What You Need to Know about Facebook Marketing Terms


By Nazia Khan-Ahmed 


If you explore the Facebook Marketing, you will find it complicated. There are different types of complicated terminologies used that are difficult to understand for a person. In order to do effective marketing through Facebook, one must have the knowledge of some frequent terms that are faced by the users or marketers when they plan to market on their Facebook page. Following are some of the general terminologies that are mentioned in the glossary. In case you face any difficulty you can find the meaning of the relevant word below:


What is A/B Testing?

It is term used when you put up two cases that includes an ad or a post in exchange with identical qualities. It excludes only one change among the two for example, a changed image, changed title context or a changed destination link. In this way you can view which option performs better for you. You can further select that particular option as your primary option. This is also recognized as “split testing”.


Everything about Affinity Score?

Affinity score is known as the relation among two units that are available on Facebook, having a major contribution to EdgeRank. This interaction is helpful in increasing the affinity which includes many things for example the viewing of a profile, giving comments on a particular post, share a particular post, to tag a user and reaction to a post.

Similarly, there are some aspects due to which the affinity will decrease. These aspects include reporting a particular post, by blocking any user. In this way the affinity among you and the user will fall to zero. This is why affinity holds an important place which is a great way if you want to do the marketing on Facebook.


What is Algorithm?

Algorithm is known as a set of policies that are particularly used by the computers in order to solve different problems. There are many examples of algorithm. The simplest example is the one related to the categorization of numbers by following the rule. For example, if X>6 then put X into the category 1. In the modern terminology, the word “algorithm” is generally taken in the sense of administering the rules that shows the working of different things on a website. One of the ways to know the ratings of the site ranking Google is through the Google search algorithm. Similarly, you can use the Facebook algorithm if you want to know about the information about the displayed posts on Facebook. It is also known as the EdgeRank.


Application Programming Interface

The Application Programming Interface or the API is an information set that is given in a particular way. It accepts and recognizes some particular codes. The Application Programming Interface permits the programs of the third parties to get into a platform that includes the Facebook. It permits the information that is received directly than by getting it manually.


What is an Audience?

All those people who are particularly the users of Facebook and are targeted for marketing are known as the audience. For example, the total number of females in USA is known as audience. Similarly, all students of ages 15-20 who like video games are also known as the audience. This is also a type of narrow targeting in which you specify the particular type of audience.


What is an Audience Network?

The Audience Network is a network in which all the mobile app publishers which are a part of the advertising Facebook ads network is present. If you want to display your ad outside of Facebook network, then it will be displayed to the audience network. It displays all those ads which are approved by the Facebook authority.


What is Boost Post?

Boost post is used for turning organic posts into advertisement. Through this you can get extra exposure and engagement with your audience.


What is Clickbait?

Clickbait is the website titles that creates your desire to find out more. For example, ” The girl was playing in the park, what she found there will really shock you”. Clickbait is demoted by the Facebook because they are not useful.


Click Through Rate

CTR, known as Click Through Rate is the quantity of the total times a number is clicked which is divided by the number of link viewers. For example, if a link contains views up to 1000 and total 10 clicks. Then it will have a CTR of .01 or 1%.


What is a Comment?   

A comment is a form of feedback in reply to a particular post that includes the typed message that can be seen in the comment box below the post. It is considered as a form of engagement of the user and the host.


What is Conversion Rate?

Conversion Rate is a metric by which you can track the total number of users who performed the action of conversion. For example, filling of a form, buying of product etc. It is divided by the total number of users who reached the website. If you want to calculate the advertising success than this is a useful tool.


What is a Cover Photo?

Cover Photo is the large picture that is located at the top of the Facebook profile or Facebook page.

As a marketing point of view, the cover photo is often used as an advertising billboard or a large branding opportunity.


What are Direct Messages?

Direct Messages are those messages which are sent directly to person through a proper messaging system instead of posting it publicly.


What is EdgeRank?

The name for the old algorithm that governs what posts show up for which people, and in what order. EdgeRank is comprised of three major factors: the type of post (image, link, text, video, etc.), the time that has passed since the post was created, and the affinity score between the page and the user, or between two users. EdgeRank has recently been replaced by a more advanced algorithm.


What is Engagement Rate?

The Engagement rate is the engagement action that is performed by total number of users which is divided by the total number of users who view a particular post.


What to know about Engagement Action?

It is the action that a user or follower performs on Facebook page that helps in getting connected with a post through which you can get some positive results. It includes many different actions for example, the likes, shares, comments etc. Some Engagement actions are also considered as negative. These includes the actions like the hiding of the posts, marketing a post as a spam or reporting a particular post.


Who are Fans?

