, I mean I have to have a Facebook Profile in order to create my business page Hence, I will be the Admin of my page. Got it!

There are some people who suggest that having more than one page is Ok with Facebook and on the other hand some say that it’ll get you banned.

The purpose of this article is to go through the risks and benefits of having multiple Facebook pages.


Facebook Doesn’t Allow Multiple Personal Profiles

Facebook allows only one profile per person. Creating an account for someone else like your kids, pets or any fictional character can get your banned from Facebook. Either the host profile of the other is removed from Facebook.


Register with One Email

Facebook is very sharp at tracking everything you put on the site using one email address. You are required to make an email address to make a profile and a page. You are not required to verify your email address again for anything. If the idea comes up to your mind to register again to create a profile or page…

Unlike Nike said Don’t Do it!


Multiple Websites are Counter-Productive

If I am looking for a store on internet and I find 5 search results and click the wrong one. Not finding what I was looking for, I get fed up easily and close the browser. Same goes for thousands of people and there goes your customers. What are the chances that if a user is searching your mother page and they don’t find it.They will go for something similar.If you have only one page, it’s easy to locate.

Impersonators can easily replicate your page and can harm your business. For example, selling cheap knockoffs on an identical website. This issue can be easily solved by contacting Facebook. Before you know it, it will do the harm it was supposed to do and spoil your reputation in business community. The customers who have bought those knockoff can bad mouth you and it will hugely affect your business as a whole.

Duplicate content issue may also arise during this and you can get SEO penalties. You don’t want to get tangled in these issues.


Problem with Management

When you’re running multiple Facebook pages, you have a couple of management issues to consider. Every page needs an admin.

There are a lot of management issue that arise from having more than one Facebook Page for example

  • Are you the admin?
  • How much are you investing in promoting each Page?
  • If you have assigned someone to run that page, what are the chances they’re working as hard as you would?
  • Is the content which is being posted on each page similar?
  • How much do you cross-link your accounts?

It becomes a management disaster after a while. If you’re a busy person it is going to be harder for you to manage this huge amount of extra work. This is the amount of effort you should be spending on something productive.


Well, we have discussed the risks now let’s go through the benefits.


Segmentation is Profitable

The first possible advantage is, you can segregate your users. Large brands don’t rely on local stores for their Search Engine Optimization.

For example, if I am running a clothing business I might think of having a separate page for Men, Women, Children and Accessories. The brand is same but the branches are different to help keep the message from becoming diluted.


Advertise Locally

Let me explain it through an example, Tesco is a huge chain of stores, each and every store has their own separate Facebook Page. So when you visit a store it will be according to the needs of that particular area. This multiple page approach is beneficial in local Search Engine Optimization.

If you want to push one update through your brand pages you will require HootSuite to do so. It will push the same update on all your pages provided that you are the Admin of all those pages.

You also hire Page Admins to manage your individual pages which can get tricky to monitor if you have more than a dozen pages to monitor.


Advertise Nationally

You should consider your local Search Engine Optimization but also look at the bigger picture from throughout the world.

A brand like Cow & Gate can’t create separate Facebook pages for everywhere the products are sold. It is going to be impossible to cover the grounds for that matter.

Most of the benefit is gained by having a central page for global Facebook page and additional Facebook pages for specific countries.


Have Appropriate Pages for Your Product Lines

Cow & Gate is another example of a brand having multiple pages for various products. There are pages for Baby food, Formula milk, Growing up Milk etc. They all have thousands of followers and they altogether boost constant advertising.


Understanding Your Segregation

You can create separate pages for your customers and your business contact like other brand owners and suppliers.

This helps in de-cluttering your audience and help you in maintaining more direct contact with them.

You can keep your corporate Facebook page a bit more restricted and make sure it stays this way by not allowing anyone else to join it. You can create your customer based page. You can deal with customers on this page as well as announce contests, discounts and sale. Whereas your corporate page will be dedicated to contact your colleagues and suppliers.

To sum up it is completely up to you to do what is best for your brand and business but keep the risks in mind as well.