All those people who follow you on your Facebook page are known as fans. This term can also be linked to the number of followers of a Facebook page.


Who is a Follower?

Followers are another name that is given to the users who follow you on your Facebook page. It is a term that is generally given to the users present on Twitter. Generally, it is a name given mostly to one-sided following relationships on the social media.


Who is a Friend?

Friend is a common term used by Facebook for the users who get connected in a two-way relationship on the Facebook profile. Friends share a mutual relationship in which they share different kind of information, images, videos etc. with each other.


What is Geotag?

It is process of including the geographical location information to a particular post. It is marked in order to get connected with other people so that they can locate you easily.


What is a Hashtag?

It is a term that starts with #. It is automatically taken as a link. The #hashtag was originally created for Twitter. It is further chosen by the Facebook to get the functions by linking the #hashtags in order to perform different searches that are within Facebook.


What is an Impression?

A post that is displayed on the feeds of different users is known as impression. The total duration a post is displayed is the impression.


What is an Insight?

With the help of Insight, you can see different types of information of different followers that are on your page. These can include the post reach, impressions, number of clicks, ad performance and many other things.


What are Milestones?

Milestones are the landmarks which are related to any achievement made by a company or business. For example, foundation of a company, reaching a hundred million followers etc. are considered as milestones.


What is News Feed?

The main information that is posted on the Facebook page is known as the News Feed. These can be classified among the top stories, the time focused or the most recent algorithm on the Facebook.


What to Know About News jacking?

News jacking relates to turning a simple piece of news or information into a marketing piece or advertisement.


What is an Offer?

Offers can be described as the discounts, coupon codes or credit for shopping. Many businesses provide free offers to their customers when they get registered with them.


What is a Page?

Page is a type of account particularly created by brands, businesses or personalities. The ads and information can be accessed by the pages. These pages accumulate followers because the audience cannot message the user directly.


What is a Power Editor?

Power Editor is the plugin that is created and supported by the Facebook authority for Google Chrome. It rearranges the Facebook ads manager to mass marketing and large scale operations. It is also suitable for mid-level to professional level marketers. Marketers can also try the beta version on the Power Editor.


What is Pay Per Click?

PPC or the Pay per Click is the most common type of advertising. It can be done through clicking on a page or link by which you can get an amount of money for every click that you perform.


What is a Profile?

A profile is a particular type of account that is made up by different users. They can use it personally. It is up to the user choice to either create a page from that profile. It is important for a user to have only one profile on their name. They can further create as many pages as they like.


What is a Profile Picture?

It is an image that is small in size. It is set in the lower left corner of the cover photo of a Facebook profile page. You can set any image you like as your profile picture. For example, it can include your personal pictures, logos, brand images etc.


What is Reach?

Reach can be defined as the total number of users who view your posts. It is just like the impressions. The reach has a smaller number than the impressions. In this way a user when views your post three times it ads three impressions to it but the Reach remains only one. Reach is further categorized into three categories that are Organic reach, Viral reach and the Paid reach.


 What is Retargeting/Remarketing?

This term refers to targeting the same audience which had already shown their interest on your posts or have visited your Facebook page. These type of audience are easy to target because they have once shown their interest on your page or your post.


What are Roles?

Roles are the set of authorities that the Facebook administration has. Here the powerful person is the Admin who has the control of the page. Next comes the editors, moderators or advertisers which have some limited powers.


What is a Story?

Story is a post on Facebook. You can find different stories that are posts which are created by the users on Facebook. For example, when your post is shared by a user they create a new story in this way.


What are Tabs?

Tabs or the Tab Apps, are different applications that you can include in your page. They are located by the side of layout of a new page. There are different types of tabs which include the videos, pictures etc. Many other tabs can also be created.


What are Trends?

Trends shows the news feed and the current events that take place. It is located in the upper right side of the Facebook interface.


What is Verification?

Verification means official recognition. Every account is verified by the controlling authority before it starts working. On Facebook, you get verified when you get a blue checkmark after your name. The verification is difficult to get in most cases because these start to have a great social responsibility. The verification is commonly given to some high profile personalities or businesses.


What is the Term Viral means?

Viral refers to the term of information or a given piece of media an extreme set of views by the audience in a short time. The contents which goes viral are good to have because they increase the engagement rate of the audience on any page. On the other hand, these contents remain active for a short period.


About the Author 

Nazia Khan- Ahmed is a Social Media Writer who has majored in Textile Designing. Also Holds Bachelor’s degree in Education and English Language Certification. Finds it impossible to discuss herself in third person but is doing so as per the demands of this bio. She is a home-maker and teaches Textile Designing to degree classes at the same time. Being nocturnal has taught her to manage her work in the night and her home at day time.